7 Best Heated Rollers Reviews UK 2021 – Top Rated Models Compared

Best Heated Rollers Reviews

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

Do you want to add some volume to your hair? From beachy waves to Hollywood style curls, heated rollers are convenient, easy to use and can create a headful of luscious curls. But how do you find the set that suits your hair?

Our best heated rollers list is on hand to help you choose the appliance that will give you that fabulous, salon-finished look, every day.

Best Heated Rollers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. Boutique Salon Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers By Babyliss

Boutique Salon Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers By Babyliss

The best heated rollers to buy are the Boutique Salon Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers By Babyliss. We gave it the best 5/5 star rating.

BaByliss high quality boutique salon ceramic heated rollers set is the real deal when you want to take your styling to the next level. It is the kind of set that combines high-fashion styling with exceptional quality performance that is preferred by many salon professionals. In the box, the heating rollers come packed in a heated base where there are 12 large curlers in total. Every hot roller, measuring 32mm width, is designed with a soft touch coating that enable one to easily remove them from the hair. Accompanying the fine rollers are 12 heated hair clips that aid in locking the rollers in place to avoid crooked curl formation.

The thermo-ceramic coated rollers only take 5 minutes to heat up. This ultra-fast rollers heat up feature is why most people prefer using the High quality BaByliss Boutique Salon ceramic heated hair rollers. Less time is required for heating the rollers to be ready and when they are placed in the hair, they produce long lasting, natural results, especially on thick hair type. The best heated storage case reaches the maximum temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

This way, you are able to set the optimum temperature you desire to work with on the rollers. When the item is on, there is a power ON indicator and also, indicates when the rollers are prepared for use. With a 1.85 meter cord, you get an ample length to easily work with.


  • The set has the fastest heat performance, 5 minutes to get hot
  • The best hair curls made by this hot rollers last long
  • There is an ON and a ready to use indicator
  • These top quality rollers are well made
  • Eliminates the need for products like irons, wands, and similar ones.


  • The soft clips are meant for long hair types only, given the large size of the heating rollers

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2. Thermo-Ceramic Rollers By Conair group ltd

Thermo-Ceramic Rollers By Conair group ltd

The second best heated rollers are the good looking Thermo-Ceramic Rollers By Conair group ltd. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. You can find the price and see details on the Amazon site links below.

BaByliss thermo-ceramic rollers are the best heated rollers to use by the professionals because they always produce the desired curls, especially on thick hair type. Being on the market for over five decades, there has been, of course, great improvement in the hairstyling sector such that most women find using BaByliss products most ideal and they come at a reasonable price. In the box, you get 20 rollers that work in producing the perfect curl and adding a smooth finish. This is because, the rollers have high-heat performance therefore taking very little time to be heated and make the curling process fast and easy.

High-heat performance is brought about by the infused ceramic rollers featured. Heat is transferred quickly and the distribution is done evenly. Also, the good looking rollers keep heat for almost 15 minutes and cool down at a slower rate to make sure that the curls formed will last longer. The ends of the heated rollers wind easily around the hair thanks to their ribbed design. In addition, the hot rollers fit securely to provide even styling on the hair.

This set of culers comes in 3 sizes to create a number of styles. There are the small rollers that are used on short to medium hair for tight curls. Medium rollers to produce full and bouncy curls on long and average hair length, especially on thick hair. Large rollers are used on very long hair and also average size to provide great waves with less tight curls and also, they increase the volume of the hair.

BaByliss heated rollers are best used on different hair to produce great results. The high temperature performance is a clear indication that curl formation is done effortlessly. With 3 sizes or types of hair rollers provided, you get to choose the right one that works well with you. There is a red indicator on the unit that illuminates when switched on and will remain illuminated throughout the time it is on and heating up. Knowing the right temperature to work with is always perfect, and for this reason, there are two settings to help so as to work on different hair types with ease. People have different hair, some of which is colored and delicate or dry and many others have thick and luxurious hair. For delicate and colored, using low heat is highly recommended and high heat is used on the hard to style hair.

On the market, this is the best-selling available hair styling product with great features that is also easy to use and comes at a great price. Fitted with a secure hold, it gets quite easy to use the Thermo-Ceramic rollers. Hair rollers are held in place with the super clips they come with to avoid falling apart and altering the whole process. The plastic dot in the unit lights up from red to white to indicate the unit has reached optimum temperature and is ready to be used. How to use hair rollers is made easy with this set of BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic rollers. You just need to know the required amount of time to acquire the right results. However, ther is a lack of pins for all the rollers in this good looking set.

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  • Quite easy to use heated rollers which means they reduce risk of damage
  • Two settings for really quick rollers heat up and easy change of look and style without any problems
  • This one comes with rollers of different sizes to provide versatility in styling types
  • This top quality roller heats up quickly and cools slowly
  • It has a secure hold for the best experience on all hair types
  • This good looking unit has a ready to use indicator
  • This top size set even comes with big enough rollers for the whole head


  • There is lack of pins for all the heat rollers in this good looking set

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3. Proluxe Heated Rollers By Reamington

Proluxe Heated Rollers By Reamington

The third best heated rollers to buy are the Proluxe Heated Rollers By Reamington. We gave our third choice a 4.5/5 star rating. You may find the price and see information on the Amazon links below.

Remington H9100 Proluxe rollers are the fastest way to make yourself beautiful the whole day. Curls made with these heated hair rollers come out bouncy, and fuller hair. The whole good looking unit is designed to create high-quality and convenient curls and little waves especially for people who want their hair to be fixed in a few minutes and ones with thick hair type. It only takes 90 seconds for the unit to fully heat up and start operating and the keep rollers on the head for five solid minutes to get the nice curl. All this is enabled by the dual OPTIheat technology used in the hair curler. This dual heating technology is responsible for heating the rollers as well as the clips which, therefore, create great curls or waves evenly, all around the head. The OPTIheat Technology works by directing heat to the hair being curled from the roller and the clip. For this reason, you find that when using the Proluxe rollers, the curls or waves continue to last for a whole 24 hours.

Remington H9100 Proluxe Heated Rollers come in a set of 20 heated clips that are designed to provide great, bouncy and curly hair that enable easy usage and styling. Grip Technology is applied on each pod so that you are able to do your styling with much ease. After so much hassle experienced with the previous clip design, the manufacturer applied the Grip Tech to hold the hair and produce kink-free results. Together with the curling rollers ceramic heated hinge, the grip tech finish helps to keep the hair in one place as it curls up. That is why you get the great results after when using these heated curlers.

The good thing about this set of heated rollers is that it is designed to suit people with different hair. Regardless of the size of hair, you get to make it beautiful with these rollers from Proluxe. Curling hair with rollers has never been difficult with this set of Remington H9100 Proluxe Heated Rollers. It comes with two different sizes of rollers included for you to choose from depending on the length of your hair or preference on the curls you need. 8(25mm) of the heat rollers are medium and the remaining 12 rollers are large heated rollers. This way, you are not limited to having the look you desire. You would even create a different look by using the medium as well as larger rollers on the same head and still look awesome. When the large hot rollers are placed at the top sections and the medium below, you are able to achieve a look that stands out. There are three heat settings and 2 speed settings for really quick heat up.

When it comes to storage of the whole set, the unit comes in a compact housing to store the curling rollers and clips and also, it is responsible for heating them whilst inside. It comes with a protective cover to avoid getting burnt when using the hot rollers. The clip has a ceramic rollers heated hinged coating. There is also an “ON” indicator light that shows when the unit has been switched on so you don’t need to try every now and then. With a wrap around cord, storage is a breeze. However, it does have some little flaws.

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  • It takes little time to heat up the curling rollers of different sizes and reduce risk of damage
  • This set of 20 rollers eliminates the need for products like irons, wands, etc. Just wrap your hair around then and that’s it.
  • OPTIheat system with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings for really quick heat-up time
  • Curls made by this set last a whole day and match stylist curls any time thanks to the dual heating technology
  • This hair care product has simple storage for the best customer experience and to help save space
  • They are best curlers suitable for long hair style, and every clip locks the roller in place


  • Some reviews find getting the hot rollers from the curl pods to be quite a task

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4. Volume Rollers By Tresemme

Volume Rollers By Tresemme

Fourth best curling hot roller set you’ll want to get is the Volume Rollers By Tresemme. We our 4th choice a 4/5 star rating. You can find the price and see details on the Amazon site links below.

Ever wanted to travel and you don’t know whether to carry your hair care products or not, well, the TRESemme 3039U  volume rollers are the best travel heated rollers to take with you. As the name suggests, TRESemme heated rollers are used to increase the thick hair volume.

The kit comes enclosed in a compact storage pouch and is lightweight therefore making it easy to carry it around holiday vacations or when you are visiting a new place. There is a zip on the case that will keep all the curling rollers and other content locked in place to avoid them getting mixed up with other items. To add to it, the case has a multi-voltage feature that enables the unit to be used worldwide.

In the box, the unit comes with a storage pouch, 10 metal pins and 10 large rollers and an instruction manual. The curling rollers are very large measuring 32mm to create curls with great volumes and bouncy. Those 10 pins make sure of easy styling when the curling rollers are placed in the hair. Those ladies you see with voluminous hairstyles opt to use this unit to achieve that look, especially on thick hair. It is best used on long hair style because the roller size is made large. In other words, the kit is limited to a certain hair type (length wise).  For short hair, just go for the hot rollers for that hair size or that which can be used on short hair as well as long hair style. There is a section in the instruction manual that provides styling tips to help you when styling.

TRESemme rollers have high heat performance in that, it takes 10 minutes for them to reach the perfect temperature to curl and increase the volume of hair. You would use these curling rollers when you are in a hurry and also want to achieve the great volume you desire. For perfect results, you are required to leave the curlers for 25 to 30 minutes before you remove them. This will make sure of the perfect high volume and curl your hair can get. After removing the heated rollers, brush through the hair to remove most curls and leave loose flowing waves. Consequently, using fingers to run into your hair gently increases the volume of the hair and it becomes wavy. However, these sets for curly hair may be little more limited than other ones.


  • It has high heat performance which means your hair will look good always and hold longer without any problems
  • These sets of tools provide better results especially in hair volumes and reduce risk of damage
  • These rollers come at a cheap price that is affordable
  • It has a worldwide voltage feature to be used anywhere around the globe
  • It has top quality and compact design to save on storage space and light weight
  • It has fast heat-up time to be used when in a rush


  • It may be limited to only those women with longer hair
  • It lacks a ready to use indicator
  • There is only one size of hot rollers, they don’t come in different sizes

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5. Compact Heated Rollers By Nicky clark

Compact Heated Rollers By Nicky clark

Fifth best heated curling roller set you’ll want to buy is the Compact Heated Rollers By Nicky clark. We gave this one a 4/5 star rating. You can find the price and see details on the Amazon site links below.

Getting great curls in the hair is not a hard task to do for most people but maintaining the curls throughout the day would be quite a hassle. The Nicky Clarke NHS005 compact rollers come handy because of this.

The set is referred to as compact because it is packed not to take up much of the storage space in your house. It comes enclosed in a bag that is quite easy to carry and store away. With this in mind, the pouch can also be carried out on a vacation or while away from home with much ease. You are able to achieve your great look anywhere with the Nicky Clarke rollers.
Nicky Clarke heated rollers set consists of 12 thermoplastic heated rollers and clips, six of which are heated at once and the other six heat up while you put the first batch in the hair. The time it takes for the first batch of hair rollers and clips to acquire the right temperature is 10 minutes. This s great to use because you are given ample time to section the hair that you need to be curled to get better results. Up on reaching the right temperature, there is a heat indicator on the unit that changes from red to white to notify you it’s ready for use.

Nick Clarke rollers have ribbed surface so that when winding the hair, there is a tight grip. Using ionic technology incorporated in the hot rollers, the hair is conditioned so as to get smooth and shiny curls and locks and minimal frizz while styling. The curling rollers are large (25mm) to bring out beautiful loose waves that are rich in volume, especially with thick hair type. The hot rollers are made of thermoplastic rubber to retain heat and hence providing long-lasting results. Plastic rollers tend to leave marks in hair when used, that is why these heated rollers from Nick Clarke are made of thermo plastic rubber to eliminate marks formation.

Do you want to do your styling wherever you are but you lack the means, probably because the voltage feature of your kit is limited to certain places? You have less to worry since the Nicky Clarke heated rollers set even has a multi-voltage feature for travel convenience. How cool is that! Aside from being compact and lightweight to take it any time you are traveling, it also has a worldwide voltage compatibility to enable one to use it safely around the world. We think they are the best heated rollers to travel with. However, these curly hair tools may be little more limited in terms of speed.


  • This set of 12 hair rollers has a compact design to be carried around
  • Hot rollers of different sizes are lightweight in order to be easy to store
  • It has worldwide voltage compatibility which means your hair will look good all the time and without any problems
  • The best hot rollers even take a short time to heat up. Just wrap your hair around them and enjoy.
  • Top quality 12 rollers are secured safely when in use to reduce risk of damage


  • Reviews found that having to wait for the other six rollers to heat up may be time consuming and not suitable for busy people

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6. Ceramic Roller Set By Babyliss

Ceramic Roller Set By Babyliss

Sixth best curling hot rollers you’ll want to buy are the the Ceramic Roller Set By Babyliss. We gave this one a 4/5 star rating. You can find the price and see details on the Amazon site links below.

BaByliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller set is an advanced version of the large heated roller set. This is the professional hair rolling set for most people that are always in a rush. The improved version heats up 30% faster where you get up to 10% hotter ceramic rollers compared back to back to the previous model. It is most preferred to be used by salon stylers as the professional stylist tool. New BaByliss Pro 30 piece set comes with 4 different sizes to suit a wide range of hair. These include 6 small heated rollers for short hair, 8 medium one, 8 large rollers and 8 jumbo heated hair rollers for extra long hair style. The roller set is great for use when you want bouncy movement and defined curl. This jumbo set comes at a slightly higher price than most of those on this review. 

The fine ceramic hot rollers on the BaByliss pro 30 piece set are made with cool rims so that when in use, one is able to easily grip the hot roller comfortably. To add to it, the set has high heat performance with ultra-fast heat up capability. This feature is important and responsible for producing flawless curl with better shape and volume for a wide range of types of hair fast and efficient. There are 2 heat settings on the kit that delivers durable results for all hair sizes that last a whole day. As mentioned earlier that this particular set can be used on a wide range of hair types, there is a 2 temperature setting feature on the kit to aid in achieving the right curls and locks. When they are prepared for use, there is even an ON indicator light that illuminates to show.

With 15 super clips and 30 color-coded metal pins the BaByliss Pro comes with, the hot ceramic rollers are set securely in place during the rolling process. The fine kit comes in a storage bag that enables one to use and conveniently store away all the hot rollers and clips in one place. As a result, a lot is space is saved up given that the bag has a folding arm where you can position it vertically. In addition, it has a salon length swivel cord (2.7m).

BaByliss is the leading manufacturer of electric appliances that are trusted by hairdressers all around the globe. The products, are for example, the tongs, wands, hair clippers, electric curling iron and other irons, just to name but a few. Most of their products are best-selling on the market. Many people (especially the fine salon professional type) go for this new and improved version because it even has the right amount of rollers meant for different types and sizes of hair and for the whole head. In like manner, consumers prefer this type of rolling set because it has everything needed for use on small as well as extra long hair style. You achieve great curly hair when using this beauty product. However, these sets may have a little more expensive price than some reviews would want.


  • The set contains 4 different rollers for a variety of hair types and enough for the whole head
  • Each ceramic roller heats up quickly and can hold the heat for long thanks to the technology used
  • Eliminates the need for hair care products like irons, wands, etc.
  • These hot curl tools have high heat performance which means your hair will look good without any problems
  • This heated rollers set features 2 really good heat settings for different types and sizes of hair
  • Reviews like 15 super clips and 30 color-coded metal pins


  • The electric rollers become too hot therefore, there is a risk of burning your fingers
  • Users found that the ceramic heating rollers when placed in the hair are heavy
  • It may be expensive according to some reviews that don’t like these heated hair rollers like other reviews we were reading

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7. Jumbo Hair Rollers By Reamington

Jumbo Hair Rollers By Reamington

Seventh best curling hot rollers you’ll want to buy are the Jumbo Hair Rollers By Reamington. We gave our seventh choice a 3.5/5 star rating. You can find the price and see details of these best heated rollers on the Amazon page links below.

If you are in search to achieve much bigger and beautiful hair, nothing beats this Remington Jumbo flocked rollers for the task. When using this set of rollers on hair, you are sure to have fully shaped and bouncy curls, just the way you want. In the end, you get to have soft, smooth and voluminous curls that are low on frizz. The set has 12 flocked rollers in total where 4 of them are large rollers, whereas the remaining 8 are medium flocked rollers. In addition, there are 12 comfortable hair clips accompanying the hot rollers and also 12 pins to make sure that the hot rollers fit in place. As the heating rollers come in two colors to distinguish them, the clips and pins are also color-coded to much each roller.

Remington Jumbo flocked rollers have a luxury velvet coated design that enables one to achieve the big and snag free curls that are easier to work on. The heating rollers are ceramic coated with innovative wax based core that is responsible for retaining high heat performance. This aids in fast setting of the curls that last longer. For shiny hair, ionic conditioning is used on the fine rollers to get the look and have healthy hair in the long run.

The ends of the velvet hot rollers are cool to touch meaning, they are safe and even comfortable when styling. You won’t need to worry about getting burnt while you leave the hot flocked rollers on your wavy hair.
This ceramic coated roller set comes as a full kit where all that is needed for gorgeous and beautiful curls is enclosed in a case where you just lift up the lid to expose the hot rollers. The case, which is also the heater, helps in storing away all the Remington accessories for the next use. There is an ON indicator that lights up when the unit is switched on. It only takes about 10 minutes for the rollers heat up which is fast enough for people especially those who are in a hurry.

Reviews like a brand that manufactures products that work for them. The Remington brand that has been there for over 75 years, is trusted to bring forth the best beauty products with that are up to per with the latest technology. Heated flocked rollers from Remington always bring out the desired curls. This particular wax core product is loved most by people with longer hair because of the outstanding results on the curls that not only look good, they also last longer.


  • The ceramic coated hot rollers are big enough to give that extra volume to your hair and reduce risk of damage
  • Each wax core roller heats up quickly and can hold the heat for long which will give you a peace of mind
  • These hot rollers have high heat performance design so your hair can look good without any problems
  • The ceramic coated hot rollers have cool touch ends which is why people want to get it
  • These wax core flocked rollers eliminate the need for irons, wands, and similar ones.
  • These really good ceramic coated rollers have an ON indicator with heat settings
  • There are clips and pins to fasten the fine rollers and keep them in place when you leave the for longer time


  • Reviews don’t like how it may only be used on long hair style, which is not quite something users would want
  • Users found that there may not be enough flocked rollers to fit the whole head for different styles you want

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A Guide To Heated Rollers

Manufacturers are always coming up with new technologies to solve all of life’s little problems. A foot spa, for instance, will provide relaxation after a hard day’s work, so will a memory foam pillow. Those who suffer from neck pains can get relief using a pillow for neck pain.

An epilator and lady shaver, on the other hand, gets rid of annoying body hair without causing bumps and cuts, while a TENS machine provides a quick home workout.

A favourite for most ladies are heated rollers. They provide the just-stepped-out-of-the-salon hair look without costing much. We will show you how to achieve maximum benefit from this device by choosing the best brand.

What You Need To Know

Guide To Heated Roller

First and foremost, heated hair curlers are not a cheap investment to make. Since they are heated, they require electric energy. What you need to put in mind, however, is the price tag on the curlers. It is only the best that come at a slightly higher price so as to give the consumer tremendous results with minimal complaints.

Luckily, most of these hair curler sets come at reasonable price that make them affordable. All you need to do is pick the one that suits you and doesn’t blow your budget.

On the market, there are many types of rollers, for instance, heated and the non-heated rollers. This leads to the buyer getting confused on which one to shop that works for them. The type of roller you select will determine the technique to be used when handling them on hair.

Those that are heated will take a shorter time on dry hair and produce instant results that are eye-catching. The opposite happens with the non-heated rollers. These ones are a little bit more effective on wet or damp hair to achieve better results. You can keep them overnight while you sleep to increase the time needed for them to produce long-lasting results. Velcro and magnetic rollers exhibit relevant features that enable them to be used on wet or damp hair.

Hair type really matters when purchasing rollers. Some people have soft hair that is often fragile and easily breaks on slight stretch or impact. Others have medium texture whereas you find a large group with very strong hair that sometimes, styling becomes a challenge. The good news is that, on most marketing platforms, you are able to find the right hair curler for every type of hair.

Amazon hair curlers come with instructions included showing which one to use on what hair. Velcro hair rollers are the best selection for delicate and wet hair because they don’t need clamps to clip them in place. Foam hair rollers or sponge sticks rollers are used on dry fragile hair and are comfortable enough for sleeping with them on hence, they are the best sleep curlers.

For much stronger hair, heated and steam hair rollers are perfect to bring out fast and efficient results. The steam also makes the hair soft with fuller curls or waves and reduces frizz.

Guide To Heated Rollers

When choosing hair curlers, the size of the rollers really matters. As seen above, the fine size of the rollers to use for different results is determined by the hair type and the expected results. For instance, on long hair, the large size of hair rollers is preferred to produce loose, wavier and fuller hair. The small size curlers are best used on short hair. When you want spiral hairstyle on your long hair, you can use the small curlers combined with Conair hot sticks, for instance.

Using small rollers result in tight curls that last long. There are also bendy rollers that are used on short as well as long hair style to produce that bendy twist. The bendy hair rollers are heatless and most of them require one to sleep with them on without necessarily going into the hairdryer.

Lastly, you want to be able to know how to use rollers so that it doesn’t get frustrating when you have them. How to use heated rollers helps in getting better results. When you have securely placed the rollers in hair, you should apply hair spray so that the curls come out with a fine texture, smooth and shiny, and all because of that hairspray and rollers combination.

For delicate hair, you will need to know how to use Velcro rollers to prevent any possible harm on hair caused by heat. These can be used at home on any type of hair length and left overnight to get salon-grade styles.

Knowing how to use bendy rollers is also great because, they work on wet as well as dry hair without the help of any curling wand, irons or straighteners. With this in mind, you are sure to make the right decision to curl your straight hair.

Heated Rollers FAQs

Q: Is using rollers better than using curling iron on hair?

A: Yes. Rollers reduce the risk of hair damage and also you get long lasting curls and big hair volumes.

Q: After placing heated rollers in the hair, can you stay in a dryer for fast results?

A: Dryers, when using heated rollers are not necessary. The rollers have enough heat to make the professional rolls in no time. If it is a wedding, you can sit in a dryer with spoolies on for less than 5 minutes.

Q: What are the steps to follow when putting the rollers in hair?

A: It is important to first divide the hair into sections then roll the curlers leaving about an inch of space between the next roller then leave them for some time, usually, it takes minutes to achieve tremendous results.

Q: Where can one get hair curlers?

A: On Amazon, you find a variety of genuine hair curlers and rods on sale. There are many unbiased reviews on the beauty products where you get to know how each of them works.

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