Best Assault Bike Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Assault Bike Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

The best assault bike is a gem. Not only does it provide a full-body workout at home but it also challenges anyone to improve on their own best times. The top crop of bikes on the market today is something truly special. You can look forward to assault air bikes that are high-tech, safety-conscious, and effective.

Go shake up your favourite energy drink and then have a look at the greatest offers of 2021. We’ve got them all right here.

Editors Choice

The Full Body Workout Air Bike By We R Sports

Full Body Workout Air Bike By We R Sports

Heavy Duty: Yes

Meter: Heart rate, speed, calories, time, distance

Special Feature: A self-challenging Champion mode

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The Best Assault Air Bike By We R Sports

Best Assault Air Bike By We R Sports

Heavy Duty: Yes

Meter: Heart rate, speed, time, distance, calories

Special Feature: Space-saving design

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The Best Fan Air Resistance Bike By GFDDZ

Best Fan Air Resistance Bike By GFDDZ

Heavy Duty: Yes

Meter: Speed, calories burned, distance, time

Special Feature: Unlimited air resistance

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The Best Air Resistance Exercise Bike By V-fit

Best Air Resistance Exercise Bike By V-fit

Heavy Duty: Yes

Meter: Speed, distance, time, scan, calories

Special Feature: Demountable handlebars

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The Top Assault Air Bike With Belt Drive Resistance By SportPlus

Top Assault Air Bike By SportPlus

Heavy Duty: Yes

Meter: Time, calories, distance

Special Feature: Dual resistance design

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Best Assault Bikes On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Full Body Workout Air Bike By We R Sports

The Full Body Workout Air Bike By We R Sports

The best assault bike is the Full Body Workout Air Bike by We R Sports. The professional exercise bike is built to last and as one of the best bikes on the market, it’s a candy store for those looking for high intensity upper and lower body resistance workouts.

The tools are a treat. Let’s start with the comprehensive LCD display. The monitor tracks several things during each workout, including pace, speed, distance, calories torched, watts, and there is even a heart rate monitor. But perhaps, for those competitive souls out there, the best feature is the Champion setting. This nifty thing records your personal best so that you can compete against your own greatest moments.

The hardware is no less impressive. The 50kg steel frame supports a heavy-duty steel fan. The exercise bike has an adjustable seat and rubber-covered handles for a better grip. The heavy base and handles ensure that you will enjoy high-intensity air resistance (translation: calories are shedding like confetti). Indeed, the harder you pedal the more high intensity the workout becomes.


  • A comprehensive LCD tracker.
  • A unique Champion setting to encourage self-improvement.
  • Sealed cartridge bottom bracket.
  • Can handle heavy-duty performance.
  • Comes with programmable interval functions.
  • Belt drive system.
  • Comfortable seat.


  • The batteries are not included for the LCD panel.
  • The assault air bike is heavy and requires at least two people to move it into the home after delivery.

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2. The Best Assault Air Bike By We R Sports

The Best Assault Air Bike By We R Sports

Who might love this bike? This high-intensity wonder is suitable for anyone who needs a space-friendly assault air bike. One that has all the trimmings, of course. Besides its sleek and modern look, you’ll get more trimmings on this thing than a Christmas meal. Let’s look at what makes this air assault bike one of the best bikes on the market today.

You can actively track everything that’s happening during your workout. The heart rate monitor counts the beats, while an LCD panel counts everything else. From calories burned to distance, you’ll work those arms and legs with all the information adjusting before your eyes. You can also carry on like a maniac and do so in comfort. Indeed, the adjustable seat is bum-friendly even during those long, tough workout sessions. The belt drive also ensures a smooth ride.

The assault bike itself is very sturdy, despite the narrow design. That’s a good thing since the heavy-duty blades and powerful cranking mechanism are powerful tools that need stability. The bike can also handle a maximum user weight of 150 kg, which is among the more versatile limits. 

Storing this calorie-killer is a breeze. That much-talked-about slim design makes it easy to hide against a wall or even inside a large closet. If you like to put away your bike after a workout, simply pick it up at one end and pull it towards the storage area. The task will feel effortless, thanks to the bike’s relocation wheels.


  • The thin design saves space.
  • LCD display tracks information including distance, time, and calories.
  • A belt drive.
  • Stable and user-friendly.
  • The bike can take most user weights.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Heavy-duty fan blades.


  • The belt is sold separately.
  • The assault bike requires assembly.

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3. The Best Fan Air Resistance Bike By GFDDZ

The Best Fan Air Resistance Bike By GFDDZ

This is the best air fan bike for riders who crave unlimited resistance, an air bike that’s low impact and built to last. You’ll get all of these benefits and plenty more. For starters, you can never hang your head in shame when your friends drop by to look at your home gym. Sure enough, this bike is a thing of beauty. It looks professional and acts like it too.

If you want to monitor your progress, the LCD display will keep you sharp on all developments regarding distance, time, speed, calories burned, watt, and rpm. You can also turn the panel into a wireless heart rate monitor to track your ticker’s performance.

But what about the bike’s own performance features? This well-designed bike is solid and won’t fall over during a high-intensity body workout. That’s a good thing because this assault bike has no limit. The harder you pedal, the more resistance your upper and lower body will face. But don’t worry, the fan bike is designed for low impact, a smooth ride, and the seat will never give you unmentionable bruises. Indeed, the seat is adjustable and padded for ultimate comfort.

If you’re still standing after a heavy body workout and want to put the bike away, simply drag it towards where you want it to be. That’s right, this is one more great air bike with transportation wheels.


  • A professional-looking exercise bike.
  • An informative LCD workout tracker.
  • Stable enough for a tough workout or interval training.
  • One of the best air bikes with limitless resistance.
  • Maximum user weight of 300 kg.
  • Easy to drag to a new location.


  • If space is a problem in your home, then this bike’s design might not be the narrowest option.
  • Maximum height recommendation for a user is 131 centimetres.

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4. The Best Air Resistance Exercise Bike By V-fit

The Best Air Resistance Exercise Bike By V-fit

Most air bikes give a great upper body workout. Their handles are designed to challenge the upper body with resistance while a person pedals, giving a well-rounded workout for arms and legs. However, it’s annoying when you don’t always want an upper body drill. If you’re looking for assault air bikes that give you a choice, then this might be your new friend. Indeed, the demountable handlebars will allow you to train your upper body whenever you want.

The LCD display is also well-placed between the bars. It’s easy to just glance down to see your progress. This includes how far you’ve pedalled, at what speed, time, and how many calories went to heaven.

The air bike is also designed with performance and comfort in mind. The seat is adjustable, the bike has self-presenting pedals, and the air resistance is fantastic. This air resistance comes from a progressive air fan wheel that makes a workout tougher the harder you pedal. The resistance system is also enhanced by an adjustable friction tape. Overall, this air bike is simple to use and provides limitless training to push your heart rate and muscles into a healthier zone.


  • A beautiful minimalistic appearance.
  • A maximum user weight of 110 kg.
  • Limitless air resistance.
  • Adjustable friction tape for a tougher workout.
  • Can give the upper body a break and only challenge the lower body.
  • Low impact.


  • The seat is reportedly not as comfortable as the saddles of other air bikes.
  • No transport wheels.

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5. The Top Assault Air Bike With Belt Drive Resistance By SportPlus

The Top Assault Air Bike With Belt Drive Resistance By SportPlus

This air bike is perfect for anyone who likes looks and functionality. True enough, the dark frame and red fan wheel make a fetching combination. The bike will certainly add a professional touch to any room or home gym. But more to the point, the air bike is a good choice for fitness lovers who want a total body workout and epic resistance from their air bikes.

Like most other air bikes, this model also has a monitor to keep you up to date about your workout sessions. You can follow your training times, the distance travelled and total distance, as well as the number of calories burned during each workout. The LCD panel is ergonomically placed. Indeed, a quick glance is all you need to read your workout’s information.

Speaking of ergonomic perks, the seat is adjustable to ensure a comfortable workout. The handles and pedals are also connected to each other. This feature is perfect for a workout that trains both the lower body and upper body at the same time. But besides giving a total body workout, this is also one of those air bikes that brings limitless resistance. You can expect two resistance features with this exercise bike. The first is the belt drive brake system. It works together with the large fan wheel which creates additional drag.

Maintenance and storage are not a backbreaking deal, either. This air bike has transportation wheels to easily lead it to wherever you want it to go and the metal frame and plastic parts are easy to clean. At the end of the day, this air bike is a full-body resistance machine, provides detailed information, and comes with ergonomic and resistance perks that could make this your top exercise bike choice.


  • A handsome air bike suitable for any room’s decor.
  • An LCD panel keeps track of distance, workout times, and calories.
  • The seat is adjustable.
  • Great for interval training.
  • Two resistance features for extreme workout use.
  • The pedals have straps to prevent feet from slipping.
  • Easy to use, maintain, and move around.


  • The handles and pedals are connected. This might annoy consumers who don’t want to work their upper body during each resistance workout.
  • No heart rate monitor.

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6. The Top Air Bike With Dual Resistance Drives By FIT4HOME

The Top Air Bike With Dual Resistance Drives By FIT4HOME

This assault air bike is your best friend if you’re hunting for the following. An air bike that doesn’t hog a lot of space, promotes health and weight loss, looks great, and resist your best efforts. Sure enough, the slim design and black-and-yellow finish give this assault bike a honeybee look. It’s dainty, handsome, and very capable. But what else can you look forward too with this busy bike?

Let’s view the LCD thingy first. Your bike monitor will betray how lazy you are or how absolutely dedicated those arms and legs have become, the distance you’ve conquered, and at what speed. You’ll also get a time function and keep on top of your heart rate. What fun. Let’s move on to this amazing bike’s physical features that will surely get anybody in top shape.

One of the most noteworthy features is the dual-resistance drive design. This air bike is fitted with both a belt drive and a chain drive. The heavy-duty bike is perfect for deep resistance interval training but won’t annoy your family with rattling and squeaking. Indeed, the air bike runs smoothly and more quietly than most other air bikes. Additionally, both the seat and handlebars are adjustable for maximum ergonomic comfort.

One more thing that sets this bike apart is the device holder. Let’s be honest. Not everybody can stave off the boredom when pedalling on their bike. In this case, you can use the device holder to view your tablet or smartphone hands-free. Now you can catch up on your favourite tunes, E-books, or movies without being a couch potato. 


  • The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.
  • A good LCD monitor to track your workout activities and progress.
  • A double drive system.
  • A quiet and smooth ride.
  • The handlebars are adjustable.
  • The resistance system is adjustable as well.
  • A device holder allows you to use your tablet or smartphone hands-free.
  • The bike has wheels that allow easy mobility and storage.


  • The bike is only delivered to mainland UK homes.
  • The stride bars might annoy those who don’t like air bikes with connected pedals and handles.

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7. The Top Fan Bike With Air Resistance By Capital Sports

The Top Fan Bike With Air Resistance By Capital Sports

One of the first things you might notice with this air bike is the striking appearance. Not just the sleek lines but also the lovely soft-silver colour that will compliment any home or gym. The exercise bike is not just a beauty queen. Oh no. It’s a tough master capable of challenging any fitness level. So if you love silver stuff that cuts fat like a reaper, then this could be your top choice.

The egg-shaped LCD monitor provides all the usual performance data details. These include time, speed, calorie consumption, and distance. The handles are ergonomic and so is the seat. Indeed, the seat has 7 positions to choose from. These features make the bike comfortable to use but don’t be fooled. Everyone ranging from novices to experienced experts will meet their match with its resistance capacity. Just like other top air bikes, its resistance is limitless.

The challenging design of this exercise bike involves a wind wheel. The latter does its job well and that’s to throw more resistance back at you the harder you try to beat the thing. But don’t give up just yet. Your efforts will be rewarded. The bike is a great choice for crosstraining but even for home workouts, the results are amazing. Think along the lines of increased muscle and cardio fitness, a leaner look, and more endurance. Then you’ll get an idea of what this bike can add to your life. Not bad at all. 

Anything else? There are a few more perks. The handgrips will ensure that you do not neglect your arms, shoulders, or back. The bike’s surface is also easy to wipe clean and maintain while discreet rollers will make moving it between rooms an easy task for anyone. Overall, this is a sturdy workhorse that looks great, needs minimal maintenance, and it will grow with you as you become fitter and stronger.


  • Suitable for individuals up to 120 kg.
  • The bike seat has 7 adjustable positions for maximum comfort.
  • The handles are easy to grip and ergonomic.
  • The bike has limitless resistance.
  • A perfect choice for cross-trainers.
  • The bike can support total body fitness.
  • It is suitable for highly intensive workouts.
  • Synchronized handles and pedals.
  • Easy to use, move around and to maintain.


  • According to the manufacturer, the air bike takes roughly half an hour to assemble at home.
  • This fan bike has no heart rate function.

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8. The Top Assault Bike With Magnetic Resistance By Sunny Health & Fitness

The Top Assault Bike With Magnetic Resistance By Sunny Health & Fitness

Are you rooting through assault bikes looking for something a little different? At first, this bike might seem normal. Sure enough, it is suitable for both men and women to use. It has the seat, handles, and LCD display. But what makes it so exceptional is the fact that its resistance involves magnetism. There are 8 levels of resistance and this means that you can progressively train yourself to become stronger and also to gradually gain more endurance. The upper levels are also tough enough to keep you occupied for life.

The bike also has enough features to make it suitable for most consumers on the hunt for a new piece of equipment. Let’s hug the comfortable stuff first. Because comfort matters, that’s why. Especially when you commit to longer workout sessions! You’ll grip a set of slip-free handles and enjoy an adjustable seat. The belt-driven fan will also ensure that even your speediest drive will go smoothly without wobbles or too much noise. Another feature that makes things easier is the pedal straps. Just lift your feet and the pedals will follow. You no longer have to worry about keeping your feet in constant contact with the pedals or worse, having them slip off during a high-speed session.

The bike also works the legs and arms simultaneously. This makes every workout a great way to lose fat all over and to grow fitter in less time. Once you are done for the day and need to store it, moving this bike is easy. There are two ways, unlike most other assault bikes. True enough, you can drag it along on transportation wheels but it’s also light enough for anyone to pick up. It can even be stored under a desk.


  • The bike has 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • The seat is adjustable.
  • The handles are easy to use.
  • The pedals have foot straps for safety and ease.
  • The belt-driven fan ensures smooth operation.
  • The connected pedals and handles work the entire body.
  • It has transportation wheels, making it exceptionally mobile.
  • The bike is light enough to pick up and move elsewhere.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Unique fan wheel design.


  • The bike doesn’t allow for separate training of the lower and upper body.
  • This is not a nuclear flaw but the bike’s looks could come across as too dull for some consumers.

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9. The Best Fan Bike With 6 Tracking Functions By Care Fitness

The Best Fan Bike With 6 Tracking Functions By Care Fitness

This fan bike has a neat appearance. The dark-and-red colour scheme is appealing and can uplift any home gym’s decor. The designers even created a lovely LCD monitor to fit right in with the bike’s looks. The slim design is also perfect for places where space comes at a premium. There’s no reason why this bike cannot fit in a dorm room or small apartment.

But speaking of that cute LCD monitor, you can expect 6 useful functions. They include controlling your exercise time, viewing the distance you’ve covered in a single session, your speed in real-time, and of course, the number of calories that no longer call your body home. The fan bike’s monitor also provides a scan function and an odometer. Everything is viewable on the easy-to-read screen located between the handlebars.

But what about resistance? This model offers more control than most other assault bikes. While the resistance is just as epic and also generated through the fan wheel and pedalling, you can manually adjust the level of difficulty. By using a rotary dial, simply pick the fan resistance that you are comfortable with and start exercising. This is a great way to gradually and safely build up your endurance. 

The bike is capable of training most muscle groups through both intensive and low-intensity sessions. The handles and pedals are also linked in this case, which, as you are certainly aware by now, gives the entire body a workout. That’s right, everything between your toes and scalp will feel the burn. But don’t worry. The bike’s seat, handles, pedals, and motions are all designed to be ergonomic and to work with your body as smoothly as possible.


  • A professional appearance.
  • The LCD monitor has 6 functions.
  • Adjustable resistance dial to control the difficulty levels.
  • Fan wheel system.
  • The linked handles and pedals work both the lower and upper body simultaneously.
  • The seat is adjustable.
  • Ergonomic handles, pedals, and seat.
  • A 5-year warranty on the chassis and a 2-year warranty to replace worn parts.
  • Maximum user capacity is 100 kg.
  • Mobility wheels make it easy to move and store.


  • Not suitable for consumers who don’t like connected handles and pedals.
  • The bike requires assembly at home.

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10. The Top Fan Bike With Padded Seat And Device Holder By Confidence

The Top Fan Bike With Padded Seat And Device Holder By Confidence

If comfort and entertainment are two things you need during a workout, then look no further. Here’s a great bike that will push your limits, and grow your fitness and health. But it will also keep you comfortable and entertained. A special shelf can hold your tablet or smartphone. The seat is also padded for comfort so you can focus on exercising (or the movie you’re watching) – and not on aches in unmentionable places.

But this bike is so much more than just a good seat and an entertainment shelf. You must’ve guessed by now that this bike also has an LED display monitor! Just like the rest of the elite assault bikes, this one also tracks of all the important information you need to know in order to stay on top of your sessions and progress. But what sets it apart is the powder-coated steel frame. This feature makes the surface more resistant to scratches and nicks. It prevents rusting. Overall, it’s the one thing you want to see on metal gym products because it keeps them in shipshape for years. 

The air resistance is also suitable for all fitness levels. But even the toughest levels won’t cause wobbles or instability on this bike. Several safety measures were included in the design. There is a smooth-riding motion, a padded and adjustable saddle, and the bike can also handle any person’s weight up to 110 kg. The handles also work the upper body to ensure that the entire you receive a balanced workout. 


  • The bike has an ergonomic design.
  • A shelf for your smartphone or tablet.
  • A sleek dark look.
  • The frame is powder-coated for durability and rust prevention.
  • An LCD monitor tracks all your workout essentials.
  • Smooth pedalling.
  • Maximum user capacity is 110 kg.
  • The handles are synced with the pedals for a complete body workout.
  • The bike’s mobility wheels make it easy to move and store.


  • There is no option for separate workouts for the upper and lower body (the pedals and handles are linked).
  • Some consumers have experienced trouble with a moving seat.

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Assault Bike Buying Guide

Those looking to buy a new assault bike soon run into a wall. This wall is not a lack of bikes. On the contrary, there are too many to choose from. While this allows you to pick your perfect ride, it also broadens the chance of selecting the wrong equipment. Needless to say, assault bikes aren’t cheap. The moment when you realize that the thing is a swindle or a lemon, the disappointment is only matched by the financial setback and troublesome returns. Here’s how to find the right bike the first time.

Assault Bike Buying Guide

Assault Bikes Must Be Ergonomic

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got your eye on the top Airdyne bike on the market or an unknown brand from a small retailer. The bike must be body-friendly. You’re going to be spending a lot of time using this piece of equipment. An incorrectly designed bike will place strain on your joints, which could eventually lead to surgery.

For this reason, it’s important to look for bikes that offer smooth resistance motion. It cannot hurt to look for additional ergonomic features. These include an adjustable seat with padding, non-slip handles, and paddles with foot straps.

Assault Bikes Must Have The Right Features For You

Once you’ve decided that you definitely want to add an assault bike to your home gym, draw up a list of things you expect from your dream model. Does it have a belt or chain drive? Different bikes might track different things on their LCD monitors. Some have heart trackers while others don’t. Assault bikes also have limits when it comes to the maximum user weight and length, so make sure that you purchase something suitable for your own physical measurements.

Other features to look for include a powder coating for protection against rust, mobility wheels to make transportation easier, colour, appearance, and whether you want linked handles and pedals (some bikes offer the option to detach the two in order to work your upper body only when you want to).

Assault Bikes Must Have Safety Features

Assault Bike Buying Guide

This is perhaps the only tip you should never disregard. An air bike is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. They can fall over, fall apart, or cause your foot to slip from the pedal during a high-speed session. Needless to say, this could lead to a serious injury or a bad scare.

To avoid such frights, look for pedals that have foot straps. They’ll secure your feet and keep them on the pedals during the workout. Only choose a bike that is designed specifically to remain stable during high-intensity sessions. That way you’ll avoid the bikes that might topple over.

A belt drive is also often safer than a chain drive but this is a matter of preference. Finally, always read the reviews that were written by people who have already purchased and used the models that you’re interested in. If there is a safety risk, you’ll hear about it.

Assault Bikes Must Be Quality-Made Models

The beauty of quality, no matter the product or situation, is that it cuts out most of the risks involved. In the case of air bikes, a quality item can prevent serious injury to your person and wallet. But how to spot the real deal between all the great-looking bikes that are available on the market today? Here’s how to separate the beef from the bones.

You can always choose a brand that’s known for decades of quality and service. For example, an Airdyne bike. These trusty bikes are found in gyms and homes all over the world. Another good sign is a warranty – but don’t fall for short promises. The top products offer years during which they will replace any lost or worn parts. That’s a lovely reassurance to have once the bike has been bought and paid for.

Finally, you can turn to the bane of bad sellers – online reviews. They are not just good for pointing out safety flaws. Oh no. They’ll also help you to see straight through any scams, misleading product descriptions, and which bikes – even although they work – are not of great quality. Online reviews can also point you towards the genuine article. The bike that ticks all the right boxes. Never settle for anything less other than a bike that is raking in five-star reviews like it’s being paid. Your wallet, time, and unbroken legs will thank you for it. 

A Short Summary

There are many assault air bikes on the market. In order to choose the perfect bike, you only have to keep a few things in mind. Your new bike must be designed to be ergonomic and safe. It must also cater to your own personal preferences regarding the different physical and technological features that assault bikes have to offer. Last but not least, remember that a quality product reduces most problems and risks. So there you have it. If you find an air bike that’s safe, ergonomic, caters to your needs and is a quality model, then you’re all set to make the leap from research to purchase – getting it right the first time and with no regrets.


Q: What Is The Best Air Bike?

A: The best air bike is more a matter of what is personally the best air bike for you, rather than a specific model. When looking for the best air bikes, it is important that they suit your needs. These include your budget, mobility, space requirements, what LCD information you’d like to display during your workout, and features that allow you to design custom training (like working the lower and upper body separately, for instance). The best bike must also be easy to use and to maintain.

However, if we must name a specific group it will have to be Airdyne bikes. An Airdyne bike is the standard many manufactures strive to match. Indeed, unlike most other brands on the market today, the Airdyne bike has decades of innovation and experience behind its name. With such a pedigree, the Airdyne bike is one of the most popular fitness choices in the home and gym. 

Q: Why Is The Assault Bike So Difficult?

A: The assault bike is so difficult because it works with air resistance. This mode offers limitless resistance to challenge the body. In other words, it’s rare for an assault air bike to be surpassed by the endurance of a user. The assault air bike is also difficult because, in addition to air resistance, a belt drive or chain drive can add even more resistance to a workout.

Q: Is The Assault Bike Worth It?

A: Yes, the assault bike is worth it when you’re serious about fitness. It’s one of the top choices for interval training at gyms or workouts that challenge the entire body. The pleasure of an air bike is that you don’t have to go to a gym to get intensive interval training – you can use one of these air bikes in the comfort of your own home. That also makes these air bikes worth the effort and price.

Q: Is An Echo Bike Harder Than An Assault Bike?

A: An Echo bike is harder than an assault bike. At least that’s the prevailing opinion of some experts. Reportedly, the Echo bike, which mostly has a belt drive, runs smoother and more quietly. They also feel that these bikes can take a tougher beating during intensive resistance training.

That being said, the Echo bike feels more difficult to use – in the sense that it’s not always as user-friendly as it should be. The overall verdict appears to be that yes, an Echo bike is harder but in both a positive and negative way. To be fair towards the Echo bike, it’s this unfriendliness that burns a ton of calories! But both types, however, are dependable and effective air bikes.

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