Best Hot Air Brush Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Hot Air Brush Reviews

Last Updated on May 11, 2021

What happens when you combine a convenient hair comb with a built-in heating dryer? The answer is a hot air-brush, and women globally are loving it. Traditional drying brushes didn’t have the innovations they do now, so they were more or less deemed unfit for purpose. However, hair-stylists since then have integrated a fantastic ionic technology that not only hot-air brushes the hair but is suitable for creating beautiful hair-styles too. We researched the online market for the best brush hair dryer of 2021 and found these fantastic products that are worth a try.

Editors Choice

Pro Collection One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser By Revlon

One-Step Hair Dryer By Revlon

Power: 800 W.

Barrels: 1 x 50 mm.

Special Feature: Natural Bristles.

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Hair Dryer Brush, Straightener and Curler By Chignon

Straightener and Curler By Chignon

Power: 1000 W.

Barrels: 1 x 53 mm and 1 x 32 mm.

Special Feature: Interchangeable Brushes.

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2885U Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

Power: 700 W.

Barrels: 1 x Rotating 50 mm.

Special Feature: Multi-Directional.

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2777U Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

Power: 700 W.

Barrels: 1 x Rotating 42 mm.

Special Feature:Controlled Rotation.

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Multi-Purpose Hair Dryer Brush By PRITECH

Multi-Purpose Hair Dryer Brush By PRITECH

Power: 600 W.

Barrels: 1 x 40 mm, 3 x Accesories.

Special Feature: Overheat Protection.

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Best Hot Air Brushes On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. Pro Collection One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser By Revlon

Pro Collection One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser By Revlon

The best hot air brush of 2021 is Revlon’s exceptional Pro Collection model that turns a boring hairdo into a voluminous gem. The 2 in 1 blow brush hair dryer uses a 50 mm ceramic barrel to detangle and dry the hair while giving them an immense breathtaking style. Thanks to its unique oval design, the hot hair-brush will effortlessly glide over the length of your hair without doing any damage to the hair follicles who have already been through too much. The hot air-brush is also coated with flexible bristles that massage your head, so you will indeed have a blast.

To operate the best blow dryer brush, you can use one of its two different heat settings that are suitable with any hair type. The Revlon air-brushes also support a cool shot mode that you can use to fix your gorgeous curly hair to a more refined look. 

It’s important to note that the secret to the best hair drying brush lies in its ceramic coated heating plates that use the renowned ionic technology that dries hair significantly faster while protecting them in real-time. Whether your hair is medium or long, thick or fine, you will surely enjoy the wonders of these hair dryer brushes.


  • It has a powerful DC motor that operates with 800 W.
  • It comes with a four-year warranty by Revlon.
  • Its mixed nylon pin helps to grab the hair on a curved edge for better volume.
  • It has two speed settings and a cool shot mode.
  • It has an ergonomic handle and lightweight build.
  • Its swivel cord is very handy for when in use.
  • It has a cool-tip handle for added safety.


  • It isn’t fit for short hair.
  • It has a rather loud and high-pitch operation.

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2. Hair Dryer Brush, Straightener and Curler By Chignon

Hair Dryer Brush, Straightener and Curler By Chignon

Chignon manufactures the second-best hot air-brush, and it not only brushes to perfection but is also ideal for straightening and curling hair of any length. The 4 in 1 hot air brush styler comes with two different brush heads that are effortlessly switched due to their easy-lock technology. For straightening and volumising all hair types, you can use the 53 mm round brush, whereas the 32 mm one is specifically used for curling. The interchangeable brushes only require a one-step operation to attach and start styling, so you won’t have to worry about any assembly.

With a powerful 1000 W motor, this hot brush for hair will surely make you forget what it was like going to the salon every week. Thanks to its ceramic coated heating element, the Chignon model is not just another brush that dries hair, but one that is also capable of protecting, feeding and strengthening them. Thanks to its ionic technology, the hair-brush dryer moisturises your fine or thick hair which then reduces frizz and static. As for its temperature modes, the brush supports three heat levels and two speed settings for the best flexibility with styling hair. 


  • It has a powerful 1000 W motor that enhances performance.
  • It has two brushes for different styling methods.
  • It has three heat settings with different speed modes.
  • It has unique air-flow vents for better heat dissipation.
  • It’s suitable on every angle thanks to its swivel cord.
  • Its non-slip grip makes handling easier.


  • Its large barrel isn’t fit for short hair.
  • It is too hot, even on the lowest setting.
  • It is relatively loud.

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3. 2885U Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

2885U Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

Babyliss is one of the most reliable beauty products’ manufacturers, so you can rest assured that their hair-brush with dryer will certainly not disappoint. The 700 W air-brush can add volume and shine to the finest hair types, so you don’t have to worry if your hair is thick enough. The premium hot air-brush uses a 50 mm rotating barrel that does the styling for you, so all you’re left with is to admire your beauty in the mirror. The rotating mechanism is activated with a simple one-step button that should start at the roots of your hair while making its way downwards for a nice twist.

Thanks to its ionic technology ceramic barrel, this hot air brush will blow dry your hair in the healthiest way possible. The released ions are also capable of transforming fine hair into a gorgeous and voluminous condition that will certainly turn a few heads on your way to work. To kick air drying up a notch, the unit operates with a rotating action that isn’t commonly found in hot air-brushes. The air-brush is also one of the best hair-stylers for short hair because the narrow bristles on the rotating hot air brush accommodate smaller lengths. And to ensure that all its users get the style they want, the air-brush has three heat settings, one of which includes a cool shot mode for more control. 


  • It comes with a two-year guarantee by Babyliss.
  • Its multi-directional bristles provide a fantastic blow-dry finish.
  • It has easily accessible buttons for more comfortable styling.
  • It has a protective bristle cover for added safety.
  • It has a long 2.5-metre swivel cord for more accessibility.
  • It’s the most practical air-brush for short hair.


  • It doesn’t work well with wet hair.
  • It takes a bit of getting used to for complete control.
  • Some customers found its rotating controls too complicated. 

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4. 2777U Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

2777U Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush By Babyliss

The 2777U Babyliss hot air-brush is a compact-sized issue of the previous model, but it is simply too good not to get its spot. The main difference between the two series is that the 700 W 2777U employs a 42 mm rotating hot barrel that’s more suitable for those looking to get a shiny, sleek finish with their long hair. This range of hot air-brushes features the same ceramic barrel that brings excellence to any hair type that has the chance to be blow-dried by the product. And when you combine the incredible practicality of the air-brush with the high efficiency of hair-styling, it’s evident that you will get one of the best hot air-brushes on the market.

Matching the 50 mm model, this hot air brush hosts two heat settings and a cool shot mode so that you will have more agency in the look you’re trying to get. These rotating hot air-brushes also support two rotation speeds that not only dry hair to your preferred rate, but they also promote a more flexible styling to harmonise with those DIY videos on Instagram. The ceramic-coated barrel may be the best option for beginners of the hair-styling world since its one-buttoned operation is a fool-proof system for giving optimal results. All you need to do to get that Priscilla look is to plug the hot air-brush in, press its button and let the multi-directional spinning brush take it from there. 


  • It comes with a two-year guarantee by Babyliss.
  • It is Amazon’s Choice for the best blow-drying brushes. 
  • It supports a high-shine ionic technology.
  • It has soft polishing bristles that prevent frizz.
  • It has a hinged rear filter that makes it easy to clean.
  • It comes with a protective cover for the brush’s head.
  • It has easily accessible controls.


  • The hair has to be about 80% dry for optimal results.
  • It isn’t as straightforward as paddle brush models.
  • Some customers found that its heating plate was apt to malfunction.

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5. Multi-Purpose Hair Dryer Brush By PRITECH

Multi-Purpose Hair Dryer Brush By PRITECH

If we get back to traditional hot air-brushes that employ an upgraded design, then this model by PRITECH is the most notable one. The 4 in 1 hot air-brush can be used as a high-grade hair-dryer, soft brush, volume curler and premium straightener. As it is, the PRITECH machine lets you dry your hair and style them; however, you want by attaching four interchangeable accessories that are very easy to assemble. The packaging includes a fine comb, a round brush, a small curler and a paddle brush. And because the hot air brush weighs a little under 500 grams, you will barely feel it on your hand, so an effortless styling is more than secured.

With a 600 W operating motor, these hot air-brushes feature two heat settings for you to choose from. All the brushes provided are coated with a nylon material that ensures your voluminous hair-style doesn’t suffer any frizz. The main barrel is measured at 40 mm, which is ideal for styling both short and long hair of any thickness. Thanks to its 360° swivel cord, comfortable grip and attached release button – there isn’t much more to say about its convenience and practicality. And if for any reason you may find that the hot air-brush isn’t the best choice for you, PRITECH supports a one-month money-back guarantee that will give you the needed ease of mind. 


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has an overheat protection facility.
  • It is very lightweight so you will have a comfortable styling.
  • It comes with four attachments for different styles.
  • It features a noise-reduction design.
  • It has a strong wind operation that ensures a consistent heat.
  • It is suitable for short and fine hair.


  • Its maximum temperature is 80°C so it will dry your hair relatively slow.
  • It doesn’t have a ceramic barrel coating.
  • It doesn’t have a full prevention rate for frizz.

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6. 5 in 1 Hot Air Styler and Voluminiser By Surelang

5 in 1 Hot Air Styler and Voluminiser By Surelang

Ceramic-coated hot air-brushes wouldn’t be complete without including the incredible 5 in 1 model by Surelang. You can use the professional hot air-brush for brushing, drying or massaging hair as well as styling straight or curly looks. The broad heat brush is ideal for long, thick hair because it was utilised to fulfil the most demanding requests of the hair-styling world. Thanks to its unparalleled oval design along with the extensive nylon pins and short bristles, the hot air brush will undoubtedly give you that gorgeous voluminous look that’s only seen in Palette commercials.

As with the best hot air-brushes, the Surelang model employs an advanced ionic technology that combines the high-functioning negative ions and water vapour particles to make sure each hair strand is as healthy as possible. The hot air brushes actively work on reducing the static and frizz from hair while securing a protective coating from the high heat emitted. The 1000 W hot air styler functions with three adjustable heat settings that are produced to match any hair type. Another great advantage to this hot air-brush is that it operates with a 360° air outlet that ensures your effort is minimal and the end results are ideal. 


  • It’s suitable for all hair types.
  • It has a great 1000 W motor that can dry hair in record times.
  • It has two adjustable speed settings for more control.
  • It has a flexible swivel cord, so it is quite convenient.
  • It has an all-directional air-flow for better heat dissipation.
  • Its short tufted bristles detangle hair without causing breakage.
  • It works on both wet and damp hair.


  • It is relatively large, so it may be uncomfortable to hold.
  • It has a US voltage, so you need to buy a power adapter.
  • It might be challenging to use for people with short hair.

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7. Hair Dryer Brush with a Dual-Replacement Head By Aibesser

Hair Dryer Brush with a Dual-Replacement Head By Aibesser

Our next hot air-brush comes from Aibesser, and it employs a compact-sized brush that makes styling the hair as smooth as possible. The 2 in 1 unit comes with two detachable vessels that include a 44 mm barrel for drying and straightening fine hair as well as a 60 mm one for styling curly hair. The interchangeable hot air brushes employ a handy elliptical shade that gives you more control and grants ease of use. The hot air-brush is also designed with oval edges on either side of the brush that ensure you get the voluminous look you’ve always wanted. And for a more secure grip on the strands of your hair, the Aibesser hot air-brush uses natural boar bristles with lovely nylon bits.

To make sure that all hair types get the best styling experience possible, Aibesser has included three heat settings and two speed modes that are adjusted with a simple one-touch operation. The best part about these hot air-brushes is that they integrate the distinguished ionic technology in an unparalleled facility. The ceramic coating of the barrel and the infrared rays emitted ensure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the brush and softly glazed over through your hair. This procedure secures the hair strands and gives them a less invasive approach to dry hair. That’s why static, frizz and split ends will be a thing of the past rather than a daily occurrence. 


  • Good value for money.
  • It’s designed to accommodate all hair types.
  • It has an upgraded fan assembly, so its noise production is minimal.
  • It has an easily detachable design for changing the brushes.
  • It has a lot of variability with heat settings and speed modes.
  • Its bushy bristles are 30% natural and 70% nylon.
  • It has an integrated overheat-protection function.


  • Its bristles are somewhat fiddly.
  • It is rather large which may be uncomfortable for smaller hands.
  • Some customers experienced issues with its heat settings.

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8. Volume and Curl Hot Air Styler By Remington

Volume and Curl Hot Air Styler By Remington

The Remington hot air styler is among the best high-performing machines currently on the market. The 1000 W hot air-brush comes in a 4 in 1 design that will suit your needs whether you have fine or thick hair, long or short hair and straight or curly hair. The hot air brush contains four detachable parts that include a drying facility and three thermal brushes with different barrel sizes. More specifically, the 50 mm thermal barrel is ideal for voluminous locks whereas the 30 mm one provides more defined curls. You can use the 21 mm barrel for straightening hair too, shall you wish.

As Remington explains, the most challenging part about using this hot air brush is deciding which style you’re going to aim for. To change between the barrels, all you need to do is use the unit’s click on-off function that is as easy as can be. The hot air brush doesn’t have a ceramic coating, but it does utilise a four-layered protection cover that will protect your hair and ensure the heat doesn’t directly come into touch with it. As for its temperature control, the hot air styler features two heat settings and two speed modes to make sure all hair types get the treatment they deserve. Lastly, the unit’s cool shot feature will complete your already fantastic experience with a final cherry on top. 


  • It has a powerful 1000 W motor that cuts back on the drying times.
  • It provides with a tremendous voluminous look even on the low heat setting.
  • It comes with a heat-proof container for easy storage.
  • It has a concentrator attachment for more precise heat flow.
  • It comes with a retractable bristle barrel for easier hair maintenance.
  • It has two different heat and speed settings.
  • It has a long 1.8-metre swivel cord for easier manoeuvrability.


  • Some customers reported that their units stopped working over-time.
  • Its power switch is not very ergonomic as it was noted to stop the unit mid-way.
  • Its cool shot setting still emits some heat. 

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9. Tangle-Free Hot Air Dryer By Revlon

Tangle-Free Hot Air Dryer By Revlon

Revlon further serves as the second loaf of our best hot brush sandwich list since it provides with a styling experience that’s not only practical and efficient but cost-effective too. The tangle-free hot air styler uses a more down-to-earth approach for styling both short and long hair. With a modest motor power of 200 W, this hot brush includes two barrel attachments that you can use for different hair-styles. The packaging consists of a 25 mm barrel for securing full waves and curls whereas its 19 mm barrel is more aimed at tighter curls for short hair. Whichever category you fall on, you can rest assured that the Revlon hot air brush will take care of you accordingly. 

The budget-friendly hot air-brush is manufactured with ball-tipped bristles that support its trademarked label of detangling hair. What’s more important is that the hot air brush utilises heat by gently drying fine hair, so it doesn’t cause any damage to the follicles or frizz to the hair-style. Because of this feature, the hot brush has been marked as one of the best dryers for hair that is short. The convenient barrel also features a curl release button that forms beautiful curls as seen on TV. To try that, you can use one of the brush’s two heat settings and speed modes that provide more flexibility. The hot air brush also supports worldwide voltage, so you can easily use it as a travel unit.


  • It’s Amazon’s Choice for the best hot brush for styling short hair.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Revlon.
  • It’s the best budget-friendly hot air-brush in the market.
  • It has a swivel cord for more comfortable use.
  • It has a convenient curl & release switch for styling.
  • It is very lightweight, so it gives a lot of manoeuvrability.
  • It comes from a renowned and trusted brand.


  • It functions on a low-range motor, so it is relatively slow.
  • It doesn’t have a ceramic protective coating.
  • It is prone to overheating.
  • It may be exhaustive to use on long hair.

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Hot Air Brush Buying Guide

The good news about hot air-brushes is that they’re versatile, convenient, effective and able to save you a tremendous amount of time with hair styling. The bad news? There’s just too many of them, which makes it quite hard to pick only one. Do you need a round or paddle brush? What in the world does cool shot do? Can you style your wet hair, or do you need to dry them first? Firstly, you should know that you’re not the only one confused and secondly – we are here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about a hot-air brush, how it works and which is the best for you.


Hot Air Brush Buying Guide

A hot air-brush combines the functionality of the hair-dryer with the ease of the styling brush, serving as a multi-purpose beauty tool. Typically, a hot air-brush consists of an integrated motor, a mixed fan system and a comb-like barrel. There are three main distinctions between hot air-brushes that focus on the unit’s overall design and use.

Standalone Hot Air-Brushes include the most common type of these styling units because they employ a simplistic build and straightforward use. Standalone hot air-brushes like our no. 1 Revlon model are styled with a built-in static barrel that’s operated through manual force. These models are best suited for those who want a reliable product to substitute their existing dryer & comb mix. They don’t offer much variability but depending on the barrel size; you can operationalise the styling according to your needs.

Interchangeable Hot Air-Brushes constitute those models that provide with two or more detachable barrels for the dryer’s main base. Typically, these barrels are of different dimensions, one of which is a large one for looser curls and the second being more compact and aimed at finer locks. Products like Chignon’s hair dryer brush are ideal for those who change their hair-styles often and would like more choices with their dryer. These brushes are also great for roommates or family members with different hair types that don’t want to spend a fortune on beauty products.

Rotating Hot Air-Brushes are less prevalent in the mainstream market because they employ a tricky design that is best handled by professionals. A rotating brush uses a circular barrel that is not fixed to the main base, but rather, flexible in a multi-directional movement. For experienced hair-stylists, a rotating dry brush is more practical because it cuts back on the effort required to style each section of the hair. If you’re up for a challenge and want to jump straight to a rotating brush, we recommend one of Babyliss’ renowned models that use barrels of 50 mm and 42 mm respectively. 

Barrel Size

As you may have realised, barrels are the central part of a hot air-brush. They work similarly to a comb in that they detangle hair and help for easier styling. Generally, barrels are designed with vent holes in them that are used to get the hot air from the brush’s interior. When it comes to its size, a barrel is measured for the hair type it is primarily aimed at. There are two determinants for a hair barrel’s size, and they include length and thickness.

Specifically, if your hair is short and fine, you’re going to want a barrel that’s smaller (or equal to) 25 mm up to 30 mm. The larger the barrel, the looser your hair-style will be, so you should keep that in mind also. On the other hand, if your hair is more on the more extended size and tends to be thick and voluminous, you should opt for barrels bigger than 30 mm. Smaller models will also be useful to an extent, but you should be willing to spend some time in front of the mirror. 


Hot Air Brush Buying Guide

When looking for high-quality hot air-brushes, there is one magical word to search for, and it is tourmaline ceramic. Now, what the hell is that, you may ask? According to Live About, tourmaline ceramic is a god-sent material that seals moisture in your hair and counteracts frizz to a maximum. Aluminium and gold plated dry brushes all use excellent heating conductors, but they are usually damaging to the hair because they apply heat directly to the follicles. Our friend TC here does the opposite since it uses an impressive ionic technology that shields the hair from any harm.

Another element that is highly-requested in the hair-style world is natural components bristles. Nylon coated bristles that have ballpoint tops are ideal because they’re strong enough to deter tangles but soft enough to massage the head. The length of the bristles should also be determined according to the length of your hair; so the longer your hair is, the longer the bristles have to be. Because a hot-air brush functions by sending the heat from the internal fans to the bristles, it is important to find ones that will efficiently dry your hair and not leave it damp for you to style. 

Heat Settings

Considering how most hair-brushes complete the same operations, you should focus on quality rather than quantity. Generally, a hot, dry brush will have two or three temperature settings that range from low to high. If you have brittle hair, the Beauty Lab suggests you find a tool that utilises low heat settings for your hair. Even though an air-brush with adequate heat mode will take ages to dry hair, it will be more advantageous in the long term.

The real variability of an air-brush is actually on its speed settings that involve the fan’s operation rate. Speed settings are usually separate from the heat ones, so you can play around with your options until you find the best fit for your hair. Some units also support a cool shot mode that blasts cool air through its vents to provide a longer-lasting hair-style. Don’t look at us, Kate Middleton’s hair-stylist says so

Use of Hot Air Brush

Ease up with these cool products

If we were in charge, every day would be women’s day because women are wonderful. If you want to give yourself, your girlfriend or your best friend a treat, head over to our most-read reviews on beauty products that are granted to give you something that puts a smile on your face.

Whether you want to try those heated rollersepilators or lady shavers, Product Spy has got it all. Match your gorgeous hair-style with one of these products and recount what it was like to have a carefree day for just this once.


Q: Do hot air-brushes really work?

A: Yes, hot air-brushes do work, and they are generally better than standard hair dryers. Because a hair-brush can get your hair dry, curly or straight, you will spend less time, effort and money on beauty products that are simply not worth the while. Hot air-brushes typically use an efficient fan-blowing design that is less intrusive on the hair while being more effective in hair styling. This way, you get the best of both worlds with the labour of one.

Q: Are hot air-brushes bad for your hair?

A: No, a hot air-brush is more beneficial than a standard dryer or a flat iron that would alternatively be used for styling your hair. Because most hot air-brushes are coated with a tourmaline ceramic layer, the hair isn’t in direct contact with the heat that would otherwise fry or smoke the follicles. Most ceramic-coated brushes work with a negative ionic technology that feeds the hair rather than damage it, so a hot air brush is quite advantageous.

Q: What is the best blowout brush?

A: The best blowout-brush of 2021 is the fantastic hair-dryer and volumiser that’s a part of Revlon’s Pro collection. This hot air-brush employs a very ergonomic design with sturdy components that can style the hair to absolute perfection – whether you want to dry, comb, detangle, curl or straighten.

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