Why Can’t Diabetics Use Foot Massagers?

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus in Latin is a group of disorders that cause the blood to have too much sugar (high blood glucose) for a prolonged period. Diabetes 1 occurs when insulin is not being produced in the pancreas. Insulin is needed to control blood glucose levels. Diabetes 2 is when the insulin produced is not enough to work efficiently. Although a foot massage has many health benefits, people with problems with feeling pain or heat like the diabetics cannot use a foot massager. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects all aspects of health and everything you do with your body including your diet and how you exercise. When you get the knowledge about the disease, you will try all the methods to avoid further implications. Using a foot spa is one of the things to be avoided and below we discuss why.

Why a foot massager should be avoided?

Diabetes causes sensory deficiencies where by an individual suffering from it loses some or all the abilities to feel in the body organs. Assuming that most foot massagers are heated, as in an electric current passes through it, using one on a person suffering from diabetes can prove to be dangerous. The individual will not feel when the massager gets heated up, higher than the normal heat levels. It will limit the individual’s capacity to operate the controls of the appliance, posing an internal danger. This way, the tissues in the feet will have a lot of pressure from the heat applied to them causing internal damage in the area. A lot more damage can be caused considering the individual does not feel the heat from the foot massager.

In cases where a foot massage is needed, one can achieve this with the palm of the hand. Not a machine. A foot massager may cause vascular dysfunction and this may render the feet tissues frail. With a foot massager, friction applied is not light on the tissues. This, in turn, causes vascular damage or bruising. Touch lightly on the area to avoid introducing direct pressure on to the tissues that may further close the dysfunctional vessels.  A foot massager is not fit for the task because the pressure required should be sufficiently light so that the massage yields no pain.

There are some exercises suited for a diabetic that are recommended by a doctor. One must take exercise precautions designed to help them avoid problems that can result from unwise exercise choices. The recommended exercises may involve use of feet. When this happens make sure that you are wearing the right size of shoes to avoid needing a foot rub in future. With the shoes that are perfectly fitting, wear cotton socks that are absorbent to avoid the slightest friction or pressure that may develop on the feet.


When you have diabetes and feel the need to use a foot massager to relieve yourself, I will strongly suggest you go for an effleurage instead. Doing this will avoid further internal damage.

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