How to use a Cross Trainer Properly?

How to use a Cross Trainer Properly?

A cross trainer is an excellent equipment for cardio exercises and one of its benefits is that it is easy to access and use. It is a valuable gym and health club machine that supports fast calorie burning. For you to obtain the desired results from your exercise in a cross trainer, you need to use it correctly. This article shows you how to properly use a cross trainer. Proper use of a cross trainer is determined by your position, the movement and how well you know how to use special features.

Getting into position

The beginning of an effective workout in an elliptical cross trainer machine is a correct position of the body. The first thing is to get on board although you need to be cautious when stepping on the machine. Getting on board requires that you grasp the stationary handlebars followed by placing a foot on each pedal. Secondly, align your feet on the pedals. Do not mind the extra space on the pedal because it serves to promote comfort. Failure to align your feet in the correct position could result in your feet going the wrong way. Make sure your feet are kept parallel with edges of the pedals to avoid straining your hips.

Once you are on board and your feet are properly aligned, the next thing you need to do is straightening your back and positioning your arms. Using an elliptical machine requires that your spine is straight enough. To do this, you need to ensure that your abdominals are tucked and your pelvis is pushed forward a bit. You also need to keep your head upright and you face forward because this is important for your posture. This machine has two sets of arm bars; stationary and dynamic handlebars. You should position your arms on the stationary handlebars. Avoid making the mistake of holding the handles too tightly. Ease yourself by pulling your shoulders slightly down and back and then bend your elbows a bit to ensure smooth that there is motion.

The Movements

This is the part of using the cross trainer that involves three things which include pedalling forward, setting your challenge and going forward. When pedalling forward, you need to ensure that your knees are slightly bent. Failing to do so could lead to your knees locking thus making the exercise a bit uncomfortable and risky. You can set your challenge based on how much resistance you want to work within the cross trainer. Ensure that you do not strain yourself so much because with a difficult challenge. However, it is important to note that increasing the resistance of the cross trainer helps to work out your calves. Other than the resistance, the other thing you can increase is the inclination of the cross trainer so that you target your hamstrings and glutes.  Once you have adjusted the settings to your preferred challenge, keep going for at least 20 or 30 minutes. This is the recommended time that a typical session should last.

Using special features

Some of the special features of a cross trainer include the heart rate monitor, the additional programs and backpedalling. If the cross trainer that you are using is equipped with a heart rate monitor, it is advisable to use it to remain within your target heart rate zone so that you can get the most out of your exercise session. Those machines that come with preset workouts will automatically change the resistance and incline of the cross trainer is you proceed with the workout. If you are using one that comes with both forward and backward pedal, you can use them to build muscle definition.

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