How to Calibrate Bathroom Scales (Both Digital and Manual)

How to Calibrate Bathroom Scales – Both Digital and Original Versions

Suspect that your weight is too high or low? Then it’s time to calibrate that bathroom scale! We show you everything you need to know.

It’s simple to service your bathroom scale so that it shows you the correct weight. The scale must be activated, given a weight test, calibrated, and re-tested to see if the weight test had worked.

If you have never calibrated a bathroom scale before, our guide is a simple step-by-step tutorial that makes the process easy.

How To Calibrate Bathroom Scales

Calibration is the process of adjusting bathroom scales to respond accurately so that the indicator reads 0 when there is no weight placed on the scale. It’s essential to service your scale and test it to ensure that you are getting the most accurate results when you step onto your bathroom scale.

The test should be done every two months. The longer you wait, the more the bathroom scale will begin to show inaccuracies. Indeed, the scale will become less and less reliable.

Some digital scales have a self-calibrating feature that makes this task quick and effortless. But for those scales that lack the feature, it’s essential to calibrate manually. Below are the steps.

1. Prepare the bathroom scale.

2. Activate the scale.

3. The weight test.

4. Calibrate the scale.

5. Check for a successful calibration.

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How To Prepare A Bathroom Scale For Calibration

Place the bathroom scales on a flat surface. This is essential if you want the calibration to be successful. Once you have it in the right position, there is not much else you have to worry about. Just make sure that it’s even and on a non-slip surface.

Activate The Scale

How to Calibrate Bathroom Scales – Both Digital and Original Versions

A manual scale is always ready for use. But if your bathroom scale is electric and digital, activating it is as simple as turning it on. Allow the reading on the scale to stabilize. Make sure that the scale is switched on 30 minutes prior to calibration to ensure the weighing surface is free from any weight while stabilizing. Look for the calibration button or mode setting (depending on the model) and press it. This should read zero after five seconds. You can also contact the user manual to determine how to set the scale to read zero.

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How To Do The Weight Test

To do the weight test, you need two items you know the weight of. A perfect object would be a dumbbell but if you do not have any weights, you can also use a closed and unused bag of rice or flour. These packages always show their weight. For the best results, use something that weighs at least 1 kg. However, if you want to do this properly find out the maximum weight your scales can handle and collect enough weights to equal that.

Place the first item on the scale. Position the item at the centre of the scale and wait for the scales to calculate the results. Add the second object, third, and fourth to see if the scale calculates the weight increment correctly. Remove the second item and note the change. Take the last item off the scales. This is done to ensure equal weight distribution throughout the maximum range.

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How To Calibrate The Scale

Go to the scale and choose the calibration button or calibration mode setting. Curious about what happens once calibration starts? The scale’s programming registers the maximum weight capacity and makes the necessary adjustments. This process will take a few moments before displaying ‘zero’ or ‘End’ on the scale. At that point, it will show that the calibration process is completed.

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Check For Successful Calibration

Once the calibration is complete, you will want to test whether it was done correctly and that the scale works properly.

Start by removing the weights on the scale and then turn it off for 1 minute. Pick another item and place it back on the bathroom scale after turning it on. The readings should be correct at this point to show that the calibration really worked. However, if the reading is incorrect try calibrating again following the above procedure. If the results are still incorrect, it is an indication that your bathroom scale could be having other faults and that calibration alone won’t work. You might have to replace the bathroom scale.

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Final Pointers To Keep In Mind When You Calibrate Your Bathroom Scale

First, you need to know that every time you move the bathroom scale from one point to another, you have to calibrate it. Moving can cause the internal workings of the scale to interfere with its weighing ability and in turn, deliver inaccurate results. Choose a permanent place to keep your bathroom scales.

Secondly, you should always place the scale on an even surface. However, never place the bathroom scale on a carpet because this type of surface is not as stable as tiles or concrete. Finally, when you are using the bathroom scale, always stand still so that you get accurate results.

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A Quick Summary On How To Calibrate A Bathroom Scale

  • Bathroom scales gives the best performance when calibrated every two months.
  • The calibration process is not difficult and even someone doing it for the first time should be able to do so successfully.
  • Calibration is performed with a simple weight test by adding objects and then removing them.
  • Some bathroom scales also have an automatic calibration feature.

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