Best Massage Chair Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Massage Chair Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

As one of the most effective ways to relax, massage chairs offer a full body massage. Other benefits include a home massage tool to relieve back pain and to improve blood flow. But there are plenty more reasons to appreciate what such a chair has to offer. If you are looking for a massage chair for medical reasons, or just to kick back after a hard day, then look no further. Here are the best massage chair reviews of 2021.

Editors Choice

The High-Quality Electric Massage Chair By Naipo

High-Quality Electric Massage Chair By Naipo

Shiatsu Mode: Yes

Massage Options: 3 Zones

Special Feature: Bluetooth speaker

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The Best Massage Chair Cover With Heat Treatment By HoMedics

Best Massage Chair Cover By HoMedics

Shiatsu Mode: Yes

Massage Options: 14 Programs

Special Feature: Seat cover

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The Best Chair Pad With Massage Rollers By Snailax

The Best Chair Pad By Snailax

Shiatsu Mode: Yes

Massage Options: 7

Special Feature: Spot massage

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The Top Massage Chair Cover For Hip Massage By Turejo

Top Massage Chair Cover By Turejo

Shiatsu Mode: Yes

Massage Options: 6

Special Feature: Hip and thigh massage

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The Best Anti-Fatigue Massage Chair With Heat Therapy By Comfier

Anti-Fatigue Massage Chair By Comfier

Shiatsu Mode: Yes

Massage Options: 2 types, 4 zones

Special Feature: Fights fatigue

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Best Massage Chairs On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The High-Quality Electric Massage Chair By Naipo

The High-Quality Electric Massage Chair By Naipo

The best massage chair is the High-Quality Electric Massage Chair by Naipo. This chair looks like something that belongs in a classy hotel or executive’s room. For this reason, any home can welcome this gorgeous massager chair into a room and not fear a decor demolition. The design is sleek and modern, yet beautifully downplayed to add a touch of class. If you are looking for UK massage chairs that are also packed with massage techniques and technology, then this could be the best massage chair for you.

What massage experience can you look forward to with this chair? Put on your seat belt because it is going to get wild. The chair gives a full body massage with 3 adjustable zones. Together, the massage techniques include a kneading function, knocking, air massage, and shiatsu massage. Talk about happy muscles! But what about seriously unhappy muscles or tightness in the lower back? The types of massage also rely on massage rollers to give a back massage that stimulates acupuncture points as a human therapist would. That way, you can expect deep relief from pain and discomfort. The air massage option also includes a gentle hip extension to encourage healthier blood circulation.

But massage chairs come with another important duty as well – relaxation. The medical benefits could already make a person more relaxed by removing discomfort. But if you are lucky enough to be in good health and just want an effective massage to forget the rough day at work, then sit down for a full body massage. As the best massage chair, it will knead your muscles as well as your mind. Ergo, total and complete relaxation tool right at home. But there’s more!

Great massage chairs come with tiny perks too. This massage chair offers a good range. There’s a 20-minute timer, the design is ergonomic for ultimate comfort, you can work the massage programs with a remote control and put your phone next to you in a special cellphone pocket. If you love 3D sound effects, the built-in Bluetooth speaker will belt them out. The chair itself is also compact enough to fit into any room and comes with a removable pillow and seat cushion to manage the intensity of the massage settings. 


  • The relax massage chair has a professional appearance.
  • Professional massage settings.
  • Suitable to efficiently treat back pain.
  • It promotes better blood circulation.
  • One of the best massage chairs for mental relaxation.
  • A shiatsu massage chair.
  • The design is ergonomic.
  • Extras include a place for your cellphone, a remote control, and removable cushions.


  • The massage chair must be self-assembled at home.
  • It’s heavy. After delivery, it needs two adults to carry the box inside the home.

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2. The Best Massage Chair Cover With Heat Treatment By HoMedics

The Best Massage Chair Cover With Heat Treatment By HoMedics

This full-body massage chair cover turns anything into a handsome piece of furniture. The designers kept things minimal and the colours muted (yet they work great together). The end result? A massage chair that won’t stick out like a sore thumb in the home or office. Indeed, it looks very professional. For this reason, the massage chair cover is a great option for those who want a tool in the office to relieve back pain, a portable massage cover, and a cheaper alternative to purchasing an entire massage chair.

This is also the best option if you are mainly looking for a massage shiatsu chair. Since it was designed by one of the UK’s leading brands in the field, you can rest assured that this grey beauty is indeed something that will turn your seat into one of the best shiatsu massage chairs on the market. Let’s have a look at the massage functions this massage chair cover has to offer.

To start with, there are 14 massage programs. Some of the best include a traditional shiatsu massage and a Shiatsu Spod mode to work those troublesome knots and stiff tendons.

The programs can be mixed and matched for a real relax massage chair experience. You also do not have to worry that the chair cover will act wobbly, either. A well-designed slipcover secures it to the chair and it can be adjusted and tightened to achieve the best fit.

Another perk might tank your stress and discomfort levels down to zero. This chair cover has a heat feature that promotes blood flow, healing, and relaxation. Tight backs and tendons can now receive intensive care at home. 


  • The massage chair cover is designed to look good at both the home and the office.
  • One of the best covers for shiatsu massage chairs.
  • 14 Massage features.
  • The chair cover fits securely on most home and office chairs.
  • A heat option.
  • A remote control is included.
  • Adjustable headrest.


  • No storage bag is included for the chair cover.
  • The power cord is very short.

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3. The Best Chair Pad With Massage Rollers By Snailax

The Best Chair Pad With Massage Rollers By Snailax

Those back rollers certainly earn their keep. Thanks to them and a few other features, you can enjoy as many as 7 back massage options. Let’s cover each to put you into a real relax mode while you read. Hey, it’s possible. Alright, back to shiatsu business.

Speaking of which, that is the first option that you can look forward to. This massage chair pad has several nodes and 4 are dedicated to giving the best shiatsu massage for back pain and better blood flow. A second option allows you to receive a shiatsu massage with heat. Then there are 3 massage zones to pick from. They range from a full back massage, lower back massage, and an upper back massage. The spot massage feature allows you to target a single area to get relief from troublesome muscles or aches. The final massage option is one that many people enjoy! That’s right, we are talking about a vibration massage. Even better, it comes with two levels of intensity to turn your seat into a real relax massage chair. 

The massage chair cover offers adjustable settings for the perfect massage. This allows persons of any height to get a deep massage treatment in their neck and back muscles. The massage chair pad is also designed to be very ergonomic and to provide comfort at every level. The chair cover is also made more user-friendly thanks to a remote control that allows you to switch between the different types of massage without moving your body too much during the treatment. That is important since too much movement can interfere with a relaxing treatment.

Overall, this is a great choice for the home and office. The massage chair pad has a classy appearance and will look good in any setting, even the workplace. The removable covers and flaps pad offers a softer massage option for the neck and back, while also being easy to throw in the wash. Indeed, this chair is so versatile, it can enhance your favourite TV seat, office chair, or even a dining chair if you want to enjoy dinner and a good massage together before bed. 


  • The massage chair pad has 7 types of massage options.
  • The settings are adjustable to suit individual needs.
  • A remote control is included.
  • The cover is washable.
  • The chair cover will make office and home chairs more versatile.
  • The chair pad’s looks make it a lovely piece of furniture in any setting.
  • The cover is securely fastened with gripping dots and velcro straps.


  • The massage pad can only strap to a chair shaped like a computer or office-type chair.
  • There is a chemical smell that lingers for a few days after delivery.

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4. The Top Massage Chair Cover For Hip Massage By Turejo

The Top Massage Chair Cover For Hip Massage By Turejo

Maybe you like the idea of massage chair covers. But a classy leather look is more your thing. If that is the case, then we’ve got something fantastic for you. This chair cover is made with high-quality synthetic leather with a beautiful look and tight seams. The surface feels luxurious to the touch and as a bonus, it is also very easy to wipe clean. The leather also has no strange smells. You will get a high-end appearance for your chair, that’s for sure. But can this thing deliver what matters most (a great massage, of course). It sure can. Here’s why.

A massage experience with this chair cover includes 6 variations to spoil yourself with. Not only is this a full body massage chair but it also has modes that can focus on the upper and lower back respectively. All three zones come with 3 speeds. But one of the most noteworthy comments about this product is the ability to work the hips and thighs. The lower back option uses vibration massage to treat and relax the hips, reducing tightness and pain. This makes the chair pad an excellent choice for anyone with hip issues or those who work long hours behind a desk.

It is also a shiatsu massage chair. The massage rollers can roll clockwise and anti-clockwise to relieve nasties like pain, stiffness and cold from the neck and back. If you have a sensitive neck situation, don’t worry. The chair cover is designed to be gentle and offers special protection and care during each massage. The cover is also people-friendly. It caters to those with a height between 1.5 and 1.8 meters, which covers most young adults, men, and women. However, the designers did not forget those taller than 1.8 meters. Such individuals can tilt the massager on the chair to enjoy the full benefits.

Other features will also add to a great massage experience. The chair cover has a remote control and a pocket to stash it when you are not using it. The pocket is also easy to reach in case you change your mind about a setting. If you love the melting relaxation of heat, then this cover is also a winner. It offers 2 heat intensities for the back and neck. But rest assured, this chair cover will never blow up because it has heat protection. If you also want more control over how long your massage should last, the cover has a timer that will automatically end the massage after 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Overall, a trusty cover with plenty of comfort, therapeutic benefits, and safety features.


  • The chair cover is made from high-quality synthetic leather.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • As many massage options as 6.
  • The massage rollers have 3 intensities.
  • Special benefits for hips and thighs.
  • A gentle neck massage for sensitive muscles and pain.
  • Two heat options for ultimate relaxation and deep massages.
  • Zero risk of overheating.
  • A massage timer.


  • The product is only suitable for armchairs.
  • It’s not recommended to use the back massager while driving. In some cases, it might cause distraction or drowsiness.

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5. The Best Anti-Fatigue Massage Chair With Heat Therapy By Comfier

The Best Anti-Fatigue Massage Chair With Heat Therapy By Comfier

These days, we all need a little something to help us cope with stress and fatigue. The best massage chairs eliminate those troublesome creatures on the first try. This massage chair is one of the top choices if you are specifically looking to reduce body and mind fatigue. Here is how this wonderful seat cover works and all the benefits that you can expect from using it.

Some of the leading causes of fatigue include stress, holding the body’s muscles tightly clenched all day long, and pain. Indeed, nothing causes such despair and tiredness as chronic back pain. It interferes with daily life, which causes more stress, which causes more tension in the body, which cannot exactly reduce the pain. This vicious circle can be broken or at least reduced back down to a manageable level with great massage techniques. This massage chair offers that and more.

One way this massage chair cover beats human hands is the fact that the latter cannot provide a deep heat kneading massage. This massage chair offers shiatsu rollers with adjustable rotation and speed for the best warm massage. The knots and tension in the muscles will disappear before long. This kind of therapy reduces or removes back and neck pain for better living. Even if your pain levels never hit zero, any reduction in back pain can improve one’s ability to enjoy life a little more. 

You also get more control over which areas you’d like to massage and the intensity of the massage. The massage features include shiatsu and vibration massage, to treat the lower or upper back, or the entire back. No matter which type or zone you choose, you can also pick between a range of 3 intensities to enjoy a light or intensive massage. Additionally, one more option allows you to spot-treat a particularly troublesome knot anywhere in your back or neck.

Another bonus is that this is not a chair but a cover. This makes it mobile enough to take on trips or carry it to the office. It was also designed to fit most chairs, making it one of the more versatile massage chair pads on the market today. In case you’re wondering, this product will not just spoil your neck and back. It will also provide good massage moments for your thighs and hips.


  • One of the best anti-fatigue massage chairs (UK).
  • Can reduce fatigue, stress, and soreness to almost zero.
  • Two types of massage; shiatsu and vibration.
  • Three different zones; upper, lower and full back massage.
  • Three intensities.
  • Spot treatment for a specific painful muscle or tight spot.
  • Fully mobile and fits most chairs.
  • Also provides a relaxing massage for hips and thighs.
  • Includes a control for remotely operating the chair cover.


  • A tall person might not get the full range of roller movements.
  • Cannot fit a chair larger than a single seat type, like an office or dining table chair.

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6. The Top Massage Chair UK Cushion For Full Body Massage By Naipo

The Top Massage Chair UK Cushion For Full Body Massage By Naipo

Here is a full-body treat. As one of the best massage chairs to come your way, there is plenty to appreciate about this cushion. First off, it’s stylish and the grey tones make it suitable not just for private use but also to discreetly use it in the office – while everybody just think you’ve got a great-looking chair cover. Two birds, as they say. Like all other massage chair pads, this one is also easy to fold away and to transport.

Once it turned your old dining room seat into one of the best massage chairs ever (we hope!), you can pick and choose between the best massage options for the moment. Just want to relax and spoil your whole body? Take the remote and activate the full-back massage mode. If you want to knead the stress from your shoulders that’s been building since that tough meeting at work this morning, then choose some upper body massage magic. In the same way, you can choose the lower back option to experience relief from pain and tightness. Want some more? There’s also shiatsu and vibration massage features, a heat option, and 3 intensity levels to hit the sweet spot.

Here are a few more tidbits that make this a great massage cover. It will also care for your hips, the roller balls are 3D to ensure a massage deeper than what any human therapist is capable off (without injuring you, of course). This thing is also a good tool in the fight against fatigue, stress, knots, aches, and even muscle tension. There is also an auto-shutoff timer if you’re too busy to be bothered with such things. It will follow your wishes and shut the massage cover off at either 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Overall, you can expect a dependable massage cushion that is comfortable, attractive, and effective.


  • The chair cover looks good enough to be used anywhere.
  • Easy to fold away, carry, and store.
  • Easy to attach to a chair.
  • The massage cover has several massage zones, types, and intensities available.
  • Works with a remote.
  • A remote pocket provides a safe area to store the controller.
  • Also provides a deep massage for the hips.
  • A shutoff timer.
  • Zero chance of overheating.


  • The massage cover switches itself off automatically after 30 minutes. This is to avoid the cushion from overheating.
  • If used in a car, it should be installed in the passenger seat. Using it in the driver’s seat can cause dangerous distraction or drowsiness.

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7. The Top Shiatsu Heat Cushion For Massage Chairs By Snailax

The Top Shiatsu Heat Cushion For Massage Chairs By Snailax

If you want great massage chair reviews from your family or colleagues, then this handsome looker might be your first choice. Indeed, the cushion has a modern look that uplift any room. Its sleek lines of grey and black also blend perfectly with the mesh-type body band. Even the headrest is well-designed and carries the brand’s logo. So go ahead, show off your new massage cover in style.

But besides making you the envy of the office, what else does this massage cushion have to offer? You can expect all the benefits of the top massage chairs. As a shiatsu back massager, it relies on nodes to work deeply and efficiently with your body. You can decide on a full, lower, or upper zone body massage. The nodes are also adjustable to provide the most comfortable, ergonomic chair. One feature all great massage cushions must have is a spot treatment, where you can tackle one specific area. You’ll get that perk too. 

The heat therapy with this massage chair cushion is also extensive. Once activated, you’ll never look for another way to warm your back. Indeed, the heat will deeply penetrate the entire back, shoulders, and lumbar region. Needless to say, this will untangle all those stress-induced knots, rejuvenate tired muscles and banish both mental and physical fatigue. As always, heat therapy is also a great way to supplement any pain treatment. Don’t discard the vibration massage feature, though. It’s just as effective in ironing out the kinks and is also perfect if you want to massage your thighs and hips.

The massage cushion is also very comfortable. The mesh and leather is one way to make a chair very cosy. And speaking of which, the cushion is remarkably versatile when it comes to which type of chairs it’s compatible with. You can dress recliners, sofa seats, and office chairs. There’s no need to struggle like a maniac, either. This massage cushion is simple to install. Indeed, the integrated strapping system makes it easy to fit and secure to your chosen chair. 

You can also look forward to automatic heat protection, a remote controller, a controller sleeve for easy storage and access, two levels of massage intensity, a cover that’s easy to remove and wash, and long-lasting durability.


  • A fantastic look with a colour scheme that includes white, grey, and black.
  • Shiatsu massage.
  • Three zones and two intensities.
  • The nodes are adjustable for a more ergonomic chair.
  • Spot massage to target specific areas.
  • A very effective heat massage chair cushion.
  • The vibration massage treats hips as well.
  • Fits a variety of chairs.
  • The massage chair cushion is easy to install.
  • Zero chance of overheating.
  • A remote controller and storage sleeve.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • The massage cover is well-designed and should last for a long time.
  • The timer shuts the massage cushion off after 5, 10, or 15 minutes.


  • This massage cover is not suitable to be used by children under the age of 13.
  • Some consumers found the remote to be a little flimsy.

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8. The Top Massage Chair Cover With Shiatsu And Vibration Massage By HoMedics

The Top Massage Chair Cover With Shiatsu And Vibration Massage By HoMedics

This wonderful massage pad will certainly lower your stress, aches, and blood pressure. There are plenty of reasons why this massage cushion belongs to the most useful range of pain-fighting products – and one of the top brands on the market. Indeed, there is no longer any need to visit a salon for an expensive massage. You can give your body a wonderful massage at home or the office. This comes with the added benefit of not spending more money each time and also, your massage sessions will no longer keep you away from work or your favourite TV show.

But you can expect more than just double-duty and good looks. This massage chair cover brings all the old favourites to your fingertips. The power massage nodes deliver an expert shiatsu massage when you need some relief in your shoulders and back. The strong nodes are known to bring deep relaxation for the mind as well as the body. The simulated finger motions can show some love to your upper body, lower body or the entire back. If you want to banish the cold or melt your tight muscles down to zero, the massage cushion will warm your body. Just like the top massage chairs on the market, this cushion also offers a vibrating massage for deeply felt benefits. 

The lightweight massage chair cover is also user-friendly. It is easy to fit a chair, using a network of elasticated straps. You can also fold it away for easy storage or slip into your luggage to take along on a holiday or a business trip. The massage chair cushion also has a controller to easily choose the settings that suit a particular situation. Indeed, you can pick between 6 massage programmes for ultimate relaxation. 


  • Improves stress, blood flow, and tight muscles.
  • Makes any chair a good therapy tool for body pain.
  • The massage cushion has a sleek and modern look.
  • Offers simulated shiatsu massage.
  • Offers three zones, heat massage, spot massage, and vibration.
  • Easy to install, use and to store.
  • 6 Massage chair programmes.


  • Users who are tall might not experience the full benefits of this product. Some 6-foot consumers have complained that the massage rollers completely miss the shoulder area.
  • The massage session will automatically end after 15 minutes.

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9. The Top Vibrations Massage Chair Cushion By Snailax

The Top Vibrations Massage Chair Cushion By Snailax

Alright, it’s clear by now that shiatsu massage chairs are very popular. But what if you don’t want one? If you’re looking for a vibration-orientated massage chair, then this could be the top product for you. Indeed, it contains none of the roller ball that shiatsu massage chairs are known for. This chair is a vibrating delight with a side dish of extra spoiling. Let’s have a peek at what you can expect with this massage cushion.

First off, say hello to plush heaven. That’s right, this massage cover is made from 100 percent plush material that not only looks good but feels great. The soft contours are also ergonomic, warm, and comfortable. The bottom is also fitted with rubber to prevent the seat from slipping. For extra security, two adjustable straps make this massage chair cover easy to attach to an office chair or car seat.

Instead of massage balls, the cover contains 6 powerful motors. They target different areas of the body, including different parts of the back or even the entire back. This cover also provides a deep massage for thighs and specific spots that need extra attention. After a proper session, you’ll have zero stress, tension, or perhaps even experience relief from tightness and pain. With this massage chair cover, it’s hard not to feel fantastic. You’re sure to hit the right settings that work for you. Indeed, the cushion offers 4 body zones, 5 massage programs, and 4 vibrational intensities. 

How about adding some warmth to that cosy plushness? Admittingly, we’re impressed. The heating feature is versatile and also safe. The heating therapy not only activates along the back of the cushion but also the seat. That way, your back, hips and thighs will experience better blood flow and relaxation. As you would expect of the top massage chairs, safety is a high priority. Too much heating can make a person ill or cause a fire. But a dual safety feature prevents any heat-relates problems with this massage chair cushion. The overheating protection system will automatically switch off when things get too hot, while an auto shut off timer will terminate the session after a certain time. The last one is particularly useful if you tend to fall asleep in plush chairs!

This massage chair cover is a gem if you need relaxation after a hard day at work or a long drive. It can even be used to bring relaxation before bedtime to ensure that stress and aches won’t interfere with your sleeping. Needless to say, massage chairs can and do help insomniacs to get better quality sleep at night.


  • The massage chair is mainly a vibration chair.
  • The plush material is luxurious.
  • Non-slip rubber bottom to prevent a loose cover.
  • Two adjustable straps secure the cover around the back of the seat.
  • Your massage chair will have 4 body zones, 5 programs for massage and 4 vibrational intensities.
  • The heating feature exists in the back and seat of the cover.
  • Dual safety features prevent heating-related problems and dangers.
  • A great way to relax before bed.
  • This massage chair cushion is a better choice for consumers who experience pain with ball-node massage chairs.
  • Perfect for those who drive for a living.
  • Easy to use, transport, and store.


  • If easy cleaning is a must for your new massage chair, then the plush material might not qualify in that regard.
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 13.

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10. The Top Massage Chair Cover For Home And Car Use By Zuvo

The Top Massage Chair Cover For Home And Car Use By Zuvo

When responsibly used, a massage chair cushion can be a driver’s greatest asset. Long-distance truckers or those who must navigate a lengthy holiday or business trip will all agree. Driving for an extended period of time can make back problems worse or even cause issues in the first place. Here’s where massage chair cushions can help. They relieve fatigue, tension, and aches. They also stimulate blood circulation which would otherwise be underactive due to hours of sitting.

The cover is also good-looking enough to please a picky trucker. Its black surface, bold patterns, and shape give this cushion a race-car look that will surely make any vehicle-fan nod with satisfaction. But besides being handsome, sleek, and great for drivers, you can expect other great features from this massage chair cover. Here are some of the greatest points you’d expect by now.

The cover has 10 vibrational motors. That’s quite a team! They are designed to zero in on problem areas in the back or work the lower or upper half. The motors can also massage the entire back, lumbar region, hips, and thighs. By using the hand control unit, you can select between 4 programs for massage, 3 speeds, or to activate the heating feature. Interestingly, you don’t need to use the heating feature with a massage. If you only want the luxury of warmth entering deeply into sore muscles that cannot handle a massage, then the heating region can be activated on its own.

The massage chair cover is also lightweight. This makes it portable to take to the office or to stash away in a suitcase. Other perks include two adaptors, an AC adaptor and another for the car. This makes it easy to use at home or on the go. Overall, this massage chair cushion is good-looking, driver-friendly, versatile, safe, and portable.


  • A great massage chair cover for long-distance drivers.
  • A racing design with bold patterns and sleek shape.
  • 4 Programs for massage and 3 speeds.
  • The heating feature can be used with or without a massage.
  • Includes two adaptors, one of the home and another for the car.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • The heating feature only works in the lower back area.
  • The heating feature will also automatically switch itself off after 30 minutes.

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Massage Chair Buying Guide

Once you try a massage chair, you are set to remember the experience for a long time – good or bad. We’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide to help you find only the greatest massage chair. The latter is different for everyone and there are so many massage chairs available, it can feel like a waste of time trying to figure out the real deals from the duds. Finding your dream massage chair is easy when you follow these simple guidelines and suggestions. Here they are!

Massage Chair Buying Guide

Massage Chairs Or Massage Covers?

In the massaging field, you get both massage chairs and a massage cover that will turn an ordinary seat into a massage chair. Very often, the image that is displayed with the product shows the massage chair cover in full use. A hasty look might mistake the cover for a full massage chair. The latter is usually more expensive and the covers are a cheaper alternative to create your own massage chair at the office or while driving. At the end of the day, both products have their place but make sure, before you purchase, which one the seller is describing.

Massage Chairs Must Be Ergonomic

Massage chairs must be ergonomic. Otherwise, the experience will produce zero results. A chair that is painful or uncomfortable might even turn some consumers away from the idea forever. That’s truly sad since massage chairs offer a host of benefits for the mind and body. The key is comfort. 

Finding the most ergonomic massage chairs is easy. Their description should include mention of support, comfort, and gentle massage techniques. Just to be sure that you’re looking at the most comfortable massage chairs, look at the reviews. You’ll quickly notice which massage chairs turned into an addiction for their owners, not just because they are effective but because they are so cosy.

Consider A Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What on earth is a zero gravity massage chair? In case you’ve never heard of this before, we don’t want to dash your hopes – but it’s not a wonderful floating chair. It’s just a nifty name for massage chairs that tilt back. Eventually, the feet are placed level with, or higher than, the heart. The benefits of this so-called zero gravity massage include more relaxed muscles around the spine and greater spinal decompression. These are often the preferred massage chairs for spinal issues and heart problems that can benefit from experiencing a little zero gravity.

Consider Massage Chairs With Air Bags

Nope, this is unfortunately not another potentially flying chair. Sad face. But these massage chairs often have many air bags integrated into their design. Found at certain points along the limbs, waist, back, neck, and head, the air bags use pressure and motion to improve blood circulation and provide a deep massage to soft tissues. If you have circulation problems, then one of these massage chairs could be the top specialist that you need.

Massage Chairs Must Be Quality Products

Massage Chair Buying Guide

Here’s an unfortunate fact. The market is saturated with massage chairs designed to look good but fail spectacularly after a few months (or even after a single attempt to use it). Needless to say, this is not only disappointing but also a waste of finances. Not even to mention dealing with sellers who suddenly never look at their inbox. Quality massage chairs are also easy to find once you know how. They are are not always the most expensive massage chairs, so don’t stare too hard at that price tag when you search for a decent product.

Instead, they’ll offer ergonomic, safety, and user-friendly features that come second only to the product’s durability. The easiest way to find a good chair is to read reviews from verified buyers to see which products lasted and provided fantastic therapy.

A Short Summary

Massage chairs are worth the effort. But you can certainly reduce the time that you spend searching for the perfect chair. Hopefully, this guide provided some insight on how to find your dream chair. But let’s cover all the most important points. There are both full chairs and chair covers. Both serve a good purpose but covers are more versatile and portable. No matter which type you choose, it must be ergonomic, come with safety features, and the components and design must be of high quality. Reviews can help you to find the top products between all the noise. Finally, you might also consider specialist chairs if you struggle with certain problems like poor circulation or tight muscles near the spine.


Q: Which Brand Of Massage Chair Is The Best?

A: The best brand massage chair is always a matter of personal experience and preference. But some of the top brands out there, if we must name a few, include HoMedics, Comfier, and Snailax. That being said, massage chairs of other brands can also provide a great massage experience. Many massage chairs from small companies are well-made and provide benefits in the treatment of stress, blood pressure, back, and neck pain.

Q: Are Massage Chairs Worth Buying?

A: Yes, massage chairs are worth buying if you’re looking for a way to relax your body and mind, while also reaping a host of physical benefits. Massage chairs are particularly valuable for individuals who need to relieve back pain while they work at their desk. Since many massage chairs or massage pads have a professional look, they can easily fit into the office without looking too obvious. A good massage chair will eliminate fatigue and stress as well. For those who work long hours or have small children, such chairs are often invaluable to help them to cope with daily demands on their minds and bodies.

Q: Do Massage Chairs Really Work?

A: Yes, massage chairs really work. They are well-designed to mimic human hands to provide authentic massage techniques and all their related benefits. Since the massage rollers encourage blood flow and deep relaxation, things like stress and pain often disappear for a while. A massage chair is one way to provide self-care that really works if you’re struggling with back and neck issues, fatigue, stress, and tight muscles.

Q: How Do I Choose A Massage Chair?

A: You can choose a massage chair after carefully considering why you need one. Massage chairs come in different shapes and sizes. Their benefits are often not the same range, either. For example, f you love your massage shiatsu-style then there are plenty of seats that cater to that need. Once you know why you need one, it’s a simple matter of choosing a couple of the most attractive options. You can read the massage chair reviews to see which one provided the most satisfying massage to other consumers and then ultimately, decide which chair is the best for you.

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