Best Cable Crossover Machine Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Cable Crossover Machine Reviews

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

Fans of the best cable crossover machines sum things up nicely. They call it the most versatile piece of equipment in the home gym. Indeed, you can train different groups of muscles using only the pulley-and-weight system.

To find the best cable machine, you have to make sure that you find one that is easy to use and suits your needs. If that sounds like unnecessary homework, don’t despair. We’ve rounded up the best cable machines on the market today.

Editors Choice

The Best Variety Cable Machine By Marcy Smith

Best Variety Cable Machine By Marcy Smith

Weight Capacity: 90 kg

Pulley Type: High and low

Special Feature: Allows other types of exercises

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The Best Wall Mounted Cable Crossover Machine By VidaXL

Best Cable Crossover Machine By VidaXL

Weight Capacity: 120 kg

Pulley Type: High and low

Special Feature: Soft-grip handles

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The Best Commercial Grade Cable Machine By Fit4Home

Best Commercial Cable Machine By Fit4Home

Weight Capacity: 150 kg

Pulley Type: High and low

Special Feature: Stable weight stacks

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The Top Home Gym Cable Machine With Pressing Bench By Marcy

Top Home Gym Cable Machine By Marcy

Weight Capacity: 272 kg

Pulley Type: High and low

Special Feature: An ankle strap

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The Top Cable Machine With Chrome Handles By RIP X

Cable Machine With Chrome Handle By RIP X

Weight Capacity: 180 kg

Pulley Type: High and low

Special Feature: Long cable life

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Best Cable Crossover Machines On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Variety Cable Machine By Marcy Smith

The Best Variety Cable Machine By Marcy Smith

The best cable machine is the Best Variety Cable Machine by Marcy Smith. This is the best cable crossover machine for anyone who is looking for a cable machine that also allows a variety of other exercises. Apart from getting premium tools to perfect those cable techniques, you can also use this machine for the following. Just to name a few, it’s a squat rack, pull up bar, and a versatile weightlifting piece of equipment. Needless to mention, this cable machine looks mean and professional. You’ll scare calories to death just looking at it.

But let’s look at the actual cable system. The machine offers a choice between both a low and high pulley, with a weight limit of 200 lbs. The heavy-duty cable isn’t frightened of this 200 lbs limit because it has a remarkable tensile strength to endure the toughest exercises. Indeed, this cable crossover machine will make sure that you enjoy challenging exercises for years to come. Both the low and high systems also work with any gym cable attachments. The machine’s frame is also powder-coated to prevent rusting and scratches. 


  • 248.92 x 149.86 x 208.28 cm.
  • Allows other types of exercises besides cable training.
  • The machine has a professional appearance.
  • The pulley weight limit is 200 lbs.
  • Works with all gym cable attachments.
  • Total bench capacity of 270 kg.


  • The cable machine might not be suitable for places where space comes at a premium.
  • Assembly takes several hours.

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2. The Best Wall Mounted Cable Crossover Machine By VidaXL

The Best Wall Mounted Cable Crossover Machine By VidaXL

This cable crossover machine is perfect for those who don’t want all the extras that were included in the previous product. However, its suitable if cable exercises, quality, and results are a must. If you also like extra secure home gym equipment, then this item might also tick that box. Why? You can mount the cable machine to the wall to avoid tipping incidents or wobbles.

Another bonus is the size. The slim design makes this a space-saving cable machine, perfect for places that cannot sacrifice a lot of space to large machines. But as mentioned earlier, this dynamite stick will deliver results. The weight stack capacity is 120 kg. Used with the lat pull-down bar and a low pull-up bar, you can enjoy a full range of cable exercises in the comfort of your own home gym. The soft-grip handles also ensure that your hands won’t fall off after a heavy-duty session, either. 

But besides training most muscles, you can also expect a sturdy and well-designed cable machine. The cable pull-up station is made with quality steel to support safety and stability. The installation of this cable machine is also easy. The product will arrive at your front door with all the accessories required to mount it on the wall.


  • 99 x 53 x 194 cm.
  • A space-saving design.
  • It can support weight stacks up to 120 kg.
  • Safety features include soft-grip handles and a quality steel frame.
  • Cable length is 140 cm.
  • Wall mounting accessories included.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The crossover machine doesn’t include extra features to support barbell or squat exercises.
  • When the lower bar is being used, the upper bar might sometimes hit the weights.

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3. The Best Commercial Grade Cable Machine By Fit4Home

The Best Commercial Grade Cable Machine By Fit4Home

Here’s a handsome choice. It’s particularly attractive if you like large and professional stands in your home gym. True enough, the black and metal finish certainly add a powerful presence to the room. The open cage design is also both ergonomic, stable, and clean-looking. So if a good appearance is a must for you, then this could be the best cable machine to consider.

The dual cable system offers both high and low pulley handles. One can add up to 150 kg to the weight stacks to challenge your routine. Just some of the exercises that you can do with this cable crossover machine are rowing, tricep exercises, as well as strengthening moves to enhance the muscles in your chest, core, and shoulders. This machine also offers extras to add variety to your routine. These features support pull-ups, chin-ups, and squats.

The design is also noteworthy for its expertise and durability. The frame is made of heavy-duty gauge steel. The tube weight places are made from quality PVC and cement as well. The weight stacks are also professionally constructed and very stable.


  • 256 x 61 x 206 cm.
  • An open and professional appearance.
  • A total weight stack capacity of 150 kg.
  • A stable frame design.
  • Includes a one-year warranty.


  • The maximum user weight cannot exceed 100 kg.
  • Only delivered to UK mainland homes.

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4. The Top Home Gym Cable Machine With Pressing Bench By Marcy

The Top Home Gym Cable Machine With Pressing Bench By Marcy

Who might love to use this machine? Anyone who appreciates cable machines with an extra weight bench. The machine looks a bit like a torture device. But this thing is sure to work your muscles into the best shape yet. Both the dual pulley system and the weight bench extras are enough to complete a total home gym workout. Here’s what you can expect with this complex cable crossover machine.

Let’s have a look at the cable machine side of things. The dual system includes perks like an ankle strap, ultra-strong cable, and a weight capacity of 272 kg. You can perform all the traditional muscle exercises to work all the major groups with this cable machine. As a bonus, a ball-bearing system also ensures that the smith press bar also works with a smooth, gliding motion. This makes it especially suitable for beginners. 

The weight bench can work independently of the cable crossover system. But the cable machine has a frame with spotter arms, heavy-duty gauge steel, and a comfortable seat. All these features allow you to turn your cable machine into an intensive weightlifting station. Overall, this is one of the best cable machines for the home gym if you’re looking for a durable set that caters to both cable training and weightlifting exercises.


  • 195 x 63 x 23 cm.
  • Includes an ankle strap.
  • Dual cable system.
  • A total weight capacity of 272 kg.
  • Smooth motion.
  • Includes an ergonomic seat.
  • Doubles as a weightlifting station.


  • Some consumers found the smith bar too noisy.
  • The cable machine requires a lot of space.

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5. The Top Cable Machine With Chrome Handles By RIP X

The Top Cable Machine With Chrome Handles By RIP X

The serious gym could do with this beast. Indeed, the exercises you can do with this equipment is almost limitless. The quality of the materials is also sterling. If looks matter, then this is also one of the best cable machines on the market. The design presents a wide, open frame. The base is broad to ensure stability, the roof includes a pull-up bar for extra strength training exercises, the sides are stabilized by the weight racks, and the chrome handles make a nice touch to a nearly all-black piece of equipment. Overall, the appearance is professional, space-friendly, and powerful.

The machine offers a dual cable system for a full home gym experience. The designers also went back to the drawing board and improved the machine to extend the life of the cable. As a bonus, they also made the workout position more space-friendly and ergonomic. The chrome handles are also very durable. But besides looks, durability and stability, there are more things to appreciate about this machine.

There are 2 straight bars and 2 steel chains. A tricep rope also offers more workout possibilities. The large pulley wheels make lifting those weight stacks a thing of smooth beauty, no matter if you use the lower or upper cable system. But the best of all – the easy assembly. The latter is usually a big gripe with consumers who use cable machines. Some can take as long as 8 hours to piece together. But this one is among the easiest to use and to assemble.


  • A broad base for extra stability.
  • A handsome design that looks powerful and professional.
  • 180 total weight capacity.
  • The machine is very cable-friendly.
  • The frame is spacious and ergonomic.
  • The machine is made of quality steel, cables, and rope.
  • The assembly is easy and quicker than other cable machines.


  • The machine reportedly gets a little rocky when consumers perform exercises like face pulls. However, this is not a common issue.
  • No extra features for barbell exercises.

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6. Cable Crossover Lat Pulling Machine Cable Tower By Marbo Sport

Cable Crossover Lat Pulling Machine Cable Tower By Marbo Sport

This cable machine is the top pick for the minimalist home gym. The frame consists of a pair of towers and a long connection bar. Every pulley, weight, and wheel is neatly stacked within or near the towers. This provides a simple, organized, and uncluttered look. The black and red finish is also a pleasant touch. It will definitely fit into most rooms, regardless of decor. But this big guy is not just all smiles and handsome eyelashes. It comes with several features that promote the best workout that one can wish for.

A surefire way to spot a bad cable machine is when the pulling action is anything but smooth. But when you use this model, one can look forward to large pulley wheels ironing out the kinks to provide a seamless motion to exercises. Each roller also has a red protective cap. 

Each tower has two rods. They hold the weight plates up to a limit of 120 kg. Spring locks clamp the weights in place as well. At the end of the day, this is one more workhorse that will allow you to perform all your favourite cable exercises, progressing safely from novice to expert level.

The cable machine is also designed to last. The rubber feet on the base not only brings more stability but they also protect the floor in your home gym. All the metal parts are also powder coated. This nifty feature ensures that the metal will almost never rust and also make the frame more scratch-resistant. In other words, this cable machine will look as good as new for years to come. For extra durability and safety, all the machine’s nuts and screws are each covered with a plastic cap. Another durability perk is the big rubber spheres near the end of the steel cables. Their sole purpose is to protect the rope pulleys from wear and tear, and make them last longer. 


  • A good choice for the minimalist home gym.
  • The pulley wheels provide a smooth pulling motion.
  • A powerful appearance.
  • Protective caps for the rollers.
  • The rubber attachments on the base protect the flooring in a home gym.
  • All the metal parts are protected by an anti-rust powder coating.
  • Each nut and screw is covered with a protective plastic cap.
  • Rubber parts protect the steel cables from wear and tear.


  • The machine has no pull-up bar.
  • The cable machine is not suitable for areas where space is limited.

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7. The Top Cable And Weight Bench For The Home Gym By Marcy

The Top Cable And Weight Bench For The Home Gym By Marcy

Here is another valuable machine – if you want the whole package. That’s right, if you want a weight bench, squat rack, and a cable machine, then get this triple threat. But before we look at the exercise benefits you can expect, let’s quickly cover the appearance of this equipment. After all, a decent home gym needs a decent-looking machine. In this regard, it does not disappoint. The white, grey, and black finish will suit any room. The steel cage and bench seat are both also designed to look neat and ultra-modern.

As an exercise tool, it can provide a total gym experience and body workout. The bench has 4 seat adjustments for comfort and to challenge your level of fitness. This machine also offers a dual pulley design. The high swivel pulleys can be fitted with extra attachments. These allow anyone to use the inner frame space to perform lat pulldowns, single or double crossovers. Add some more attachments to the lower set and you can do your favourite bicep curls, seated rows, and lateral raises. Another bonus is the smith press bar. With this feature, you can enjoy intense but safe chest press workouts. 

The machine is also very stable. The frame has a large base to add more stability while the feet have plenty of rubber padding. The latter is used to keep the machine from skidding and to give the frame a better grip during a powerful workout. These rubber feet also prevents the floor of your home from being damaged. Other details that are worth mentioning include the pull-up bar, the secure cable handles, the ergonomic seat, spotter arms, foam-coated leg rests, the adjustable barbell heights, and smooth operation.


  • 210 x 198 x 254 cm.
  • 130 kg of weight stack capacity.
  • A beautiful design and modern colour scheme.
  • Includes a pec dec,
  • The dual pulley design allows all cable exercises.
  • Acts as a squat cage, weight lifting station, and as a cable machine.
  • The machine includes a smith press bar.
  • Weight stacks are neatly hidden behind the chair.
  • The design is also ergonomic.
  • Smooth pull action.


  • This machine is not suitable for places where space is an issue.
  • The maximum weight of the user cannot exceed 136 kg.

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8. The Best Portable Cable Crossover Machine With 180 Degree Rotation By GHH

The Best Portable Cable Crossover Machine With 180 Degree Rotation By GHH

If you love the idea of training with a cable machine but your lifestyle is too mobile – or your home’s space too limited – then here is the perfect tool for you to use. That’s right, you can receive most of the benefits provided by the larger machines. At first glance, it seems like a Yo-Yo toy, just bigger. One might be forgiven for wondering how something, that barely weighs 6 kg, can have any cable machine perks at all. But you might be surprised to discover that not only is it portable but also very effective to train muscles.

It’s also easy to install and use. Just follow the instructions and the tool is ready to use. But where exactly can you use thing cute thing? It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be hung on hooks and bars for an instant workout session. In all honesty, if you can find a suitable place to attach it, you can use it there. Like, anywhere.

This cable is perfect for both sitting and standing exercises. The 180-degree rotation adds great flexibility to the range of movements one can achieve. The pulling, pushing, and rotation options train several areas of the body, including the arms, back, torso, chest, and core. The resistance is electromagnetic, which can be adjusted for either easy use or to suit truly challenging programs. This electromagnetic feature not only ensures years of durability but also a decent amount of resistance to challenge you during each session. But even the toughest workout won’t injure your hands. The cable is ergonomically designed to be soft, comfortable to hold and it’s also solid for easy cleaning.


  • No need for heavy weight stacks.
  • A portable alternative to cable machines.
  • Easy to install virtually anywhere.
  • Very easy to use.
  • 180-degree rotation.
  • A full upper-body workout.
  • The rope is made of durable polyurethane.
  • Electromagnetic resistance ensures years of use and proper resistance.
  • The resistance is adjustable.
  • The cable is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The exercises that one can use with this portable cable machine is limited.
  • It does not provide lower body training.

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Cable Crossover Machine Buying Guide

Adding a new machine to the home gym is always an exciting moment. But to prevent disappointment and returns hassles, one must put on that thinking hat, follow common sense, and practice patience. In case you don’t want to follow the long road, don’t worry. We’ve got the short road right here. We’ve gathered the best guidelines to find that dream cable crossover machine quickly and perfectly the first time.

What Do You Want To Use A Cable Machine For?

Cable Crossover Machine Buying Guide

The immediate answer, of course, is strength training. But since there are so many machines on the market, one must narrow things down a bit.

Cable machines range from simple to complex, even small to huge. If you want to use it in your home gym where there’s lots of space, and you’re serious about your training regime, then a large and complex machine is a good choice. 

But are you a travelling soul who just want to work out in each hotel room? Then a small, portable cable tool is better. If you also love squats and barbells, some cable machines have features that allow you to perform these exercises as well.

A Cable Machine Must Be A High-Quality Product

The best cable machine is a quality product. It provides peace of mind that the whole structure won’t come tumbling down at the wrong moment. One can use the equipment for years, without spending more to replace broken parts or the entire frame. A quality machine will also remain in good-looking condition, even after years of use. Look for things like a powder coating, which prevents rusts and nicks. Another clue that betrays a fantastic cable frame is when it’s made from 11-gauge steel. Why this particular material? Any frame consisting of 11-gauge steel has the maximum structural integrity that one can hope for. Overall, a quality cable machine will keep you safe and ensure that the equipment will last for years to come.

Consider The Cable Machine’s Weight Stack Capacity

Cable Crossover Machine Buying Guide

Cable machines have varying weight stack limits. This is to cater to everybody’s needs. From beginners, patients busy with rehabilitation, to serious weightlifters, everybody can enjoy a slice of the cable pie.

One thing all cable machines have in common is the fact that their weight plates can be stacked. This offers progressive training, adding more and more weight plates as a person grows stronger.

But at the end of the day, each machine has a limit of how much weight it can safely accommodate. At the lighter end of the scale, you can expect machines that cater to a maximum capacity of 90 kg.

At the heavier end of the weight stack scale, there are machines that can handle up to 300 kg in total weight plates.

Consider The Ease Or Difficulty Of Assembling A Cable Machine

Some people don’t mind how easy or hard it is to assemble a new piece of gym equipment. If you happen to fall into that category, then all’s well. But if this is your first time looking to buy a cable machine – and you’re not somebody who appreciates a complicated assembly, then read on.

First, the good news. At their simplest, these machines can take minutes to install. However, those are the portable models that do not offer the same benefits as a full machine. The full machines all need home assembly and this task, depending on the design, can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. Sometimes, it even requires 2 people and something like 4 hours. While the tedious assembly of a cable machine is not a deal-breaker, one must become aware beforehand that this is not the kind of product that will arrive at the front door in a plug-and-play condition!

A Short Summary

Any piece of gym equipment has the potential to either uplift your training – or to cause frustration due to bad quality. In order to find the perfect cable cross machine, there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow. Make a list of the features you want. Include things like size, types of different exercises features, weight stack capacity, complexity, barbell extras, and whatever else you need.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these machines take many hours to assemble. If that’s an issue, there are certain models that can be put together in a shorter amount of time. But whether you pick a monster stand or a portable cable, one that assembles in 3 hours or 3 days, they must all have one thing in common – high quality. A well-made item protects you from injuries. It saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to replace parts (or the whole machine). So, there you have it. Think about which features you want. Then only purchase a quality machine with those features.


Q: Do Cable Crossover Machines Need To Be Bolted Down?

A: Yes, some cable crossover machines need to be bolted down. When this is the case, it is usually the machines that are designed to be mounted on a wall. This design saves space but is also very sturdy when installed correctly. Wall-mounted cable machines must be bolted down. There are undoubtedly freestanding machines that can also be bolted down. However, most are constructed to provide enough stability with their weight and base, avoiding the need to bolt them down entirely.

Q: How Heavy Are Cable Crossover Machines?

A: How heavy cable crossover machines weigh depend on their design, size and weight stacks. Cable machines vary greatly in weight, depending on these individual factors. On average, they weigh far above 100 kg and the larger and more commercial-grade they are, the heavier they will be. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to settle how heavy these machines are. That being said, they could easily rank among the biggest and heaviest tools in the home gym.

Q: What Weight Should A Cable Crossover Machine Go Up To?

A: The weight a cable crossover machine should go up to depends on its design and user preference. Cable machines are designed to hold weight stacks of immense capacity. That being said, all cable machines have a limit on the number of weight plates that they can safely accommodate. This is to prevent equipment failure under too much weight stress. The range of this limit, on average, is somewhere between 90 kg and 300 kg.

Q: Which Is The Best Brand Cable Crossover Machine?

A: The best brand of cable crossover machine depends on personal preference. True, this sounds very vague. But the truth is that plenty of brands deliver quality and durable machines that make different buyers very happy. A trustworthy brand name is good. But any cable machine that gives you the results you want is the best. In other words, rather analyse the abilities, durability, and results other consumers have experienced with a particular type of machine – regardless of the manufacturer.

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