Best Squat Stand Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Squat Stand Reviews

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

If serious strength training ranks among your fitness goals, the best squat stand is a must. This power rack supports weights during sessions that include squats, bench pressing, and pull-ups. The best squat stands must be a sturdy and functional piece of equipment.

We’ve thrown out our dragnet and collected the top 10 products of the year. Pick up a dumbbell and do some lifting while you read and get acquainted with the best squat racks on the market.

Editors Choice

The Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotter Arms By Hardcastle

Adjustable Squat Rack By Hardcastle

Maximum Load: 250 kg

Rack Levels: 13

Special Feature: Powder coating

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The Best Pair of Squat Racks For Home Gyms By Yaheetech

Best Pair of Squat Racks By Yaheetech

Maximum Load: 220 kg

Rack Levels: 14

Special Feature: Two portable stands

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The Best Squat Stands With Spotters By DTX Fitness

Best Squat Stands With Spotters By DTX Fitness

Maximum Load: 200 kg

Rack Levels: 15

Special Feature: 6 Spotter levels

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The Best Adjustable Squat Rack By DTX Fitness

Best Adjustable Squat Rack By DTX Fitness

Maximum Load: 200 kg

Rack Levels: 15

Special Feature: Very stable

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The Best 2-Piece Squat Rack For Beginners By TecTake

Best 2-Piece Squat Rack By TecTake

Maximum Load: 100 kg

Rack Levels: 12

Special Feature: Ideal for most body sizes

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Best Squat Stand On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotter Arms By Hardcastle

The Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotter Arms By Hardcastle

The best squat stand is the Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotter Arms by Hardcastle. With its adjustable dimensions, this piece of equipment is a versatile addition to the home gym. Indeed, there are 13 squat rack levels, 7 spotter adjustments, and 10 settings for width. Each level increases with 5 cm, meaning that you can look forward to strength training progress that will remain challenging for a long time.

As one of the best squat racks, it offers facilities for squats, dips, and bench press exercises. The heavy-duty steel frame can easily deal with different Olympic barbells as well. The great levels of adjustment, exercise variety, and 250 kg capacity are not the only perks that make this power rack’s price tag worth it. Thanks to its powder coating, it will endure years of workouts without chipping or rusting. 


  • A wide range of adjustment levels to choose from.
  • A versatile exercise rack for home gyms.
  • The maximum weight load is 250 kg.
  • Powder coating for durability.


  • The tools required for assembly are not included.
  • Screw-in studs are used for height level adjustments. Due to this, changing to another level might not go as quickly as one might like.

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2. The Best Pair of Squat Racks For Home Gyms By Yaheetech

The Best Pair of Squat Racks For Home Gyms By Yaheetech

If you are looking for more mobile squat stands, then have a look-see here. Once assembled, most squat racks are too unwieldy to move in a couple of ticks. But that is one problem that you’ll never experience with this pair of stands. They are not just easy to lift and move to a new corner, either. The twins come with sufficient perks to support your workout routine.

The hole spacing grows with 5 cm each time and offers 14 weight levels to choose from. The adjustable height, in a nutshell, ranges between 114 and 179 cm. They can hold both standard and Olympic bars, making this piece of fitness equipment suitable for a range of bench press and squat exercises. Since the stands can support up to 220 kg, it’s soothing to know that the design includes safety features. Rubber footing keeps the feet secure and also protect the floor. Additionally, the squat rack contains premium metal nuts with non-slip washers.


  • A more portable squat rack option.
  • There are 14 height levels.
  • 220 kg maximum weight capacity.
  • Excellent safety features.


  • The nuts must be fastened with a wrench. Doing so by hand could weaken the squat stand.
  • Assembly is time-consuming.

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3. The Best Squat Stands With Spotters By DTX Fitness

The Best Squat Stands With Spotters By DTX Fitness

Here is another great choice for those looking for quality squat stands. These stands are more suitable to consumers who are happier with a shorter height capacity. But that doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the most important features. There are 15 levels to adjust your home gym workout to a peak level. The hole spacing also increases with 5 cm each time, ultimately reaching a level of 157.5 cm. The spotter arms, which double as safety bars, have 6 adjustable levels that also extend or retract with 5 cm.

Besides being more portable than a full power rack, you can also look forward to more perks. The space-saving design is also great for all your squat and bench press needs. An additional safety feature is the fact that the stand can weather up to 200 kg, which can provide a safe space for those who weightlift beneath this capacity.

Other benefits include compatibility with both standard and Olympic bars, a powder coating, secure rubber feet to protect you and the floor, easy assembly, and a portable stand. 


  • A portable squat rack.
  • 15 Rack levels and 6 spotter levels.
  • An ultimate height of 157.5 cm.
  • Ultimate weight capacity of 200 kg.
  • Suitable for both Olympic and standard barbells.
  • Secure rubber feet for greater stability.


  • The tools required for assembly are not included with this squat stand.
  • A few consumers found that their squat stands wobbled while they replaced the weights. 

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4. The Best Adjustable Squat Rack By DTX Fitness

The Best Adjustable Squat Rack By DTX Fitness

This home gym squat rack is perfect for those looking for the following – a very stable power rack that is easy to assemble and the ability to handle a good weight load. You can tick those off your wish list with this stand. Sure enough, it consists of only a few parts, which provides double duty when it comes to quick assembly and a rack that is steady. Another feature that boosts stability is the fixed-width bar near the floor. But what about that weight load? This squat stand can handle a decent capacity of 200 kg.

Fifteen rack positions allow both standard and Olympic barbells to be used up to a height close to 169 cm. This is great for taller individuals or those who stand during a gym session. The hole spacing also increases with 5 cm each time to suit everyone from beginners to serious weight lifters. In case you are not a fan of spotter arms for some reason, rest assured. This squat stand has J hooks instead.

Overall, this ranks among the best products for the taller and more experienced weight lifter. Caring for this squat rack should also not present any problems. The powder coating is easy to wipe clean and will also keep the heavy-duty kit rust-free.


  • User-friendly assembly.
  • Several features ensure more stability.
  • A total weight capacity of 200 kg.
  • Perfect for squats.
  • The squat stand is fitted with J cups.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Suitable for the more experienced and taller individual.


  • The tools needed to assemble this power cage is not included.
  • No dip bars.

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5. The Best 2-Piece Squat Rack For Beginners By TecTake

The Best 2-Piece Squat Rack For Beginners By TecTake

Who might like this squat stand? Quite a few lovely sorts, actually. This 2-piece squat rack is suitable for the total beginner, those who only want to work with lighter weights, and even individuals in the process of physical rehabilitation. While the total weight capacity of 100 kg is not as much as other power racks, this nifty item serves a great purpose for those who need it.

Let’s look at why this power rack might deserve a space in your home gym. If you are looking for safety bars, you will get both spotter arms and J hooks. Both are designed to securely capture the placement of a barbell when you need to let go. Despite its lighter capacity, the squat stand is very robust and stable. When used within its limits, it will remain in your home gym for years. It is perfect for barbell training and squats. The 12 adjustable height levels also allow you to adjust your training level to a height of 145 cm. But there are more little extras that you can look forward to.

The feet are dressed with rubber. This will protect your floor against the effects of your weight training – and keep the squat stand more stable. The home gym also won’t have to sacrifice a ton of space to accommodate this set. But besides being space-friendly, the steel frame is also durable and strong, the stand is suitable for novices and experts, and it’s also very easy to put together. 


  • Total weight capacity of 100 kg.
  • Ultimate rack height of 145 cm.
  • Suitable for beginners, lighter weightlifting, and rehabilitation.
  • J hooks and spotter arms.
  • The design is sturdy and space-friendly.
  • A good choice for squats and weightlifting training.
  • Anti-slip feet to protect you, the home gym, and the squat stand.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not suitable for weights heavier than 100 kg.
  • It does not have a stability bar between the two squat stands.

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6. The Best Heavy-Duty Squat Stand For The Home Gym By Gym Master

The Best Heavy-Duty Squat Stand For The Home Gym By Gym Master

The previous squat rack was more geared towards simple sessions and lighter use. But what if you want to look at products that are multi-purpose to a decent degree? If you also want a heavy-duty power rack, then this stand ticks both boxes. Indeed, there are plenty of functions to take your home gym to the next level. As a bonus, this power rack can also sharpen its teeth on a total weight load of 250 kg. Grrr.

This squat stand is also fully adjustable. With hole spacing that increases at 5 cm intervals, you can choose between 13 height levels and 10 width levels. When you need to place a barbell down on the safety bars, you can use either the spotter arms or J cups. Both are suitable to hold standard and Olympic barbells. The different bars allow anyone to perform squats, dips, and bench presses. But there are more bonuses included in the design.

The plate holder serves a dual purpose. It adds more stability to the squat rack while also providing the space for weight storage. The assembly won’t take a year off your life, either. Indeed, it’s quick and easy to put together in your home gym. and finally, this squat rack also looks very professional.


  • The squat stand offers weight storage.
  • A complex and multi-purpose power rack.
  • It can handle a total weight of 250 kg.
  • 13 Height levels and 10 spotter levels.
  • Two different kinds of safety bars to rack a barbell.
  • The power rack is suitable for both standard and Olympic barbells.
  • Quick assembly.
  • A sleek and professional look suitable for the home gym.


  • The spotter arms height is fixed at 85 cm.
  • The tools to assemble this squat stand is not included.

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7. The Best 300 Kg Weight Capacity Squat Rack By QLS

The Best 300 Kg Weight Capacity Squat Rack By QLS

As far as power racks go, many expert weightlifters will proudly snooze their CAP barbell on this monster. It can support a fantastic weight capacity of 300 kg, making it a versatile and professional tool in the home gym. The pair of squat stands are also easy to assemble, carry to the home gym and use it wherever you need it. That’s right, it’s as portable and user-friendly as it is robust.

The modern design includes several perks other than handsome looks. For one, the frames are made from high-quality steel for better durability and safety. Do you want to stretch that durability even more? The powder coating will do exactly that. In fact, not only will it growl at rust but it will fight off chemical influences, scratches, and even the weather’s moods. If you’re looking for squat stands that will keep their pretty face for years to come, then this could be the right rack for you.

The weight stand can be adjusted from 90 cm to 155 cm, with 9 levels to choose from. When that CAP barbell clanks into the J cups, there might not even be any clanking. The bar rack is coated with soundproofing material so that you can work out at 3 AM without disturbing the baby. Or your cranky spouse. Your floor won’t be cranky-looking either, thanks to the protective rubber foot attachments that stabilizes the squat rack and protects your home gym surface.


  • A high weight capacity of 300 kg.
  • A professional appearance that will suit any home gym.
  • A strong steel design that is also space-friendly.
  • A powder coating for longer durability and no rust.
  • Safety bars.
  • The height level ranges between 90 and 155cm.
  • 9 Levels of height adjustment.
  • The bar rack is coated with soundproofing material.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet that also protects the floor of your home gym.
  • The squat rack can also act as a barbell stand.


  • To those who are extra safety-conscious (hey, it’s a good thing), the lack of a stability bar between the squat stands might be a cause for concern.
  • Not as many height levels as other squat racks.

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8. The Best Squat Stand With Safety Features By K-Sport

The Best Squat Stand With Safety Features By K-Sport

This squat rack is perfect for anyone who loves stunning pieces of equipment in the home gym. The 2 squat stands do not look as slim and flimsy as most other pairs. The frames, made from high-quality Polish steel, are thick and coated with a muted grey shade. This combination gives it a powerful presence that can uplift any home gym. Another nice touch from the designers – just to give it that extra elite touch – was to emblazon the brand’s name on the squat racks. Visitors to your home gym will know that you did not purchase this pair of racks from Bob The Fishy Welder down the street.

But what can you expect regarding adjustability? Well, this squat rack is a little different than most of the others that we’ve covered. Instead of 5 cm, its intervals grow with 10 cm leaps. Speaking of which, you can choose between 7 height levels that reach roughly 1.5 meters tall. The maximum weight load of this squat rack is also good at 250 kg.

Several safety features also make this squat rack a premium choice. Besides the high-quality steel, any height changes can be locked with a clamp and a pin to ensure a safe training session. The frames are also reinforced and stand on rubber feet to provide a better grip on the floor. There are some more perks, believe it or not. 

This is another squat rack with J cups that are covered with soundproofing material. A pair of rods at the back also acts as weight storage devices and to add more stability to the squat rack. Both the powder coating and the soundproofing material protect the metal frames and barbells from damage. Overall, this is a fantastic squat rack for a busy gym or home fitness fanatic. It’s stable, durable, and tough enough to challenge your weightlifting journey for a long time.


  • The squat rack has a very professional look.
  • It is powder-coated for extra durability.
  • Height levels adjust at 10 cm intervals.
  • 7 Height levels to use.
  • A maximum weight load of 250 kg.
  • Safety pins and clamps keep the hight changes stable.
  • Anti-skid rubber feet.
  • Powder-coated for extra durability.
  • The soundproofing material mutes noises and protects barbells from nicks and scratches.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The squat rack might not be the best choice for living areas where space comes at a premium.
  • A few consumers experienced problems with the assembly but this is not a common issue.

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9. The Top Squat Stand For The Smaller Gym By Hop-Sport

The Top Squat Stand For The Smaller Gym By Hop-Sport

For some, space is limited. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy all the benefits that squat racks have to offer. There are plenty of fantastic squat racks for the gym with limited space – and this is one of the best. Here’s a quick rundown on why this could be your top choice if you don’t have a lot of space (but really want to squat and bench!). Each stand has a width of 41 cm and a length of 49 cm. The height is adjustable. The different 7 choices range between 87 cm and 145 cm. Each stand is also not heavy, weighing just 7 kg.

Despite the portability and space-saving design, the squat stand can handle a total weight of 250 kg. That is a decent capacity that is suitable for both novices and the more experienced weightlifter. This strength is due to the heavy-duty gauge steel and solid construction. Anyone can perform squats, deadlifts, and bench presses with peace of mind that the squat stand won’t collapse the moment you rack that barbell. Neither will it move around. As you’d expect of the best squat racks by now, the base is fitted with non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from travelling to another corner in the home.

Overall, this is a good choice if space is limited but you still want quality and results.


  • Top weight capacity is 250 kg.
  • The design saves space.
  • A stable and strong frame.
  • Rubber feet for extra steadiness and support.
  • Deep J cups with noise-absorbing material.
  • The stand has a pair of weight plate holders.
  • The assembly tools are included.


  • No stability bar between the two squat racks.
  • There are only 7 height settings with this squat stand.

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10. The Top Squat Stand With Multi-Purpose Home Use By Marbo Sport

The Top Squat Stand With Multi-Purpose Home Use By Marbo Sport

If you want to add a versatile and feature-rich squat stand to your home, then here’s a special consideration. The pair of squat racks look professional and is made with quality metal and rubber. Indeed, rubber features highly in this stand’s design. The shelves are rubberized to absorb noise and to prevent damage. And of course, rubber foot caps are to be expected.

But there are plenty more perks. Eight levels allow you to adjust the height from 89 to 159 cm. A special push handle can be used to change these settings. There are weight holders for convenient storage. They are also rubberized to protect both the weights, themselves, and to reduce sound. Two safety hooks and a large base boosts the stability of the squat stand. But one of the best benefits you can expect from this squat stand is the 300 kg capacity.


  • Rubber feet protect the flooring int he home.
  • Suitable for a large space.
  • Rubber features for extra protection and durability.
  • 8 Height levels.
  • A total weight capacity of 300 kg.
  • Powder coating.


  • Not truly suitable for a small space.
  • Not as many height options as other squat racks.

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Squat Stand Buying Guide

Squat racks are immensely popular as gym equipment. This popularity, however, invites some sellers to try and cash in on the demand with inferior products. Avoiding a bad buy is simple once you know the ropes. All it takes is a little patience, common sense, and taking the right person’s advice. Here are the top tips to find your dream squat stand.

Squat Stand Buying Guide

A Squat Stand Must Suit Your Needs

Before settling on a stand, consider a few important things. Do you need a space-friendly item or is size not that important? Some racks can store your weights while others cannot.

Each squat stand has its own height adjustments but do they suit your exercise goals?

Another major difference is the 1-piece and 2-piece models. They all require assembly but some end up as a stable 1-piece while other racks have 2 towers. Other things to consider are weight capacity, durability features, safety features, and appearance.

A Squat Stand Must Be A Quality Item

Any piece of gym equipment that works with barbells should be of the highest quality that you can afford. This is a matter of safety and should be taken seriously. If a squad stand collapses at the wrong moment, the metal frame and falling equipment can lead to serious injury (or a ruined floor). You can find the safest stands by choosing quality brands, quality materials, and a design that includes plenty of safety features.

A Squat Stand Must Stand The Test Of Consumer Opinion

Online reviews are another way to gauge quality. Once you have a shortlist in hand, patiently read the reviews left by other consumers. They will post any grievances and delights regarding their purchase. Either way, this collective consumer opinion can show you a squat stand’s true colours. At the end of the day, the decision is still yours. But never underestimate the ability of online reviewers to help others make a wiser decision.

A Squat Stand Must Be Durable

Squat Stand Buying Guide

The best stand is the one that challenges you for years. In all honesty, the longer a piece of equipment lasts, the more one saves in the long run by not having to replace them. When produced with durability features and given enough care by the owner, there is no reason why a stand cannot last for years. Luckily, those features are easy to spot on these power racks.

The most important thing to look for is a solid metal frame. It must be well-designed and made of quality steel. On the softer end of things, rubber also plays an important role. When used as footing, it prevents the stand from shifting around and damaging the floor. Rubber is also often used on shelves and hooks to protect the barbells from metal damage. A powder coating is a must. This special layer ensures that the rack remains rust-free, stays weatherproof, and won’t nick or scratch. A stand must also have safety bars, a large base, and safety pins to lock height settings in place. 

A Short Summary

The decision to purchase a new squat rack is an exciting one. But a lot can go wrong when decisions are based on haste or impulse. Instead of rushing, rather enjoy the experience and take your time to figure out what needs you want to satisfy with a new stand. Once you have that list in hand, find several products that match the description of your dream stand. To find the final quality rack between them, check out their materials, safety features, and consider the advice of the online community.


Q: What Type Of Barbell Should I Use On A Squat Stand?

A: The type of barbell you should use on a squat stand depends on what the manufacturer designed it for. That being said, most squat stands available today can accommodate the two most common types of barbell. That’s right, dust off both your standard and Olympic barbells. Just always double-check that the power cage you ultimately purchase can support both.

The type of barbell also depends on a stand’s stability. Never buy a lightweight pair of squat stands if you want to bench at the top of your game with heavy weights. Racking a too-heavy barbell on one of these stands could cause them to topple over, potentially leading to serious injuries, a damaged floor or both.

Q: What Weight Should A Squat Stand Be Able To Hold?

A: The weight a squat stand should be able to hold depends on its design. Those made with iron and plastic might not be as strong as the higher-capacity squat racks made from heavy gauge steel. Also, the higher the number of stability features included in the design, the more weight a squat stand can handle. But at the end of the day, most squat racks can deal with a total weight capacity ranging between 100 kg and 300 kg. It’s always a good idea to get a squat stand that is capable of handling more weight than what you need. This ensures that you’ll always have a stand that’s stronger than the burden of the weights.

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