How To Weigh Yourself Without Scales

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Have you entered the murky waters of trying to weigh yourself without scales? Here are the truth and options available when you don’t have a scale.

Weighing yourself without a scale is possible but not as reliable. In fact, most methods where a scale is not involved are notorious for incorrect readings.

However, not all is lost. If you are determined to weigh yourself and you do not mind going the extra mile, then this article might be able to help you.

How To Weigh Yourself When You Do Not Own A Scale

There are several ways to go about this. But they definitely take more time and effort than simply stepping on a scale and peering at those numbers to see your weight. Let’s look at the most popular methods that you can try.

  1. Weigh yourself with a see-saw.
  2. Weigh yourself in the bathtub.

How To Weigh Yourself With A See-Saw

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Few people keep a see-saw lying around. If you are ultra-lucky, you have one in the garden for your kids but most people only have access to one in the local park. It might be a bit awkward, as an adult, to sit on one but if you don’t mind that, then here’s how to weigh yourself with a see-saw. Oh, bring a friend.

This method is also known as the fulcrum method, and it is slightly more practical than some other methods for checking your weight without a scale. But there’s a lot of room for error regardless. To use this method, you sit at one end of a see-saw while having the other end loaded with known weights like paint cans which typically weigh about 8 pounds.

You wait till the see-saw achieves equilibrium, and then you count the weight on your side, and that’s your body weight. Loading the other side with the right weights can be a hassle. And there’s no way to monitor minor weight gains or losses, so this method is grossly unreliable.

Pro tip: Bringing a friend is optional but it can make things easier. He or she can add the weights so that you do not have to keep getting off and back on the see-saw. They can also note your weight once equilibrium is reached.

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How To Weigh Yourself Without Scales

How To Weigh Yourself In The Bathtub

Here is the thing about the water displacement method. You need to do it several times and you will not get an actual number that represents your weight. But if you are interested in trying it, here are the steps.

  • Fill the tub with enough water to completely submerge yourself but not so much that it will spill over.
  • You might want to measure this amount in some way. One can perhaps take note of the depth for future reference.
  • You can also ask someone to help but there is no reason why you cannot do this on your own.
  • Get in the tub and completely submerge yourself.
  • Mark the level or let someone else do it.
  • Allow a couple of days to pass (perhaps a week) pass and then repeat the process. Compare the difference between the last water line and the present water line. If you have taken up more volume this time, you have gained weight; if less, you have lost weight.

This is how some scales can measure body fat.

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When Is The Best Time To Weigh Yourself?

Since we are dealing with two methods with large margins for error, you must do everything you can to narrow that gap. Fitness experts know that you get a more accurate reading when the body is weighed at a certain time of the day.

The best time to step on the scale is in the morning after you have emptied your bladder and bowels and also before eating breakfast or doing any workouts. You are more likely to get a lower “reading” and a more accurate indication of what your weight is. Keep a notebook handy and write the results down to create a history that will teach you more about how your body works.

All through the day, our body weight fluctuates. This happens due to factors like hormones, water retention, and bloating. For this reason, it helps immensely when you stay consistent with your weight checking routine. Doing so regularly will enable you to accurately track your weight and get a sense of your weight fluctuation.

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Is There Any Way To Accurately Measure Myself Without Using A Scale?

Not really. As you have probably noticed by now, all other alternative methods are either highly unreliable or require a lot of effort – usually both.

A lot of people need a number but this is not possible with the water displacement method. But if that’s the only option that is available to you, such a vague method might also be very stressful. How exactly will you determine how many pounds you have gained or lost?

Pro tip: You can also take progress pictures of yourself. These definitely do not measure your weight in the classic sense but they can show how your body transforms month after month. A lot of people who are on a weight loss journey love to do this as a means of encouragement. Once you see a little progress, you might pick up exercising more often!

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A Quick Summary Of How To Weigh Yourself Without Scales

  • A scale is by far the most accurate way to read your weight.
  • Two ways to measure yourself without a scale is to use a see-saw and water displacement.
  • While a see-saw can roughly show you a number, there is no way that you can get your weight with water displacement – just a difference in water lines.
  • Some people also track their weight loss by taking monthly progress pictures.

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