Best Power Rack Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Power Rack Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

The best power rack is a great piece of equipment in the home gym. The versatile cage allows anyone to lift heavy weights safely, perform pull-ups, and more. If you are interested in the best power racks on the market, you will find good value right here.

We have looked at every power cage with high-quality frames, safety points, and heavy-duty features. Here are the top 10 squat racks for home and gym use.

Editors Choice

The Top Power Rack For Home And Gym Use By Fitness Reality

Top Power Rack By Fitness Reality

Height Levels: 19

Weight Capacity: 363 kg

Special Feature: Large walk-in space

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The Best Squat Cage With Double Pull-Up Bar By TecTake

Best Squat Cage By TecTake

Height Levels: 28

Weight Capacity: 350 kg

Special Feature: Easy assembly

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The Best Power Cage With Pulley System By Fitness Reality

Best Power Cage By Fitness Reality

Height Levels: 19

Weight Capacity: 122 kg

Special Feature: Complete pulley system

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The Top Power Rack With A Push-Up Bar By Circuit Fitness

Top Power Rack By Circuit Fitness

Height Levels: 19

Weight Capacity: 136 kg

Special Feature: Push-up bar

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The Top Training Tower Rack By VidaXL

Top Training Tower Rack By VidaXL

Height Levels: 28

Weight Capacity: 120 – 150 kg

Special Feature: Extra wide base

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Best Power Racks On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Top Power Rack For Home And Gym Use By Fitness Reality

The Top Power Rack For Home And Gym Use By Fitness Reality

The best power rack is the Top Power Rack For Home And Gym Use by Fitness Reality. Ignore that neighbour who has a rickety squat rack for sale. If you want a cage with a minimalist design, plenty of room, and fitness power then this piece of equipment is one of the best choices. Here’s why you might love this product.

The four main stands are connected with sturdy feet and two safety bars along the back. The latter is a fixed feature but you also get 19 adjustable heights with an additional safety bar on each side of the rack. Do you want some more bars? The power rack is also topped with a pull-up bar that is perfect for training with your own body weight and doing chin-ups like a professional.

The solid steel frame construction has a large walk-in space, can support up to 363 kg, and is very stable. As a bonus, you can also fit a range of other exercise products to your new home squat rack. These include a weight plate holder, landmine, and Jay hooks.


  • The product measures 128 x 118 x 212 cm.
  • The power rack is spacious and heavy-duty.
  • 19 Height options.
  • High-quality steel frame.
  • Compatible with a range of other fitness products.
  • A multi-grip pull up bar.


  • The tools that are included to help with self-assembly are rather small.
  • Tall individuals might experience space limitations when they use the cage as a squat rack.

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2. The Best Squat Cage With Double Pull-Up Bar By TecTake

The Best Squat Cage With Double Pull-Up Bar By TecTake

This is a great choice if you are looking for a no-fuss set-up and nearly limitless exercise potential from your new home gym power rack. It’s true. Even someone with little technical skill can assemble this one. And yes, the variety of fitness power you can harvest from this rack makes it one of the best power rack squat cages available today.

The power cage is of high quality. The steel tubing keeps it sturdy and capable of carrying a total weight of up to 350 kg. Two solid steel bars add safety while 28 height settings offer a wide range of workout possibilities. Indeed, here are some more things that you can do with this garage power rack. The multi-grip pull-up bar provides options to do pull-ups and to do exercises using your own body’s weight. It is also perfect for squats and bench press exercises.

The design also offers plenty of room for weight plate storage, dip bars, dumbbells, and almost any barbell. Overall, this is a user-friendly power rack for the home gym with a stable design and a full power fitness device.


  • The product measures 120 x 142,5 x 215 cm.
  • It is perfect for squats and bench press exercises.
  • A stable power cage design.
  • Room for dip bars and weights.
  • 4 Adjustable barbell holders.
  • It is easy to use and assemble.
  • One of the best power racks (UK).


  • The approved maximum user weight is 100 kg.
  • The rack’s coating scratches easily.

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3. The Best Power Cage With Pulley System By Fitness Reality

The Best Power Cage With Pulley System By Fitness Reality

Are you looking at gym power racks with extras already included? Then this one could be another great piece of kit to add to your home gym. First off, the squat cage looks so professional that you will have to fight off your fittest friends from using it. But seriously, the designers kept things simple and yet functional, while also choosing a white and black finish for this handsome power cage. Besides looking good enough to turn any room into a home gym, you can look forward to plenty of structural and health perks. Here are some of the best.

One of the most valuable features is the high-quality pulley system. The cable is coated with the best nylon for high tensile strength while a chrome guide rail ensures that the operation runs smoothly. That’s right, it’s almost guaranteed to be catch-free. There is also a low bar and a high bar to add variety when you use the system. Safety features here not only include the superb cable but also ergonomic foam grips on both bars. There is also more foam padding to protect your limbs when using the leg hold-down bar.

This power rack for home gym users is also perfect for the following exercises. You can do a variety of power rack squat techniques, barbell weightlifting, and pull-ups when you use the pull-up bar located at the top. But truly, the different types of exercises is only limited by the imagination with this power rack. You can also look forward to exercising in a spacious power rack. There is enough space for a tall person, weight plate storage, and even for those added extras.


  • A professional looking power rack (UK).
  • The rack squad machine has a quality pulley system.
  • A range of safety features.
  • Perfect for pull-ups and squats, bench presses, even barbell exercises.
  • The leg hold-down is adjustable and fitted with foam for maximum comfort.


  • The power rack and pulley system are sold separately.
  • Assembly will take longer than other power cages.

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4. The Top Power Rack With A Push-Up Bar By Circuit Fitness

The Top Power Rack With A Push-Up Bar By Circuit Fitness

Here is another great power cage for the home gym. It is easy to assemble and it also looks great. The sleek lines are dark and powder-coated for durability. Thanks to this coating, your squat cage will fight off rust, scratches, and nicks for a long time. Needless to say, this means that you can rest assured that, even after years of use, the power rack will remain one of the best looking pieces of equipment in your home gym.

One of its best features is the push-up bar. Located near the back of the power rack, it allows anyone to perform inclined pushups. There are also adjustable safety catches for different levels of squats. But these are just the basics that you can do with this rack. Overall, it will help to tone, strengthen, and burn fat all over your body.

The power rack is also large and spacious. You can exercise comfortably inside the cage without giving yourself any elbow or skull bruises. We say yay to that. The frame is made from heavy gauge steel for stability, durability, and a professional appearance. The rack is also suitable for bench presses, barbell storage, and performing lunges. At the end of the day, this cage is easy to assemble, use, and to maintain. It is a perfect all-rounder for those who want a multi-purpose piece of home gym equipment. 


  • The product measures 135.89 x 123.19 x 220.98 cm.
  • It has a simple and professional appearance.
  • A push-up bar.
  • There are safety catches to assist with squats.
  • A stable and lasting design.
  • The rack is suitable for total body fitness, including strength training and cardio.
  • It is easy to assemble, clean, and use.


  • Some consumers feel that the barbell racking can be more secure.
  • In some cases, the powder coating has been reported to scratch off easily.

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5. The Top Training Tower Rack By VidaXL

The Top Training Tower Rack By VidaXL

There are quite a few things that make this power rack slightly different than most. It has no bars obscuring the back or front. While this does reduce some of the features that other power racks have, one benefit is unlimited space. So if you are someone who appreciates being able to do wide movements safely, then the design is a plus point. The rack also looks like a honeybee. If you adore yellow and black lines, then we can say with certainty that the colour finish is one more thing that just rose in your favour!

You can also expect a few traditional favourites as far as the design and functionality are concerned. For example, it can handle intensive workouts. The extra-large base also securely anchors this power rack to the floor without a need to bolt the frame. The design also includes a pair of barbell racks, 2 spotter bars, 2 weight holders, and if you loved the pull-up bar from the previous product – you will get that too.

The rack also has 28 height settings to choose from. This feature allows everyone, from beginners to experts, to challenge themselves with a wide array of exercises. The good news is that assembly is also an easy task (you know, just in case you are feeling a little slouchy on the day of delivery). Overall, you are looking at one of the simpler squat racks with all the normal exercising benefits but with added stability and space. But for those who want even more stability, this rack also comes with bolting plates in case you want to secure the frame permanently to the floor.


  • The product measures 140 x 145 x 214 cm.
  • An extra-large base brings stability to the cage.
  • There are multi-purpose bars for versatile use and storage of equipment.
  • A fun colour scheme.
  • 28 Height settings provide a challenging exercise environment.
  • There are bolting plates available if you prefer the extra security.


  • There are no permanent safety bars.
  • The maximum load capacity for barbells is 150 kg.

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6. The Best Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage By Marbo Sport

The Best Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage By Marbo Sport

If you are a fan of safety features, then this could be your new best friend. Indeed, it offers several features to protect you during light and heavy sessions of exercising. The power rack has a wonderful pull-up bar with three different hand positions. Two are relatively safe but the outside handles might come with the risk of slipping. To counteract this, the designers wrapped the outer handles with safety rubber. This layer provides a secure and comfortable grip.

The squat rack also has two Jay hooks. They can be inserted into any of the 13 height levels to challenge yourself during shoulder training, squats, and bench presses. However, they also act as a safe space to place your barbells during these exercises. There are also a pair of emergency trays that can fit into the 13 height levels. The purpose of these trays is to provide a solid adaptation of the device to the exercises that are being performed.

You can also rest assured that this power rack won’t ruin your flooring. The rack has rubber foot caps that make it suitable for any type of floor or surface. The steel frame is also stable and durable. As a final perk, this heavy-duty power rack can also weather a total weight of 300 kg. That’s quite a lot. But hang on. You’re not the only one that gets all the protection. There is at least one great safety feature for the rack itself – a quality powder coating. This will banish rust and nicks for a long time.


  • The product measures 211 cm x 125 cm x 137 cm.
  • Rubber handles on the pull-up bar prevent slipping.
  • A pair of Jay hooks provide safe racking for barbells.
  • The power rack has rubber feet, which makes it floor-friendly.
  • A total weight limit of 300 kg.
  • A classic black and red finish.
  • A powder coating for years of durability.


  • Not really suitable for outdoor areas that are sandy or uneven.
  • The rack does not include any extras like a pulley system.

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7. The Top Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment By Fitness Reality

The Top Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment By Fitness Reality

Let’s admit it. Power racks with a comfortable seat are the best. That is exactly what you can look forward to with this squat rack. But let’s have a look at what you can expect appearance-wise, the design perks, and the kinds of exercises that the power rack can be used for. To be honest, you can do mostly all of what we have already described including weight training, squats, chin-ups, push-ups, and a host of other exercises. You certainly won’t lack in that regard.

The rack also has 19 height levels to choose from and has a heavy-duty weight capacity of 363 kg. This combination is already enough to bring enough challenges to your home gym to keep you occupied for years. The safety features also include a pair of safety bars, 2 chrome lock-ons, and a stable base.

The seat itself is a looker. Ergonomic and simple, it provides support while also offering 12 angles to increase the workout’s intensity. Its leg hold-down bar is also padded and adjustable for maximum comfort. If you do not feel like sitting down, you can always grab the multi-grip pull-up bar and work those upper body muscles. 


  • The product measures 128.27 x 118.11 x 212.09 cm.
  • Capable of catering to all the traditional exercises that power racks allow.
  • There are two safety bars.
  • The rack has a stable base and design.
  • There are 19 height levels to choose from.
  • The power rack can handle up to 363 kg of total weight.
  • The seat is ergonomic and has 12 tilt angles.
  • An optional lat pull-down attachment


  • The bench seat is sold separately.
  • Other extras, like weight plates, a pulley system, and Olympic bar are also not included.

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8. The Best Multifunctional Gym Home Power Rack By Style Wei

The Best Multifunctional Gym Home Power Rack By Style Wei

Right off the bat, this rack will not take up a lot of space in the home. So if that’s a box you need to tick before you buy a new power rack, consider it ticked. The long tower is not only compact but also another good choice if you like the yellow and black side of things. Indeed, the colour scheme will liven up any room while also giving the rack a professionally designed look.

The squat rack is also very strong. Most of the frame consists of stainless steel pipes. They are specially thickened to prevent bending or breaking. Indeed, this bright-looking guy can last for quite some time without any deformity or damage. That is a good thing, considering that you can burden it with a weight load of up to 200 kg. But besides being bright and buff, there’s more to look forward to.

The vertical bars offer 14 height holes. They are suitable to take the gym beginner all the way through to expert level, from squats, weights, bench presses, and barbell pull-back sessions. The squat rack also comes with storage space for barbells while the feet on this thing is very safe. They are clad in rubber, making them non-slip, wear-resistant, and durable. Of course, the quality rubber will protect any flooring as well.


  • A very sleek and professional appearance.
  • A space-saving design.
  • The frame is forged from quality stainless steel.
  • The bars are resistant to deformation and breaking.
  • A total weight capacity of 200 kg.
  • 14 Height holes to choose from.
  • Offers all the favourite squat rack exercises.
  • Barbell storage feature.
  • Quality rubber footing for stability and floor protection.


  • The pulley system might be sold separately. One might want to make sure whether it is included or not before making a final decision to buy.
  • The pull-up bar is not as multi-grip as other racks.

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9. The Ultimate Gym Rack With Pulley System By Style Wei

The Ultimate Gym Rack With Pulley System By Style Wei

If one rack could represent Christmas morning, with all the presents, excitement, and colours, then this model would be it. The lovely red, black and silver finish aside, there’s plenty of reasons to add this one to your shortlist of products to consider before you buy.

The four vertical pipes are made from metal and fixed to a stable base. This enables the rack to carry a lot of weight in addition to the precision pulley system that is included in the cage’s design. There are two safety bars, a protection rod for barbells, and a pull-up bar. If you’re a particular fan of the latter, then your Christmas pudding is served. This feature comes with plenty of handle options to keep things interesting while also deeply challenging your pull-up regime. 


  • The rack has an attractive colour scheme of black, red, and metal.
  • A precision pulley system.
  • Safety bars and features to accommodate barbells.
  • The pull-up bar is very versatile and large.
  • A stable frame.
  • Protective rubber feet.


  • There are only 12 height settings available with this model.
  • There is no seat available to comfortably perform lower pull-down exercises with the pulley system.

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10. The Monster Power Cage with Pull Up & Dip Bars By SteelBody

The Monster Power Cage with Pull Up & Dip Bars By SteelBody

Ready to be a rack monster? Then here’s the top deal for you. First off, the colour is perfect for exercise beasts – a serious military bronze. But what can you expect from this rack? A smorgasbord of features and benefits. Let’s have a look at what this rack has to offer the dedicated athlete.

The cage is not only safe and secure, but it’s also one of the greatest multi-purpose racks out there. There are 15 height settings for barbells and the pull-up bar is serious about working your shoulders. Seriously, it looks different than most other bars and will definitely offer the greatest variety of pull-ups you can dream of. It’s also 2.4 meters high, ensuring that you use your entire body weight as resistance. The dip handles are also multi-position.

You can also drool over the following features. There is a storage tray for weights, including kettlebells. Reinforced brackets make the frame super strong. There are resistance band pegs that help to target specific muscles. If you’re safety-conscious, you’ll be happy to know that this thing wasn’t built in somebody’s back yard with no safety tests. On the contrary, it’s been tested rigorously and complies with the EN-957 global safety standards. As a bonus, the rack is backed up by a lifetime guarantee for the frame.


  • 87 x 165 x 241.
  • An appealing military brown colour.
  • A multi-position and high pull up bar.
  • The maximum weight load of 226 kg.
  • Protective rubber feet.
  • Complies with the EN-957 global safety standards.
  • Limitless exercise potential.
  • Lifetime guarantee for the frame, 3 years for parts.


  • Assembling this rack takes up to 5 hours and the manufacturer recommends that 2 adults tackle this task together.
  • Not suitable for places where space comes at a premium.

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Power Rack Buying Guide

Power racks are large pieces of equipment. Very often, a person uses their entire body as a weight. These are just two of the factors that could potentially lead to injuries when a rack fails. Besides poor quality, another thing to watch out for is misleading sellers. Here’s how to avoid the dangers and choose the rack that you’ve always dreamed of.

Power Rack Buying Guide

A Power Rack Must Be Quality-Made

Quality is not something to ignore with equipment that is big and work with weights. For your own safety, make sure that the frame is forged from good steel and that the design is stable.

Finding the top cages is easy when you consider each one carefully. Look for things like well-known brands, high-quality materials, and warranties. If you need a little help to gauge the honesty of the manufacturer and the efficiency of the rack, you’re welcome to turn to online reviews. Verified buyers have saved many other consumers from making a bad buy.

A Power Rack Must Have Safety Features

The normal features included in a good design are safety bars, a stable frame, height settings, a spacious cage, one that can handle a great amount of weight, and a rack that also comes with a well-anchored base.

A Power Rack Must Suit Your Exercise Goals

Power Rack Buying Guide

Before you buy a cage, make a list of all the features you’d like to have. Perhaps you like a pulley system to be included, extra weight storage space, or plenty of height adjustment holes.

Consider every angle of what makes a power rack. The construction, material, looks, design, safety features, and exercise options.

Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, you can start flipping through all the racks to find the ones that match your shopping list. Draw up a shortlist and check the reviews to find the greatest rack for you.

A Short Summary

Buying a power rack is a serious investment for most people. It should never be a hasty or light decision. Instead, take your time and enjoy the process of figuring out what features you love, searching for the right cages, and ultimately picking the winner. But at the end of the day, the formula to find the top power cage is simple. Patience. Know your needs. Draw up a shortlist. Check the reviews and then make your final decision.


Q: Are Power Racks Worth It?

A: Yes, power racks are worth it when you want a single piece of equipment for pull-ups, squats, push-ups, barbell and dumbbell exercises, and more. A power rack is also invaluable for people who love using their own body weight as a training tool and also want a cage that offers weight plate storage.

Q: How Do I Choose A Power Rack?

A: You can choose a power rack by identifying a couple of quality gym racks. Besides quality, they must also have safety features like safety bars, preferably have solid steel frames, and power cages must also suit your needs. The best squat rack for you is one that is well-made, safe, and brings enhancement to your training program.

Q: Why Must I Have A Power Rack?

A: You must have a power rack when you prefer a multi-purpose item in the home gym. Besides saving space, a squat rack can also provide anyone with nearly limitless strength training options. So there are three great reasons to have a power rack – one item that saves space and provides plenty of exercises.

Q: Do Power Racks Need To Be Bolted?

A: No, power racks do not need to be bolted. This is great news if you want a power rack but cannot bolt anything into your home for some reason or because it’s not your property. The best power cages will never require it to be bolted to anything. Instead, the heavy gauge steel and frame’s design will help to keep the rack stable. For this reason, it is important to shop around for the best squat racks on the market and settle for nothing else. A poor quality power cage is not only a waste of money, but it’s also a potentially dangerous piece of equipment.

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