Cross Trainer Workout for Beginners

Cross Trainer Workout for Beginners

A cross trainer is a cardio machine that offers great ease of use. For this reason, beginners do not have to worry about in terms of using it. There are great advantages when using the cross trainer in your exercises apart from the cardiovascular workout. With a cross trainer, weight loss is maximized and also, it is great for muscle toning. Knowing that the cross trainer works on the majority of body muscles, this is encouraging for most people who want to have brilliant work out results. Also, these are very low on impact which makes them suitable for use by all people including those with joint or back problems. Below are tips to help one get started with a cross trainer.

Warming up

Just like many exercises, warming up is very essential to elevate the heart rate, prepare the cardiovascular system for training and also, to prevent strains. You are required to stretch your muscles a little bit and also jog on the spot to achieve effective results on the cross trainer. This is recommended because, as a beginner, you don’t really know the effect the cross trainer will have on you so warming up a little will help before getting on the cross trainer machine. All of this is done when you have placed your feet towards the center of the foot pedals.

Have a bottle of Water within reach

Exercises tend to use up a lot of water in the body leaving it dehydrated. That is why most people keep a bottle of water within reach during a workout session to keep them hydrated. Dehydration causes discomfort which leads to a terrible feeling that discourages one from using a cross trainer or any training machine. For this reason, having a bottle of water is essential to help you stay hydrated throughout the session. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it will also increase your heart rate and blood pressure for a perfect workout session.

Set the correct resistance level

Setting the resistance level on the cross trainer is very important for your work out. And therefore, you have to be very keen and sensible when doing so. When the resistance is set too low, you are not going to have effective results on the cross trainer and when it is set too high, the workout will be strenuous and uncomfortable for beginners. You can start with a moderate resistance and keep increasing as your fitness increases. While at it, you can monitor your intensity to acquire the moderate intensity of your workouts. This is done to see how hard the work out is at different levels of intensity.

Using a cross trainer as a beginner

  • Follow each workout segment to know the right resistance to use on the machine
  • Make sure you have eaten something before the training and also after the training. This is to fuel the body while on the machine.
  • If you feel weak or tired while on the cross trainer, you are required to get off the machine.
  • For effective results, perform the workouts three times a week with one day rest interval.
  • Increase the minutes each time you work out.
  • After the exercise, stretch the muscles to cool off

To get a good workout from a cross trainer, you are required to begin with 10 minutes on low resistance then build up to 30 minutes.  As you increase your fitness level consequently, increase the resistance level as well to maximize the reduction of calories in the body. Using the tips above, there is nothing that can stop you from getting the perfect workout from a cross trainer.

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