Dale Barrett

Dale has always been involved in sport. Competing and winning trophies at swimming galas, 11 aside football and 5 aside football. This was all before he left school. He also tried his hand at playing in both basketball and rugby teams (but no medals there).

Since the age of 16 he started going to the gym and learning all about the benefits of creatine and protein powder. Limited to the days you were allowed to train at the gym when you were 16, he started to train at home and grew very fond of ‘moving weight’.

Now, Dale is 34 years old and trains both at the gym (for the heavier sets) and at home for the body weight routines.

One of the most impressive feats is he managed to perform a deadlift for a 1 rep max of 190kg. Nothing compared to Eddie Hall, but it’s still a lot of weight.

Outside of training Dale likes to cook. He has tried his hands at most of the various “health” related diets. Such as Keto, paleo, vegan and the not so healthy versions like juice plus (which is not recommended).

Due to this huge range of knowledge Dale is the perfect writer for Gym Lovers. If you have any questions you want to ask him personally, you can reach him at [email protected]mlovers.co.uk

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