How To Do High-Intensity Interval Training On A Cross Trainer?

How To Do High-Intensity Interval Training On A Cross Trainer?

The recent past has seen the elliptical machine rise in popularity due to its effectiveness as an equipment for cardio training. Gone are the days when the only options for cardio were tedious jogs on the treadmill and long pedaling on the upright bike. Today, the cross trainer has done a great job at replacing or rather alternating the services of this equipment in the gym and health club. People who intend to embark on a weight loss endeavor are often advised to hit the cross trainer and start a high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This form of exercise has been tested and proven to be the fastest way to lose weight at the gym. It is an alternation of high-intensity bouts of exercise with rest or low-intensity bouts or complete rest.

High-intensity interval training takes less time compared to traditional cardio workouts yet they provide the same and sometimes greater results. One of the benefits of these workouts is that it raises your metabolic rate to burn more calories. They are also great at increasing aerobic and anaerobic pathways which helps to utilize and take in more oxygen. It is worth noting that through HIIT workouts, one is able to increase the consumption of excess oxygen after exercise, which helps to burn calories even after one has completed a training session.

How HIIT is done

The cross trainer is not the only machine that you can use for high-intensity workouts. As a matter of fact, any gym equipment that allows you to vary your speed or resistance can be used for HIIT. However, the cross trainer is deemed to be the best for this kind of exercise because it has additional features for adjusting the ramp height, speed, and resistance of the machine. In addition to that, you can as well include a challenge for the upper body if the cross trainer that you are using has arm handles. The only prerequisite for working out a high-intensity exercise is being able to complete at least 30 minutes of low to moderate cardiovascular exercise in a treadmill, upright bike or an elliptical cross trainer.

The Warm-up

Before getting to the actual HIIT workout, take five minutes to prepare your body by warming up. You should do this by pedaling for five minutes on a low-to-medium setting to increase the temperature of the body in anticipation for intense workouts. Once you feel that your body is ready for the workout, commence by increasing the resistance level, speed, and ramp height in a span of three to four minutes until you achieve your desired combination. The warm-up takes a total of 7-8 minutes where five minutes are for getting your body ready for an intense workout and the three minutes are for exploring the speed, ramp height and the level of resistance to obtain the ideal settings for your workout.

The Workout

The HIIT workout entails an alternation of high intensity and low-intensity bouts of exercise for approximately 23 minutes after which you are supposed to cool down for at least 3 minutes.

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