How To Shave Your Ass

How To Shave Your Ass

Here is the thing, everyone, and I mean everyone has butt hair and ever since the word metrosexual was introduced, grooming has taken a whole new meaning. It’s no longer about taking a quick shower, splashing some deodorant and heading out.

Men today are purchasing luxurious hair body products that leave them smelling like something you want to devour. Speaking of hair, a growing number of men go online in search of how to shave your ass techniques.

Why would you want to remove body hair, more specifically why remove the hair on your ass? We’ll be looking at why shaving butt hair isn’t as bad as it sounds and the best tools for the job.

Why you should shave your butt

It is natural for men to have butt hair and it is there for a reason. Butt hair helps keep the area back there dry and ventilated and at the same time minimizes friction and chaffing.  Then again, the butt is arguably one of the dirtiest parts on your body and allowing body hair to grow freely there may put your health at risk.

Here are some valid reasons why you should shave off your ass hair:

  • Hygiene: Buttocks have tons of nasty bacteria and by removing ass hair; you lessen the risk of contracting urinary tract infections (UTI) and anal yeast infections.
  • Sweaty butt: a fuzzy butt is one of the main causes of sweaty undersides. Not only is it uncomfortable but it can become smelly as well.
  • Anal itching: Do your butt cheeks itch a great deal? Ass hair irritation just might be the reason why. Other reasons include having faecal matter or moisture in your butt crack.

Looking at the above reasons, it’s undoubtedly important for your anal region to stay clean and one of the best ways to achieve this is by shaving.

Another reason why you may want to shave your butt is for heightened sexual sense. Research shows that shaving butt hair increases skin sensitivity during sex.

It’s likely your sexual partner(s) won’t appreciate butt hair or love the musky smell that comes with it. If they prefer a smooth bum, shave it.

Men who shave their buttocks also feel more confident when approaching a potential partner, undressing at the gym, or when they go skinny dipping. There won’t be any unwanted hairs cramping your style.

So how do you remove ass hair?

Luckily, you have three options to choose from.

1. Waxing

Many men prefer waxing their derriere as it is fast, effective and involves a quick trip to a waxing specialist. A waxed butt will remain hair-free for several weeks. You’ll, however, need to wear loose underwear after the procedure to reduce the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs on those smooth butt cheeks.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is by far the best way to get rid of body hair. It uses laser light energy to pierce through the hair shaft and kill the root. This doesn’t kill hair follicles so technically, hair can grow in the place of the dead one but it may be difficult.  This makes laser hair removal an extremely effective method. It takes around 30 minutes and you may require touch-ups annually or biannually.

3. Shaving

If the prospect of lying with your butt in the air for some stranger to wax you doesn’t sound appealing or you can’t begin to fathom the cost of laser hair removal, shaving just might be the manscaping procedure for you.

Here’s how to shave your ass at home:

  • Start by taking a shower and use a good anti-bacterial soap to clean the buttocks and anus. This will help remove bacteria in your anus and butt cheeks, soften the hairs and open the pores.
  • Sterilise your shaving equipment to minimise the risk of infections. Use a new razor and never use a used razor – it’ll increase your chances of getting an infection.
  • Use an electric shaver to trim the hairs before using a razor.
  • Apply shaving cream liberally on your butt cheeks and crack.
  • Shave your butt cheeks carefully using upward motions that go against the hair. To shave between the crack, place a handheld mirror flat on the floor, squat over it. Take your time when doing this so you don’t nick yourself. Shave slowly and rinse the razor often to avoid tugs and pulls that can lead to ingrown hairs or infections.
  • Once you’re done, rinse with cold water, clean your nether regions with the anti-bacterial soap.
  • Pat (rather than rub) dry with a towel then apply antiseptic get to get rid of any bacteria that may still be lurking around.
  • Once the antiseptic has dried, apply powder to lessen chafing and rubbing. It’s advisable to use power in the first week following the shave to keep you fresh, ventilated and lessen friction.
How To Shave Your Ass

Recommended tools and supplies for shaving the ass

It’s natural to think that this act of bravery can be achieved with a good razor, but that’s just one of the tools you’ll need.

  • An electric razor that’s also known as a body groomer. It’s ideal for shaving or trimming body hair and in this case, butt hair, but careful not to use this tool around your anus.
  • A Conair trimmer is ideal for removing hair around the anus and a good choice for anyone who doesn’t like using a manual razor. The Conair trimmer and the body groomer are used together for a truly smooth butt.
  • If you’re looking for a super smooth and close shave, you’ll need to consider using a manual razor, especially one with multiple blades. Remember to trim with a body groomer first though.
  • A good shaving gel to create a barrier between your skin and the shaver is necessary.

Other items that you’ll need include a handheld mirror to help you see where you’re shaving, antiseptic and powder.

Pros and cons of shaving your butt hairs

Is shaving your ass hair worth it? Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


  • Reduced risk of getting an infection.
  • Increased sexual enjoyment.
  • Encourages good grooming in the nether region.
  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Reduced sweat in your hind area.
  • Many women love a man with a smooth derriere


  • No hairy buffer, to muffle a fart.
  • Unless you’re going for laser hair removal, shaving your butt is a lifetime commitment as hair grows back after a while
  • You may experience chaffing.
  • Chances of ingrown hairs are high.

How can I get my ass to stop itching?

An itchy ass can be stem from several reasons including food allergies, the clothes you wear or poor grooming practices among others. The best way to stop it from itching is by keeping your butt dry and use powder to lessen chaffing.

Additionally, stay away from baby wipes as this can lead to more itching. In case the scratching doesn’t stop, visit a doctor.

What is anal bleaching?

You probably don’t want to know this, since you asked; anal bleaching involves lightening the colour of the area (skin) around your anus. The skin around your anus is usually darker than the rest of your body; this cosmetic procedure is used to create uniform colouring.

The treatment can be done in a salon by a technician or you can purchase a home kit and DIY. Before purchasing any skin lightening product, research what ingredients have been used to ensure they are safe for you.  Experts recommend that you avoid any sexual encounters for up to five days after bleaching to avoid getting infections.

What causes anal bumps?

Anal bumps may be caused by ingrown hairs or razor burns after shaving.  You can soothe anal bumps by applying aloe vera cream or steroid cream. You can prevent ingrown hairs by applying moisturising shaving cream or gel on the butt hair and shaving in the direction of the grain and don’t try to pick the ingrown hairs.

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