Best Olympic Bar Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Olympic Bar Reviews

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

An Olympic bar is stronger and longer than a standard barbell. Adding one to the home gym is a mark of pride and progress in your training regime. This article can guide those looking for their first Olympic bar or even weightlifters who want to add a new one to their collection. We’ve done all the heavy lifting to discover and bring you the best Olympic bar offers of 2021. Here they are.

Editors Choice

The Top Heavy-Duty Powerlifting Bar By Body Revolution

Top Heavy-Duty Bar By Body Revolution

Length: 2.2 m

Material: Solid chrome steel

Special Feature: Rotating sleeves

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The Best Home Gym Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Best Home Gym Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Length: 2.2 m

Material: Steel

Special Feature: Quick release collars

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The Best 1.8-Meter Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Best 1.8-Meter Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Length: 1.8 m

Material: Steel and chrome

Special Feature: A shorter option

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The Best Black And Chrome Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Best Black And Chrome Bar By DTX Fitness

Length: 2.2 m

Material: Steel and chrome

Special Feature: Fits any 5 cm Olympic weight

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The Best Olympic EZ Bar With Ergonomic Features By Hardcastle

Best Olympic EZ Bar By Hardcastle

Length: 119cm

Material: Solid steel

Special Feature: Wrist and elbow friendly

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Best Olympic Bars On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Top Heavy-Duty Powerlifting Bar By Body Revolution

The Top Heavy-Duty Powerlifting Bar By Body Revolution

The best Olympic bar is the Top Heavy-Duty Powerlifting Bar by Body Revolution. The solid chrome steel bar looks amazing. So enticing in fact, that it might just encourage you on your lazy days to do some Olympic weightlifting. But even the best days and the toughest session won’t mangle this barbell. The metal compounds have been carefully chosen to train – and withstand – even the most energetic weightlifters.

The 2.2-meter long bar is not just a bare steel pole. There are several features that can benefit weight training. On its own, the bar already weighs around 8 kg. But the total weight capacity is 250 kg. A pair of spring collar clamps keep the plates in their place. The handles are also safety-orientated. They are specially textured to provide a proper grip to ensure more stability during sessions of deadlifts and chest presses. Another interesting feature is the rotating sleeves. Explosive exercising sessions, especially during bicep curls or tricep extensions can strain or injure the wrists. This bearings feature, the rotating sleeves, counteract this danger so that you can train safely and for longer. 


  • A gorgeous chrome steel bar.
  • Several safety features.
  • Weight capacity of 250 kg.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts.
  • A bearings barbell.


  • No lifetime warranty.
  • Shorter lengths are sold separately.

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2. The Best Home Gym Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

The Best Home Gym Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

DTX fitness is a prolific brand known for its high-quality home gym equipment. The company also produces power bars and this one made our list. We cannot fault its appearance. The bar has a distinctive stainless steel gleam along its minimalist shaft and handles. The only spot of colour comes from the black quick-release spring collars. Overall, this is a sleek and handsome addition to the home gym.

The 2.2-meter bar has a decent weight capacity. Compatible with all 5 cm Olympic weight plates, you can bench press with a burden of up to 300 kg. The bar itself adds 17 kg to the deal. Overall, this is a wonderful choice to increase strength, add a professional touch to one’s barbell collection, and to own a professional piece of equipment that is also easy to maintain.


  • A durable steel bar.
  • A total capacity of 300 kg.
  • A high-quality appearance.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The handles do not have extra grip support.
  • For those who like wavey bars, the solid shaft might not be what you are looking for.

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3. The Best 1.8-Meter Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

The Best 1.8-Meter Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Brought to you by the company that offers the previous product, this bar has all the benefits of the barbell we have just discussed. Sure enough, this is a barbell one can be proud of – it looks both sleek and heavy-duty at the same time. But there is a colour difference. Looking somewhat like a magician’s wand, the centre section is black with chrome ends.

Let’s have a look at the differences. This barbell is shorter than your average Olympic bars. But at 1.8 meters long, it can still carry a great weight load. That’s right, if you are looking for a shorter bar that can also handle up to 300 kg, then this could be the best power bar for you. It also weighs slightly less at 14.5 kg. Two traits that are also similar to its longer cousin is the following – this power bar is compatible with all 5 cm Olympic weights and spring locks will secure your stack.


  • A professional black and chrome finish.
  • 1.8 meters long.
  • 300 kg weight capacity.
  • Safety locks.


  • The handles are not very ergonomic.
  • Not suitable for weightlifters who want a full-length Olympic bar.

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4. The Best Black And Chrome Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

The Best Black And Chrome Olympic Bar By DTX Fitness

Did you love the colour scheme and brand of the previous product but wasn’t too hot on the shorter length? We’ve got you covered. This power bar is the proper Olympic length – and it offers that powerful-looking black-and-chrome finish. The quick-release spring locks are also a combination of silver and black, rounding the whole bar off beautifully.

The 2.2-meter Olympic bar can also weather 300 kg weight plates and easily allow you to slot any 5 cm Olympic disk into place. This bar weighs 17 kg on its own, just to add a little extra something to the weight total. Overall, this is the best Olympic weightlifting bar for those who like the brand, colour scheme, and full-length Olympic barbells. 


  • A black-and-chrome finish.
  • 300 kg capacity.
  • Full Olympic length.
  • Quick-release safety locks.


  • Not suitable for those who prefer wavey bars.
  • No lifetime warranty.

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5. The Best Olympic EZ Bar With Ergonomic Features By Hardcastle

The Best Olympic EZ Bar With Ergonomic Features By Hardcastle

This Olympic bar is dreamy – if you love results without the pain. Unfortunately, the art of Olympic weightlifting comes with its share of injuries and strains. Needless to say, such an event can interfere with an exercise program and for that reason, it’s always a wise choice to choose a bar that’s ergonomic. You’ll certainly get a few safety features with this dark beauty.

The 119-cm bar has wavey center knurling. This adds to the high quality of the Olympic bar. As a safety feature, the center knurl provides a good grip. During workouts that focus on the biceps and forearms, it helps to reduce strain on the wrists and elbows. You can work out safely with any 5 cm weight since the bar is also coated with a non-slip finish and spring locks hold the weights in place.


  • A black finish.
  • Angled center knurling to reduce stress on the wrists and elbows.
  • A non-slip barbell.
  • Works with any 5 cm Olympic weight.
  • The bar weighs 8 kg.


  • Not a full-length Olympic bar.
  • No lifetime warranty.

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6. The Top Bare Steel Barbell Bar 2.0 With Center Knurl By BodyRip

The Top Bare Steel Barbell Bar 2.0 With Center Knurl By BodyRip

The best barbell suit a weightlifter’s needs. Sometimes, that means being one of the shortest but effective Olympic bars available. If you’re looking for bars in the 120 cm range, then we’ve got the perfect workhorse in our stable. As a bonus, this is also a handsome chap. The solid steel bar is ergonomic, silvery, and adds its own weight of 9.5 kg to a workout session.

The 120-cm bar is made of solid steel with a chrome plating. This makes the bar easy to wipe clean. You can also stack any 5 cm Olympic weights and secure them with a pair of collars. The bar is also ergonomic. The buckled center knurling provides a better grip and also looks after the arm’s joints. Overall, this is a great choice for those looking for short barbells that can handle a tough bench press session and also protect the wrists and elbows. 


  • A shorter option to most Olympic bars
  • A professional silver finish.
  • The bar is made of solid steel.
  • Perfect for novice or expert strength training.
  • Ergonmic center knurling.


  • A few consumers complained about a squeaking noise during use.
  • This is not a full-length Olympic bar.

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7. The Best Barbell Bar 2.0 With Secure Center Knurling By BodyRip

The Best Barbell Bar 2.0 With Secure Center Knurling By BodyRip

Here’s another great choice if you love steel stuff that makes you more buff. Indeed, this bar is perfect for light commercial use or home training. Made from solid steel to ensure a decent tensile strength, you can rest assured that the bar will remain useful in your home gym for years to come. It is also plated with a chrome coating for extra durability. This feature ensures that the bar remains rust-free and shiny.

The 120-cm bar weighs 6 kg and supports all 5 cm Olympic weights. While two collars secure the weights, slip-proof areas protect your hands from slipping during a strength workout. This makes the bar safe to use, even during energetic sessions. The bar ends are also threaded to add an extra heavy-duty touch. 


  • Solid steel bar with chrome finish.
  • Anti-slip center knurl.
  • Threaded bar ends.
  • Rust-free.


  • This is not a full-length Olympic power bar.
  • The barbell is reportedly a noisy rattler when dropped.

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8. The Best Small Power Bar 2.0 For Olympic Lifts By DTX Fitness

The Best Small Power Bar 2.0 For Olympic Lifts By DTX Fitness

This power bar another great product offered by DTX Fitness. This is one of their smaller designs but the barbell is suitable for intensive strength training. So if you’re looking to purchase a shorter but powerful bar to perfect your Olympic lifts, then this could be the top choice for you.

Also measuring 120 cm, this barbell can carry plates up to 300 kg. As you might predict by now, this bar supports 5 cm Olympic weights and keep them secure with two quick-release spring locks. The center knurling also has anti-slip patterns for a better grip.


  • A shorter option to full-length bars.
  • 300 kg weight capacity.
  • Safety locks.
  • The bar weighs 8.4 kg.


  • No weights included.
  • This is not a full-length Olympic barbell.

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9. The Top Barbell Bar For Strength And Anti-Slip Center Knurl By Hardcastle

The Top Barbell Bar For Strength And Anti-Slip Center Knurl By Hardcastle

This full-length Olympic bearings barbell is a classy addition to any home gym. With its secure center knurl and steel construction, it can be used for strength training and Olympic lifts on any level. This well-designed bar is also easy to use and to maintain.

Measuring 2.2 m, the barbell has a weight limit of 300 kg. Just like the rest of the elite barbells, this bar also accepts 5 cm barbell weights and lock them securely in place with collars. The latter is a quick-release affair to save time as well. The bar also contributes 17 kg of its own weight to your strength training sessions.


  • The bar is made from solid steel.
  • High tensile strength.
  • The chrome finish keeps the barbell rust-free.
  • A bearings barbell.


  • A few consumers found metal defects showing on their barbells.
  • The bearings barbell has no guarantee.

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10. The Top Strength Olympic Barbell By Hardcastle

The Top Strength Olympic Barbell By Hardcastle

This product is also brought to you by Hardcastle and sure enough, it’s another of their top, full-length Olympic barbells. It differs a little in appearance but perhaps that is a good thing. Choice never hurt anyone. If you liked the previous barbell but not the silver finish entirely, then perhaps the black shaft of this barbell will be more to your taste. But what can you expect from this barbell regarding design and strength?

The strength capacity match that of the top bearings bars in its class – a solid 300 kg. It can carry Olympic plates without any issues. For both reasons, this bar makes a good choice if you use your barbells for intensive deadlift bench and squat press exercises. For extra security, you can also expect a solid gripping area that will prevent your hands from slipping. This barbell also weighs 17 kg on its own, has chrome sleeves, and overall presents a weightlifter with a professional tool to enhance any exercise program.


  • A full-length Olympic bearings barbell.
  • Chrome sleeves.
  • 300 kg weight limit.
  • Anti-slip knurling.


  • The collars are not included.
  • The barbell cannot support weight plates with a hole smaller than 5 cm.

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Olympic Bar Buying Guide

Oh, happy day. You’ve decided to purchase a new Olympic bar. This is an exciting time. However, if this is your very first barbell, then this guide is for you. Those with experience who want to avoid buying a lemon can also eyeball our list for tips on what to look for and how to find the best barbells for their needs.

Olympic Bar Buying Guide

The Best Olympic Barbells Have Needle Bearings

Needle bearings perform a great function in a barbell’s design. Needle bearings allow sleeves to spin on bars, which helps to protect the elbow and wrist during energetic workouts. It is important to make sure that the needle bearings work sufficiently on any bars that you choose.

A simple hand test will suffice. To gauge the quality of the bearings, just spin the sleeves and listen for a grating sound. That’s not a good noise. It means that the bearings are in close contact with the bar. If the sleeves spin fast and effortlessly, this shows a good bearings system. In short, a noisy sleeve shows bearings that will eventually shorten their own lifespan due to the metal contact – but a quiet and quick sleeve runs on good bearings. 

The Barbells Must Have High PSI Tensile Strength

PSI tensile strength refers to the maximum load bars can support without breaking. In other words, how many pounds a barbell can handle per square inch. The higher the tensile strength, the better the barbell. The lowest rating falls roughly around 150,000 PSI. But if you want the best tensile strength for your bars, it’s crucial to only purchase those with 190,000 PSI or 200,000 PSI. Tensile strength will also affect the price of bars but one must not compromise on quality with weaker barbells. Even if you settle on 190,000 PSI it should be sufficient to ensure your own safety and a barbell that will last for years to come.

Barbells Must Be Made Of High-Quality Steel

The top bars are all made of solid steel. The cream of the crop is even made of stainless steel. Besides tensile strength, a stainless steel bar will add years to your barbell’s life. The metal will also ensure that the barbell doesn’t fracture or break at the worst moment. Such an unfortunate incident could lead to a very serious accident and injuries – or a severely damaged floor.

Consider The Weight Plate Capacity Of Bars

The high load bars must contend with is another reason why one must purchase a bar with high tensile strength. Indeed, some barbells can stomach up to 300 kg at once. This is quite a strain on the equipment but if the steel is good, then there will be no worries.

But there is another reason to consider the weight plate capacities of bars. It’s unnecessary to spend more money on a bar with a higher capacity if you’re happy with something lower. Perhaps you like to tone your muscles with your 90 kg capacity barbell and have no further aspirations. That’s fine. But for those who wish to practice weightlifting to an expert level, then bars with a supreme weight capacity is a must. 

Olympic Bar Buying Guide

Olympic Barbells Must Have Safety Features

Olympic bars are built to work with intense workouts, energy, and heavy weights. Even a great bar, say, with a strength of 190,000 PSI can cause harm when safety features fail or are not even present. The good news is that most manufacturers now design their products to include several safety features.

Once again, if this is your first time looking at barbells, don’t worry. There are just a few things to consider. Look out for knurling that offers a secure and non-slip grip. This will prevent the bar from slipping out of your hands during a sweaty or energetic workout. Bars must also never be used outside of their weight limit capacity. But the weights that you do add to your new barbell must be secured with collars. These locks keep the plates steady and in their place. Without collar locks, the plates will slide right off. Yikes.

Read Reviews On Your Favourite Olympic Bars

One can do plenty of research. The lucky ducks can inspect bars in person before making a decision to purchase. That way, it’s easy to spot quality issues and you can also test the bar to get a feel for how it performs. But those who shop online face the danger of being fleeced with misleading descriptions – or battling with too little information about the bars they are considering to purchase. That’s where online reviews from verified buyers are priceless.

Have you ever seen a disgruntled buyer? Especially one that paid for an expensive item like a fridge or an Olympic bar – and then opened the package to nothing but disappointment? They bare all. Which is a good thing. Online reviews exist to encourage manufacturers to produce quality items. Online reviews also exist to let buyers help other consumers make the right decision. Once you have a shortlist of good-looking bars, head over to the reviews session and read the good and the bad comments. This should give you an idea of whether a bar is worth buying. But a solid rule is to only consider bars that consistently perform well and receive high ratings from other verified consumers. 

A Short Summary

The hunt for the perfect Olympic bar needn’t be a hassle. On the contrary, if you just keep a few things in mind, then the experience should be an exciting one without worries. The things to consider before deciding on a purchase include things like brand and one’s budget, of course. But besides these, your main checklist should consider the following. Make sure that you pick a bar with the highest tensile strength per square inch that you can. This is important to prevent accidents due to unexpected fractures or breaking. For this reason, also purchase bars made from high-quality stainless steel.

Make sure that your new bar has all the necessary safety features and weight capacity. Finally, consider the experiences of other consumers by reading the reviews they wrote about your chosen products. In short, a bar should be extremely tough, safe, suit your training needs and have a proven track record of performance and excellence.


Q: How Do I Choose An Olympic Bar?

A: You can choose an Olympic bar after taking your own needs into account. What do you need a bar for? The answer is not just as simple as “strength training with Olympic weightlifting equipment.” That’s good too. But one must also consider the length of a bar, the material it is made of, and what weight capacity it can handle. Find an Olympic bar that can offer you training sessions with sufficient weight and ergonomic support. Other things to consider is tensile strength and an affordable price.

Q: What Size Olympic Bar Should I Buy?

A: The size of the Olympic bar you should buy depends on your own needs. If you want to work with true Olympic bars, then aim for one that measures 2.2 meters long. Below that length, there are at least three or four smaller sizes. Each cater to different bar uses, weight requirements, tensile strength, and even to offer a better and more affordable price. Before purchasing a barbell, carefully consider what you need one for and any space restrictions that might make a smaller bar a better choice.

Q: What Are The Best Barbells?

A: The best barbells are the ones that have high tensile strength, ergonomic features, safety features, and a stainless steel shaft. They are not called power bars for nothing! Among all barbells, however, the Olympic bar has the rights reserved to be called the best. They are longer, durable, denser, and more heavy-duty than most other barbells. So if you’re looking for the cream of the weightlifting crop, Olympic lifts is the way to go.

Q: How Much Is An Olympic Barbell Worth?

A: How much an Olympic barbell is worth depends on its make, manufacturer, tensile strength, and history. Things like complex designs and high-quality materials will always inflate a product’s price. But when an Olympic barbell is also mint in box, then they tend to cost more than second-hand barbells. Brand new barbells carry a price tag that can range between $80 to $350. As a curious footnote, the barbells used during official Olympic events cost in excess of $1,000.

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