Best Mattress For Bad Back Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Mattress For Bad Back Reviews

There is nothing worse than back pain that prevents a good night’s sleep. Not sleeping also tends to make chronic pain worse. It’s a vicious cycle. The good news is that the quality of your bed conquers half the battle.  

The best mattress for bad back therapy is one that is comfortable and supportive. Well, look no further. We’ve done all the homework for you and gathered the ten best mattresses for bad backs on the market.

Best Mattresses For A Bad Back – Products On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. Memory Foam Spring Mattress By Inofia

Memory Foam Spring Mattress By Inofia

The best mattress for bad back treatment is the Memory Foam Spring Mattress by Inofia. This dreamy bed is perfect for anyone who loves a good-looking mattress that also pulls its weight. The white-and-black exterior covers an inner world of well-planned designs that can help with a bad back. Let’s have a look at what this firm mattress can do for you.

Those bothered by an aching back often toss and turn. This can be bothersome if they have a partner, but this mattress has two layers of memory foam which absorbs bounces so well that your spouse won’t be disturbed. The pocket coil technology will also provide your back with enough spinal support and pressure relief to reduce aches and pains. The materials also release moisture to eliminate those hot nights that tend to make mattresses damp. The mattress also has the right mix between density and softness while the springs aren’t obvious to the touch.


  • 10-Year guarantee.
  • Measures 180 x 200 x 27 cm.
  • A good mattress that adapts to any body shape.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-mite.
  • Among the best humidity-resistant mattresses.
  • Includes a tool to safely unpack the mattress.


  • The mattress is vacuum-packed and needs 24-72 hours to expand again but afterward, you can enjoy the benefits.
  • The company claims that it takes up to four weeks to get used to the new mattress. But to be fair, they offer a 100-night free trial to adjust to the bed.

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2. Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress By DOSLEEPS

Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress By DOSLEEPS

The mattress has a more simple look but it’s loved by those who truly need back support. The product’s orthopedic design provides incredible relief. The memory foam removes up to 87 percent of pressure from the hips, neck, and spine. This ensures a good night’s sleep and fewer back problems. The system is especially effective for lower back pain. The coils are individually wrapped to intuitively provide support wherever you need it most. The pockets also absorb movements to avoid bothering one’s partner, making this the right mattress for a couple.

Here are more reasons to throw out your old mattress for this one. The surface fibers support the body’s natural thermodynamics while also absorbing moisture. This keeps the skin pleasantly dry and cool. The memory foam is also luxurious enough to lull you into a night of quality sleep.


  • 135 x 190 x 22 cm.
  • Among the most effective orthopedic mattresses for back pain.
  • No motion transfer between sleeping couples.
  • The bed adjusts with a person’s movements to provide support.
  • The mattress can be used within minutes after unpacking.


  • Some consumers have received a mattress that’s slightly damaged from the vacuum sealing, although this is rare and a replacement can also be considered.
  • Be aware that this mattress is tightly rolled for shipping and unfolds rapidly, so… stand back, kids.

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3. Breathable 3-D Fabric Orthopaedic Mattress By DOSLEEPS

Breathable 3-D Fabric Orthopaedic Mattress By DOSLEEPS

A classic quilted design covers the surface of this mattress – but it’s not just for old time’s sake. The 3-D fabric is special. A thick layer, consisting of double-sided mesh, regulates airflow to deal with sweat and gives contact between the skin and bed that desirably dry sensation. The quilt also removes pressure from the spine. Additionally, the individually pocketed coils move with the sleeper to keep them comfortable and supported. At the same time, the pockets also keep their partner’s dreams undisturbed. Both these features – the quilt and coils – make this is a great orthopedic mattress for back pain.

Here’s another bonus you might not get with other mattresses. With this mattress, sleeping position isn’t a problem.

It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your side, back, or spread out like a starfish. The intelligent pocket springs, covered with a layer of memory foam and cotton, should provide a great snooze. This is good news because a proper night’s rest is important when trying to recover from a bad back.


  • 135 x 190 x 19 cm.
  • Special quilt technique that keeps the mattress dry and supportive.
  • You cannot feel the springs, unlike other coil mattresses.
  • Reduces pressure points and motion disturbance
  • A great choice for lower back pain.


  • Similar to the previous product, the mattress must be carefully unpacked because it unrolls fast once released from its restraints.
  • For those who like colour and a modern look, the mattress might be too plain.

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4. Single 3-Zoned Foam Mattress By Vesgantti

Single 3-Zoned Foam Mattress By Vesgantti

If you’re looking for single mattresses for lower back pain, then the 3-zoned creation from Vesgantti is worth mentioning. Designed with hundreds of coil pockets, a great night’s sleep is almost guaranteed – no matter what sleeping position you like. But the sensitive system isn’t the only reason why this is one of the best mattresses for back pain. The product also contains three different zones designed with your comfort in mind. They cradle all body shapes while alleviating those painful pressure points. With memory foam magic like this, one can enjoy quality sleep.

The mattress also aids sleep by absorbing noise and vibration. There will be no squeaking or bouncing when you turn around during the night (or when your Great Dane does). Another great feature of this mattress is the mesh border. It circulates the air and prevents body heat from making the bed too hot. Needless to say, this certainly makes it the right mattress for summer.


  • 75 x 190 x 25 cm.
  • 10-Year Warranty.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified.
  • A great orthopaedic mattress for back pain.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Feels comfortable against the skin.


  • Must be rotated once a month.
  • When it arrives, the packaging is very heavy and needs two people to carry the compressed mattress to an upstairs room.

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5. Back Pain Relief Foam Mattress By AviiatoR

Back Pain Relief Foam Mattress By AviiatoR

When choosing the best mattress for bad backs, a firm mattress is always a good choice. Some of the worst offenders are old mattresses that have lost their shape. But if you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, this product is something that might not let the years bend it out of shape. It’s well-designed for durability and to deal with back problems.
A few things elevate this product above other mattresses. The pure memory foam hugs the body’s contours for perfect support. If you’re not a fan of pocket springs, then this could be your new mattress. It’s nothing but high-grade foam.

The material provides orthopedic pressure relief, comfort, and king size space with the freedom to sleep in any position you like. An unusual feature is that you don’t even have to throw away your old mattress. You can just put the memory foam mattress on top of it.


  • 150 x 200 cm.
  • Comes with a washable cover.
  • The washable cover also stays ventilated and deals with heat build-up.
  • Eliminates pressure points.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Minimizes the sleeper’s movements.
  • A firmer mattress than most but very comfortable.
  • A great choice if you just want to add a great layer to existing mattresses.


  • The product might not be suitable for those who want full, thick mattresses and not just a memory foam topper.
  • There aren’t connections to tie the topper to a mattress.

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6. Luxurious Memory Foam Sprung Mattress By Starlight Beds

Luxurious Memory Foam Sprung Mattress By Starlight Beds

This mattress is great for the whole family (with or without bad backs). The large bedding welcomes everyone with its hybrid material of memory foam and springs. It’s a good choice for anyone looking to add something neutral but beautiful to the bedroom. The grey and white mattress with Jersey quilting will indeed blend into any colour scheme while providing support and care so that you can sleep better.

It made the list of best mattresses for bad backs for several reasons. Besides being stylish, the foam is top quality. It offers good support for back pain during the night. Additionally, the same material also improves blood circulation and gives intuitive pressure relief. In other words, you can snooze away while the mattress comforts your bad back without any further worries.


  • 190 x 135 x 23 cm.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite.
  • The manufacturer has rights reserved for a patented process to compress their mattresses for shipping. This also makes it easier for you to carry it to the room where it will be used.


  • The bed is deep, which could make it too high if the base is also elevated.
  • After delivery, the mattress takes about two hours to inflate to its full size.

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7. Hypoallergenic Mattress For Bad Backs By Bedzonline

Hypoallergenic Mattress For Bad Backs By Bedzonline

If you want to purchase a new mattress for a bad back plus allergies and asthma – then this product is a good option. Not only does it have plenty of perks for the spine, but the materials also help to lessen allergies and asthma when it’s time to sleep. The mattress is hypoallergenic and has anti-dust mite qualities. It can also be dry cleaned to keep the sniffles and breathing difficulties at bay.

But let’s have a closer look at why this product is among the best mattresses for back pain. Health professionals recommend its body molding technology, which was developed by NASA, to hug away those pressure points. Several different material layers also give support and comfy feelings to the entire body. This improves blood circulation and sleep which, in turn, sooth bad backs.


  • 140 x 190 cm.
  • Removable zip cover.
  • Heat and pressure-sensitive.
  • One of the best firm mattresses, thanks to a layer of reflex foam.
  • Distributes the body’s weight evenly across the mattress.


  • A few consumers have experienced a “foam smell” from their new mattress that took a few days to disappear.
  • This is another one of those firm mattresses that are compressed for delivery and it takes two days to recover its shape.

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8. Best Bad Back Technology Mattress By Silentnight

Best Bad Back Technology Mattress By Silentnight

This mattress is perfect for anybody who desires the top cooling technology of the day – and wants proper back pain support. You’re in for a treat. This mattress has several features focused just on keeping you cool and pain-free during the night. The mattress is designed with a 7-zone memory foam to support your body. The high-density foam spreads your weight evenly across the mattress and removes pressure from the hips, shoulders, and back. The mattress is also topped with a cooling gel layer. Beautifully quilted, it’s special technology makes it four times more ventilated than memory foam, which ensures that you can sleep peacefully during those warm evenings.

This product also succeeds where most other mattresses fail. It’s fine to provide great support and everything but back pain can be aggravated when someone struggles to get out of a soft bed. Not this one. It’s a wonderful combination of cooling layers, softness, and firmness that will provide rest at night and allow you to easily get up in the morning without straining yourself. This makes it a great mattress for bad backs.


  • 3-Year guarantee.
  • 190 x 135 x 20 cm.
  • The mattress is firm enough to easily get out of bed.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Fire-Retardant.


  • The mattress is best for side and back sleepers, but not those who sleep on their stomach.
  • There’s also a slight odor after opening that takes a few days to vanish.

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9. Best Back Pain Support Mattress By Visco Therapy

Best Back Pain Support Mattress By Visco Therapy

If you’re wondering what best mattress therapy is available, we’ve already covered some of the best mattresses for back pain. But this one also deserves a spot. The core part is reflex foam, which provides firmness for the sensitive back. An additional layer of memory foam adds support and deals with those pesky pressure points. Everything is then enveloped in a lovely quilted (and removable) cover that is hypoallergenic and a dust-mite buster.

Another layer, made from polymer gel, makes the mattress heat and pressure-sensitive as well. Even better, it also gives support to the spine so that you can curl up in any position you like. With this mattress, there are no worries about discomfort, allergies, or restricted blood circulation.


  • 190 x 15 x 120 cm.
  • Mattress cover and two fiber pillows included.
  • Fits all bed base types.
  • One of the few mattresses that never needs to be turned over.
  • Classy quilted look.


  • Some consumers might prefer a thicker mattress (it’s 15 cm thick).
  • A few customers have experienced dips in the mattress foam after using it for six months to a year.

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10. Memory Foam Hybrid Sprung Mattress By LANKOU

Memory Foam Hybrid Sprung Mattress By LANKOU

As far as anti-something goes, this mattress takes the trophy. It is hypoallergenic, anti-biosis, and fights odors as well as mites. The quilted fabric also excels in the overheating department, keeping you cool and dry.

This makes it the best mattress for back pain that is caused by too little sleep due to summer or sweaty nights. Apart from regulating your temperature, the mattress has something called Massage Convoluted Wave Foam. This nifty material promotes blood circulation and gets rid of two more things that cause back pain – tight muscles and body stress.

You can also look forward to a quiet snooze. The mattress absorbs sound and vibrations. The memory foam also senses your movements to accommodate any sleeping position. The hybrid design of pocket springs and foam gives you that perfect balance between firm support and luxurious snuggling without pain.


  • 90 x 190 x 24 cm.
  • 10-Year guarantee.
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-mite, and anti-odor.
  • Reduces motion to ensure better sleep if there’s a partner or pet that moves during the night.
  • Designed to release cervical pressure during sleep.


  • This is a single bed but there are bigger versions available.
  • While not a deal-breaker, be aware that this mattress is harder than your normal medium-grade product but if that’s what you’re going for, then all’s well!

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Buying Guide

There are countless mattress hunters who end up with nothing but disappointment and wasted money. Indeed, when you’re looking for the best mattress for back pain, it’s easy to make a mistake when there are so many good-looking beds and deals. Have a quick look at our buying guide to find the top tips for picking the best bed for your back from all the hundreds of mattresses out there.

Best Mattress Buying Guide

Choose Firmness Like Goldilocks Would

Just like in the children’s story, the bed that lulled Goldilocks in dreamland was neither too hard nor too soft. Indeed the best mattress for back pain is medium to medium-firm.

However, as a rule, the more a person weighs, the firmer the bed should be. For the purposes of pain prevention, also avoid mattresses without pressure point relief. Mattresses that includes this great feature allows you to rest in any sleeping position. 

Look For Free Trials

The proof is in the pudding. Tasty cliches aside, free trials are priceless when you’re searching for the best mattress for back pain. You can expect deals that offer between 30 and 100 free nights and by then, you’ll know whether you like or hate the product. In that sense, free trials offer a fair deal – if you’re not happy, your funds aren’t wasted and you can pick something else.

Non-Toxic Materials Can Help with Back Pain

Certain medical conditions tend to experience flare-ups when there are chemicals in the home. Rather play it safe, no matter the reason for your back problems, and choose mattresses that consist mostly of natural fibers and materials.


Q: What Is The Best Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain?

A: The best orthopedic mattress for back pain depends more on certain qualities than a specific brand. Look for a mattress that has individually wrapped coils. These intuitively provide support, remove physical pressure, and adjust automatically as the person moves. The best mattresses will also have a layer of memory foam for added comfort and support.

Q: What Is The Best Mattress For Sciatica sufferers In The UK?

A: The best mattress for sciatica sufferers in the UK is any mattress with medium firmness. Such mattresses are made with either latex, foam, or a hybrid material. Whichever one you choose, it should give a blend of support and softness to help with sciatica.

Q: Which Mattress For Back Pain Is Best For A Side Sleeper?

A: Which mattress for back pain is best for a side sleeper depends on a few things. The good news is that you’re spoiled for choice. Most mattresses these days are designed for all sleeping positions. When looking for a product, however, it must have the same qualities that determine what mattress is best for a bad back in any position. But if you need specifics, here they are. Adequate firmness and materials that eliminate pressure points are best for a side sleeper.

Q: What Is The Best Mattress For Low Back Pain?

A: The best mattress for low back pain is a medium-firm product. It must also be capable of removing pressure points and keeping your spine aligned. The best mattress for lower back pain often includes memory foam. This is because the foam molds to your body’s unique shape to give support where it’s most needed. Since chronic pain is so disheartening, it’s important to take your time and carefully choose what mattress is best for lower back pain in your situation.

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