Why you should shave your balls

Why you should shave your balls

Keeping it smooth and fresh down there is no longer a ladies thing. More men are appreciating the importance of male grooming and keeping the family jewels clean-shaven.

If you are yet to jump on the bandwagon, here are a few benefits shaving your balls would bring.

1) Prevent bacterial growth

Thick hair around your balls causes excessive warmth, which creates an ideal environment that facilitates the growth of bacteria. Parasites such as crabs, which are pubic lice that are sexually transmitted, will thrive in unshaven genitals. The bacteria can cause itchiness or infections

2) Reduces heat

Pubic hair traps sweat. During the intense summer heat, having sweat trapped in one area makes it uncomfortable. It could feel like you are carrying a swamp down there. And eventually, the sweat will release an odour. Shaving will make the heat more tolerable, and your underwear will absorb any sweat or dry it up.

3) Your partner will love it

A large percentage of women have admitted to preferring a man with shaved balls. If proper sanitation isn’t a good enough reason, think of smooth balls as a favour to your spouse. If they keep their lady parts hairless, they most likely would appreciate it if you did the same with your balls. As a plus, less hair covering your manhood makes it look bigger.

Tools needed for shaving your balls

When it comes to grooming things below the belt, there is no room for making mistakes. You need proper tools if you are to get the job done right.

One rule to keep in mind is cleanliness.

You need to use clean tools and do not use one razor for your face and crotch. The bacteria on your face are different from that on your genitals such as Staphylococcus, which you wouldn’t want spreading across to your groin area. And you most definitely wouldn’t want to spread a fungal jock itch to your face.

Shaving tool

You can use a safety razor or pubic hair trimmer to cut the hair.

A disposable razor will reduce the risk of contamination, and you are less likely to reuse it on your face. The consistent replacement will also ensure that the razor is always sharp. A sharp blade will clear the hair in one stroke. It minimizes the risk of developing nicks, irritation or developing ingrown hairs.

A trimmer is specially designed for the task. It will provide a good grip as you work around the sensitive area. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, enabling you to reach all crevices around your groin.

Trimmers are much safer than razors. Their risk of causing ingrown hairs, nicks, or irritation is lower than using a safety razor. The best models come with a length-adjustable comb, allowing you to get the style and size of hair you want.

Your choice in whether to use an electric trimmer or safety razor will depend on how you want to have your hair. A safety razor will give a closer cut than a trimmer.

If your hair is long, you will need a pair of scissors to trim it to a manageable length before using a razor or trimmer.

Oils and creams

There are pre-shave oils designed to protect the sensitive skin around your private area. They will make it easier for your shaver to glide across your skin. They will also soften the hair making it easier to cut.

Unlike creams, pre-shave oil is translucent. It allows you to see what you are doing. You will need an aftershave balm to sooth your skin after shaving the skin.

Ensure every product you use is suitable to use on your balls. Avoid scented products or those with alcohol. A good option would be those marked for sensitive skin.

How To Shave Your Ball Sack Safely

Why you should shave your balls

Manscaping is not as straight-forward as it sounds. Balls are sensitive, and using the wrong technique could leave you with an infection, ingrown hairs, cuts, and skin irritation. No one wants that.

Here is a guide to help you shave your balls safely.


This piece of work involves a lot of bending. Do some stretches to achieve some flexibility.

Take a thorough shower, giving special attention to your penis and testicles. It will wash off any bacteria on your skin that would cause an accidental cut to get an infection.

A warm shower will relax the skin on your body. It will stimulate blood flow to the balls and make them loose and flexible. The warm water will also make the hair soft and easy to cut.

Apply some pre-shave oil on your testicles and any area that will be facing the razor. Your skin should be ready for the razor now.

Ensure that the room has proper lighting; you need to see every nook and cranny of your man area. Only start the job when you have plenty of time at hand, rushing through it could be disastrous.


If the area is bushy, use the pair of scissors to get the hair to a centimetre long or less. It will improve visibility as you get to use the safety razor or trimmer, and prevent accidental cuts. Trimming the hair also reduces obstruction as the hair gets stuck in the razor. It prevents you from tugging the ball skin, which would be very painful.

Trim the hair using scissors specially set apart for any work involving your lower body. In case of any other businesses, whether cutting papers, clothes, or milk packets, use a separate pair.


Keep the skin taut by pulling it to straighten any folds and ridges for effective and safe shaving. Use a safety razor or pubic hair trimmer. Avoid an electric razor at all cost. It provides less control over the blades, and you wouldn’t want that on the sensitive groin skin.

Alternatively, you could use both options. Use the trimmer to cut the hair to the shortest level possible. Then use the safety razor to get a closer cut, and achieve that bald look.

Ensure your hands are steady. Use short, gentle strokes to get rid of the hair and go with the grain of the hair. In addition to the hair on your balls, be sure to work through the area above and below your penis, and just above your testicles. Use a hand mirror to see any bits you could have missed.

After-shave care

Take a cold shower to get rid of all the cut hair. Be keen to rinse the area with the cold water to minimize ingrown hair and close the pores.

Apply aftershave balm immediately to soothe and nourish the skin. It will prevent any irritation, razor burns, and avoid bacterial infections. Due to the sensitivity of balls, keep applying the balm for the days following the shave.

The hair will grow back quickly and will be prickly, which could cause discomfort as you walk. You could shave your balls as soon as you feel a few strands coming up, or keep these hairs soft using a light moisturizing lotion. A fully absorbent lotion will prevent bacterial or fungal overgrowth due to too much moisture.

Understandably, you are probably scared stiff of letting a razor get in touch with your sensitive manly parts. But by following these tips, there is little to get you worried. Practice proper hygiene, work steadily and slowly, and be sure to use the proper tools.

How do I prevent aftershave bumps and irritation on my balls?

Shaving will make your balls smooth, but it could cause uncomfortable itching, irritation, and bumps. And there is nothing attractive about that.

You can prevent razor burns by ensuring that you trim any long hairs with a pair of scissors. Take a warm shower first to make your skin wet and soften the hair. Apply pre-shave oil prior to shaving and use aftershave oil immediately after shaving to soothe the skin.

Use a sharp and new razor to avoid going over the same area twice. And work in the direction that your hair is growing.

Is an aftershave cream better than an aftershave liquid?

Once you complete your male grooming session, an aftershave will soothe the skin from shaving irritation, dryness, and razor burn. It also provides nourishment and keeps the skin smooth.

Most aftershave liquids will be an alcohol-based product which acts as an antiseptic. An aftershave cream is a semi-solid moisturizer made of natural products such as aloe and will have a soothing effect on the skin.

So which is the best aftershave for men grooming their privy parts?

A cream is an excellent choice because it conditions the skin.

The alcohol in aftershave liquids dries out the ball skin and causes irritation. It also tightens the pores leaving you susceptible to developing ingrown hair.

What is the best time to shave the balls?

The best time to shave your balls is after a warm shower. At this time, your hair will be soft, and your balls will be loose, giving you an easier time.

It is crucial to shave while you have ample time in your hands. You should also be in a relaxed state. Rushing through the job will not get it effectively done.

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