How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go?

What is a hoverboard? One can describe it as a board that raises someone slightly above the ground to transport them from one area to another. One look at the hover board and you’ll think that it is a skate board, just that it lacks wheels. In the 1960s, the hoverboards were being talked about but only in fictional books but were never actualized. Just recently, there has been a great rise in the technology world where hover boards are real and used all around the globe. Just how fast do hoverboards go?

Is the question new hoverboard owners ask themselves to determine the speed of these little transporting devices. These devices are commonly used by teenagers and you know one thing with them, they only care about the speed of the gadgets. The top speed of the device gives the rider some type of adrenalin rush.

The speed

First, you need to know that the speeds of the self-balancing scooters range from 5mph to 12mph. In the recent past, the hoverboards received a lot of backlash from parents of the children who wanted the scooters simply because, they were deemed as not safe. Today, the hover boards are produced with different speed ranges so that every person can find and work with the right speed that suits them. 12mph is pretty high, therefore, teenagers are only allowed to have hoverboards with lower speeds. The speed matters because, the higher the speed, the riskier it gets when using the hoverboard. For this reason, the lower speed is ideal for teenagers and learners.

How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go?

Factors that determine the hoverboard speed

The speed of the hoverboard is determined by the size of the wheel, the motor power and the integrated safety limits. When it comes to the wheel size, most of the hoverboards have a 6.5’’ wheel. The more powerful the motor is, the higher the speed you’re likely to experience. There is also the battery life factor. How fast the hoverboard goes, the distance and the weight carried on the hoverboard is determined by the hover’s run time.

Also, there are factors that are responsible for the speed of the hoverboard which include, the sensors, motherboards and the gyroscopes. These factors work hand in hand to promote the speed level. The wheels have a tilt and speed sensors that detect the rpm (revolution per minute) of each wheel then sends it straight to the gyroscope in the motherboard.

In 2015, the hover boards became very popular among teenagers all around the world. These gadgets are used by many as hobby items because of the fun they bring when used. The best places to use the hoverboards are out in the parks, small streets, malls and supermarkets. Therefore, the speed applied on the devices really matter. If you want a hoverboard with high speed that means you will go for the high quality one in the market. The low-quality hoverboards offer very low speeds which are discouraging. Always remember, safety first. Do not put yourself in danger because of speed.

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