Pre Workouts

Hey everyone, today I’m going to run through my experiences with pre workouts.

I started by taking Jack 3D and to be honest it was amazing, the pump, drive, and energy you got was unreal. However it got banned for containing dimethylamylamine otherwise known as DMAA. I didn’t know what that was at the time, however soon as it was banned I moved onto the next big thing which was called ‘Craze’.

Craze was pretty much the same thing, you got the buzz, pump and a mass of energy when you were heading to the gym. A word of warning, I was taking craze around 11:30am before my gym session at 12pm, you would have thought that it would wear off after a while but it seems to stay in your system a lot longer than you think. I had a 5aside football match at 6pm, in which after the first 10minuets I had to go off the pitch and lay down for around 15minuets as my heart was beating so fast. I tried to pass it off as ‘running too much on the pitch’. However when I got back home from football I had to lay down again on the bed due to my heart beating so fast and feeling faint. This was one of the most terrifying moments in my life, struggling to breath and feeling very light headed. So when my body finally got its self together I vowed never to take a pre workout supplement again. 2 months on down the line Craze gets banned because it contains a banned substance derived from methamphetamine.

A word of warning to everyone who reads this, please be careful if you use pre workouts, always research the ingredients and never do cardio the same day as taking one.

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